Why we learn about Student Vote

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We started Student Vote this term and we think that every kid should get an opportunity to learn about democracy, voting and the people that are doing things on our behalf.  We think Student Vote is important because it teaches kids about elections and how they work.  We learn about important issues like pipelines and rallies.  We also will learn about all of the candidates and what their platforms are.  In the past, we had candidates come in to talk to us about what their ideas were for fixing problems and we got to know a little bit about them.  Our past experiences have been amazing because we get to feel grown up and we get to do things our parents do.

When we are 18, we will know more than many other people because we will be more educated and informed because of this project.  Over years of learning about Student Vote, you get to know more about the candidates and the parties and what their beliefs are.

You can learn more about Student Vote at http://www.studentvote.ca

By Touchdown, A-JuiceInjuryABC123, Arcticfox, Smeagaleater10

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