Vancouver Crow Mini-Project

Today we started the new year with a bang – digging right into a mini-project for the week until we welcome our new classmates.

We spent the day today considering information about Vancouver crows through a documentary and some news sources. Crows are amazing creatures with complex lives and amazing abilities.

Students, if you’d like to share these with your family, you can find them here:

Nature of Things “A Murder of Crows”

Westcoast Reader “Thousands of Crows gather in Burnaby”

National Post “Infamous crow gets mail delivery cancelled to Vancouver street following attacks”

CTV news “‘Stalked and dive-bombed’ Increase in Vancouver crow attacks”

Here is the criteria for our mini-project:

Vancouver Crow Mini-Project

Complete a three day project to be presented Friday that is inspired by Vancouver crows


Complete an independent or partner fine arts representation (drama, written word, map, construction, video, poetry, song, etc) related to, or inspired by Vancouver crows

Your project must:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about crows, their habitat and their behavior
  • Must show your own thoughts, conclusions or beliefs about crows
  • Must show context for the aspect of the crow’s life that you are highlighting
  • Must be finished for presentation by Friday, September 8.

You will have all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to learn and work on this project.

Ideas to inspire you:

  • Research the daily migration or habitats of crows in BC and create a map that demonstrates movement
  • Compare crow habitat to that of another local bird and create artwork from the patterns
  • Find literary references or research the use of crows in culture and write about it
  • Look at the impact of changing urban habitats
  • Construct an anatomically correct or artistic 3D crow made from relevant materials
  • Write a short story from any perspective about the life of a crow

Students, please remember your homework:

  • look at the sky between 7-8 PM to see if you can find the crows heading to Still Creek
  • find one fact to share with the class about crows on Thursday
  • share the criteria with your parents and have them sign the paper



  1. vlaats

    Wow! Fantastic start to the 2017/2018 school year. Very impressed with the level of excitement, interest, learning and creativity of Gus & all his classmates with the “Crow Mini-Project” that was rolled out the 1st week of school. Thank you Jody, Karim & Tami for being so prepared for the start of the year and executing out this interesting project.

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