Starting Theme


Division 17 and 18 have started theme. Our beginning was to identify the roles individuals can or do in our community. After creating a massive brainstorm Tami and Jody started to throw a couple of ‘monkey wrenches’ into it to take our thinking in new directions. After some time we came up with this:

Then we did the same thing but it was What are the Roles a Group of People Can or Do Take in Our Community. The following list wasn’t quite as big but it was just as meaningful. Here’s what we came up with:


Then, on a different page, we started sorting the words into groups in which we thought they fit, and then finally, we amended it by, adding, deleting or combining other ideas that were on the previous page:


The next step was to make some decisions about which were most important to us individually.  We each got a piece of paper and we chose 5 roles from the page.  Then we did some writing about why we thought they were important and what their characteristics needed to be for them to be good at that role.

Although we don’t know what the Theme will be, we are very enthusiastic to find out!

by 008RayRay008 and The Baconator

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