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Our Read Aloud book this term is called “The Lions of Little Rock.” In 1958, Little Rock Arkansas, two best friends that are so different trying to stay close.  Marlee and Liz are quite different.  Marlee is quiet and shy, while Liz is outgoing and energetic.  Marlee and Liz are absolute best friends up until Liz’s true identity was revealed.

Marlee’s parents no longer approved of Marlee and Liz’s friendship, but Liz and Marlee have come up with a plan to keep their friendship alive.  For example, Marlee when to a coloured movie theatre just to spend some time with Liz.  “The Lions of Little Rock” allows you to make some personal connections to the characters and their stories they tell.  Making personal connections for me helps with keeping the book interesting and intriguing!

by Amythest

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