Seven Sacred Teachings


We started learning about the Seven Sacred Teachings.  First we read about them online.  The author was David Bouchard.  his story is about seven teachings, some of them are humility, the wolf, love, the eagle and yourself.  In the book, David talks about the connection between the animal and the teaching.  After we were done, we went back up to class because we were in the library and we started a project about Seven Sacred Teachings.  The criteria for our project was that we had to have three columns with seven rows.

In one of the columns we put the name of the teaching and we drew a picture of the animal.  In the second column, we wrote the name of the animal and the connections.  In the final column we wrote the connections between yourself and the teaching.  The last column you could use to write about a character in a book, is it one of your strengths, and if you have any connections between you and the teaching.

We coloured the drawings, finelined the whole thing and now we put it up on our walls.

by Awesomeness


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