Terry Fox Run

On Friday, September 29, our school had a Terry Fox Run.  We have them every year to raise money for cancer research.  All the kids in the school ran around Sunnyside park for about an hour and we brought donations.  Last year we raised about 2 thousand dollars.

We do it rain or shine because Terry did it every day even though it rained but then he had to stop because he got cancer again.  At the beginning of every Terry Fox Run we go to the gym because David and Blake’s class do a little Terry Fox cheer and when we run other people sometimes come like parents or grandparents.

I think most schools do them but I’m not sure every school in Canada does it.  The only problem is if it rains sometimes it’s really slippery so someone might fall but other than that it’s really fun.  Some kids bring 2 dollars but some kids bring 5 dollars.

by Day Dreamer

Recently, we participated in the annual Terry Fox Run.  Every year schools around Canada do a run in Terry’s name to raise money for cancer research.

Our school runs laps around Sunnyside park until the time is out and drops donations in the collecting bins as they pass.  The run takes place rain or shine because no rain or snow could stop Terry. Terry wanted to raise 1 dollar for every Canadian one day.

by Banana

Our Terry Fox run of 2011 was a blast.  A lot of people were doing the run in honour of Terry.  Terry Fox was a man who lived in Port Moody, BC.  He wanted to run all the way across Canada.  His goal was to raise $1,000,000 for cancer.  Terry’s legacy still lives on in many Canadians to this day.  People take the time to do the Terry Fox run.

by DairyKing07

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