Engineers Without Borders Update

This time, when Division 17 and 18 worked on our project, we looked at our main need that we will be working on.
Some of the needs we are focusing on are:

  • reduced costs for public transportation for students
  • safe and spaces for scooters and skateboards at school
  • increase the number of beekeepers in the city
  • water bottle filling stations in the school
  • faster internet at school
  • help for homeless people in the winter

Today we talked about the causal loop diagram from earlier in the project and used it to narrow down our topics as well as connecting problems, issues and solutions.

We also worked on answering questions about how your issue affects people, and to define how our issue is a need.  We also looked at how our solutions will come into affect and whose life will it improve, and how will you make up your solution.

We also thought about what we need to research before we get started.

Overall, we had a great time and our goal for our project was clearer at the end of the day.

by Naruto Shippeden Fan 1747 and Do it for da Hwin





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