Sustenance Anthology

Last year, Divisions 16, 17 and 18 worked on a food project, and some students wrote submissions to a book about food called “Sustenance”.  The editor’s name is Rachel Rose, who is the poet laureate for Vancouver.  That means that she read all of the submissions and chose the ones she wanted to put together into a book.

We talked about the criteria and writing for an audience and then we wrote poems or fiction or non-fiction on our own or in partners.  Jody typed them up and sent them in.  A few months later, we heard that six of our current or last years students were chosen to be published in the book, and this month, the book came out.  Those students (and Jody) are now published authors!

The book was released at the Writers’ Festival this year and the first printing already sold out.

To find out more information about the book, you can search on the internet or read them here!  Miranda says we will have a copy in the library soon.

by Naruto Shippeden Fan 1747 and Do it for da Hwin

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