Simon and Courtney

Simon and Courtney are our student teachers for our classroom Divisions 17 and 18 and we have a high percent that they are staying in our classroom for the whole year.


Simon has curly hair and Simon knows two languages, French and Korean.  He was born in Vancouver, Canada and he helps us when we need help.  Simon likes to play ping pong, drums, bass guitar, piano and he likes to cook and listen to music.  He also has one younger brother.  Also his favourite food is sushi.


Courtney has blonde hair, she likes to bake, dance, read to us and she took swimming lessons when she was younger.  Courtney has no siblings and she lives with her family.  She was born in Vancouver, Canada.  Her favourite food is sushi and she likes to help people.

We think Simon and Courtney are very good teachers!

by Awesomeness, Flying pinguin and SC30

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