“Paper Things”


Our classes of Division 17 and 18 are reading a book together called Paper Things.  It’s an emotional read, full of eventful experiences where you will feel Ari’s emotions and feelings with the main character and many of us have already gotten hooked so that we’re all looking forward to “read aloud”.


If Ari’s life wasn’t hard enough after her parents died, it definitely was when she and her brother Gage became “floor surfers”, which is how Gage’s friend politely calls what is basically homelessness.  As she becomes more and more thankful for things she used to take for granted, Ari realizes how much harder these problems are, once she’s actually experiencing them.

by Arty-choke

Hi, I’m from Charles Dickens and I am talking about my class daily read aloud.  We usually do read aloud after Math and before we go to Lunch.  our current read aloud book is called Paper Things, written by Jennifer Richard Jacobson.

The book is based on a twelve year old girl named Arianna and her brother Gage.  Arianna’s dad died in Afghanistan and her mother died of sickness so she and her brother Gage were taken care of by Janna but when Gage turns 19 he leaves Jenna and takes Arianna with him.

by mistacheeseman

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