Cell Phone Article

Our teacher created a scenario about secondary and elementary schools banning cell phones from schools.  Here are some of the pros.  Most kids in elementary school are under the agreed hand held device age.  Teachers will still have phones but they are more responsible.  Teachers won’t have to tell their students to get off their phones.

Here are some of the cons.  There could be an important change of plans and parents don’t know the school’s number.  Students could research a lot faster if they had their phones.

by The phantome blade and black circle


Recently, Divisions 17 and 18 read a newspaper article and wrote reflections on what cell phones are doing to people around the world.  We would like everyone, whether they have read the article or not, to read about what we think cellphones are doing to us and what we may be able to do about it.  Hopefully this will help people to realize the cons of technology today in hopes that we will be able to fix this problem.

These are some of the pros and cons of cellphones that we found:

Without cellphones, kids can focus on school without the distraction of their alluring notification beep and the guiltiness of not answering phone calls, emails, texts or game news.

If we discontinued cell phones as a whole, we believe there would be huge protests, fights and arguments from every cell phone user that would have just had 7 years of their life taken away from them.  And yes, the average cell phone user will have spent 7 years of their life on their phone!  Now imagine how much of a hard core phone user’s life would be spent on a cell phone!

Also, many people have learned the hard way what happens when you look at your phone screen for too long.  It affects your eyes, your brain, your social life AND your IQ!


by Catzrule and Spirit Heart


  1. CAT

    Did you look at the new research on the pressure that looking down (as we do when we TXT) puts on your spinal cord? Scary stuff!

  2. lizard man

    I don’t think we should ban phones because if you get sick or your brother/sister get sick. if you need to call your parents helps in many different ways that’s why we shouldn’t ban phones.

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