Egg Drop

June 4, 2018

Today we had an egg drop. This whole school day we worked on it. We had to make our EPD (egg protection device) out of recycled materials, and it also had to deploy a parachute.

Some of them survived but some cracked us up because they didn’t see the sunny side.

We started by drawing and planning our EPD, then we decided how to build it. After we gathered our materials and built out devices.

After that, we dropped them to the ground from the rooftop garden to the ground. 23 eggs survived and 11 cracked in the fall.

We learned that:

Parachutes are actually easy to make when you build them properly out of strong material.

If you have good enough materials you can probably drop them from quite a distance

You have to make sure your egg stays inside the device

A parachute makes a difference

What worked was a lot of plastic containers and cushioning the egg with paper

Ones without a parachute didn’t survive

The best way to make sure it survives was a big parachute, making sure the egg was protected and make sure it’s still light.

By Div 17

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