Genetics Project Criteria

Final 2018 Project

Part I

Develop an experiment that uses the scientific method.  You will need to demonstrate how you met each of the steps including

  • Inclusion of field notes (longitudinal field notes and diagrams)
  • Documentation of your questions and final hypothesis using an “if…then” formulation
  • Description of your testing methodology including variables and control
  • Conclusions from your testing
  • An evaluation of your testing method and suggestions for future improvement

Part II

Create a Family Tree (Family Pedigree) that traces a genetic trait back through at least two generations of your family.  Only include information you are certain of – don’t guess!

Part III

Choose one of the following 2 options:

  1. Draw and label an animal cell. Include the scientific name of each organelle and a brief description in your own words of that structure’s role.
  2. Write a short story using metaphor that describes an animal cell, the organelles and their role in the cell

Part IV

Build a 3-D representation of DNA using found objects.  Ensure that you not only show the backbone and the bonds, and differentiate the bases by using different colours

Part V

Choose and research a technology that has been created to work with our knowledge of genetics.  In a 1-2 page essay,

  1. Describe the invention its impact on the world
  2. Evaluate the ethics of that technology in the following three ways
  • Do you think that the benefits outweigh the costs? (Is it worth it?)
  • What rules ought to be in place surrounding this technology? Explain your thinking.
  • Does your technology have an impact on the planet or biodiversity
  1. Any other information you think is relevant

Date Due: Tuesday, June 19


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