June 9, 2016

Dear Division 16,

For your blogpost this week, I would like you to think about a place that you want to travel to within the country of Canada. Do some research about this City, Town or Village. What is the origin of it, what are some of the main attractions, what can you do while you’re there and what are some fun facts about this place? Write this blogpost as if you are convincing someone to travel there, like a brochure or advertisement. Your place of choice could be as close as Abbotsford, British Columbia, or as distant as Saint Johns, Newfoundland, but it must be within Canada. In a separate paragraph, please comment on why you would like to visit this place and who you would take with you. Some of you might find this blogpost similar to one we did last year, but I think that it is important to have goals to travel to places both near and far.

Remember to check you’re editing and write in full sentences. This should not be a long post, just 2 small paragraphs, remember to check for






I am looking forward to your responses.



  1. Amythest

    I want to travel to Toronto, Ontario because it sounds a bit like New York which I love. Why I think it sounds like New York is because it’s very city like with all of the tall buildings and big signs. The main attractions are the CN tower, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s aquarium of Canda, Toronto Zoo, and Ontario science centre. I think that all off the tourist attractions sound really amazing to see in real life based on how nice the pictures are of all the main attractions. The CN tower sounds a bit like the Space Needle in Seattle (which I went in), the Casa Loma looks like the queen could live in there it’s so fancy, the Royal Ontario Museum sounds very cool with all of the skeletons and much more, Ripley’s aquarium of Canada sounds like it has every single sea creature, the Toronto zoo has a bunch of different kinds of animals, and the Ontario science centre sounds amazing too see.

    • Ginger

      Amythest, you sound very excited about traveling to Toronto. These all sound like attractions which would be very fun and enjoyable to spend time at. If you could take someone with you, who would it be?

      • Amythest

        I’d probably take my cousin because I think that she would really enjoy Toronto, especially because she really wants to go to New York. Toronto also is still in Canada.

  2. Rouge

    Prince Edward Island is a beautiful destination for both activity and relaxation. You can swim in the warm summer waters surrounding or kayak and fish nearby. Some marine activities may include: snorkeling, parasailing, canoeing, stand up paddle-boarding, boating, and tubing. You can also visit lots of lovely parks, and make sure to picnic at the famous PEI national park! You can take a tour of the sights from the series Anne of Green Gables. Have a meal of fresh, local seafood and try the most delicious mussels and lobster. You can also enjoy a trip to the Confederation Centre of Arts, which houses a gallery, museum, and multiple theaters. Learn about Prince Edward Islands cultured history, beautiful sights, soothing waves and cuisine. Take a trip to PEI and come back happier and relaxed than never before!
    I have always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. Mostly because one of my favourite book series (Anne of Green Gables) is set there. I would love to spend days on the beach reading and swimming, so PEI sounds like an ideal destination. Some of my favourite vacations have been quiet and relaxed ones where I am free to read and explore at a slower speed. I have heard that the view and experience is amazing and so I would love to enjoy a trip there and make special memories and experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I would want to take my friend Olivia with me because we always have so much fun together and we would have a fabulous trip catching up and exploring the island together.

    • Ginger

      Rouge, this sounds like an amazing trip. You explained everything so well, I felt as if I were reading a travel website such as Expedia or TripAdvisor. Your post did not only make me want to travel there, it made me want to go there RIGHT NOW. Is there any specific city you would like to go to?

  3. Crazychicken lover

    I would go to Newfoundland and labrador Because i love the cold and also because it has beautiful diverse population of animals and lots of places to go and explore and great for running with the rocky hills. Also you can go kayaking and birdwatching and look at the local wildlife and espicailly the icebergs. Also you can join in on the festivals and scenary and even surf!!!!

    • Ginger

      Crazychicken lover, you seem to know a lot of the outdoor activities applicable to Newfoundland and Labrador. This sounds like a very enjoyable trip. Is there any specific city or town you would like to go to, and who would you like to take with you on your voyage?

  4. super cheese cake

    Mine would be Quebec city. It’s a 400 years old city. A French explorer discovered this place along St. Lawrence River. The name Quebec was named after the word Kebec, a Algonquin word meaning ” where the river narrows”.
    Here are the attraction for Quebec city I would recommend:
    – Montmorency Falls: A fall that’s 83 meters high(30 meters higher than Niagara Falls) you can take the gondola up the cliff, then walking through the bridge. Let the falls underneath your feet amaze you!!
    – Plains of Abraham: The battle field in 1759 between Generals Wolfe and Montealm. The park would be the heart of the city. Also it’s one of the world’s largest city parks. It’s perfect for walking, jogging, biking, cross country skiing, picnicking and more .
    – Le Massif de Charleroix: A mountain that’s really good for hiking and mountain biking. You can overlook the ST. Lawrence river. Plus its also near the Quebec city.

    • Ginger

      super cheese cake, you have provided so much information about local attractions and activities that have both historical and educational purposes. I love that you added the note on how Quebec was named by the Algonquin people. If you could take someone with you, who would it be?

  5. Smallbrowndog

    I would like to go to Nunavut and see the Inuit communities. I would get to travel through the arctic circle and the North Pole. The things I would get to see would be the Inuit perform many different cultural dances and I would be able to see them hunt and their uses for the blubber of whales such as an insulater for coats. Most of the northern parts are surrounded by sea. These islands are connected in the winter through enormous sheets of ice that blanket the ocean. This means that polar bears have easier ways of catching whales and other sea dwelling creatures, through breaking the ice.

  6. smeagaleater

    The place that I recommend to go is Quebec City. There are plenty of attractions, the ones that I recommend are: Cirque Du Soleil, old Quebec and, Montmorency falls. Montmorency falls is 83 m high (30 m higher than Niagara Falls). Montmorency Falls can also be seen from all the way across the St. Lawrence River in Lévis. Did you know that Cirque Du Soleil started in Montreal which means it is French? The things that I recommend you do in old Quebec is stroll down the cobblestone streets and find a good restaurant to eat at.
    The reason I would like to see Quebec city is mostly because people I have met say it is very beautiful and diverse. I would want to enjoy Quebec City with my family and friends.

  7. Soccerboy123ABC

    The place I would recommend you to go to is Waterloo ,Ontario.There are not many attractions like cirque du soliel but there are a lot of things that you can do by yourself like walking in little forests and through streams .Waterloo is in the middle of a lot of things like you can go make maple syrup at a medinight farm out in the countryand you are able to go in a horse and buggy ,there are esoteric many of them that if you are driving a car you might have to watch out for there droppings .You are able to go on a great go karting track at Erbsville,I have gone there and it was so enjoyable that we did it three times in a row just don’t drive a kart that just got out of the repair shop. There are a great amount of wonderful pools that you can relax and enjoy the experience at some outside some inside your choice.

    I would take my family and probably my soccer coach because he loves traveling .I have already been there in have gone there every year since I was 5 years old except I didn’t go last year and I’m not going this year and I have enjoyed every second of being there so I hope you travel there sometime have fun .

  8. crazymemeslol123

    I would go to Toronto because I heard it has a very high population and here’s a fact if your new to Toronto:
    Toronto is Canada’s largest city, the fourth largest in North America, and home to a diverse population of about 2.8 million people. It’s a global centre for business, finance, arts and culture and is consistently ranked one of the world’s most livable cities.And if your looking for entertainment here is a place you should go to the Toronto International Film Festival film festival In screening more than 300 films from 60+ countries every September.
    That’s pretty cool right and I would go there because of its lights and busy streets and everything is so lively there and it might be pretty hot because of all the cars and the noise will never stop will mostly the horns of a car so you pretty much won’t be able to sleep but you’ll get used to it.And the cool thing is that there is a bog town hall in Ontario which is the main city of Toronto I want to go there and see how massive the town hall is.

    I would bring my family and my grandma and grandpa from Seattle to come to Toronto with us and I want to explore Canada so I would visit Toronto first because it would be my second visit to another province.

  9. Joaquin

    I would like to go to Toronto. The history of Toronto, Canada begins thousand years of ago.Archaeological have found artifacts in the area that belong to the First Nations settlements dating back several thousand years.Some of the main attractions you mite like are the CN tower,Niagara falls or Rogers Center.when you are there you can go to Canada’s Wonderland or the Royal Ontario Museum. And here are some fun facts Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America and Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a population now of almost 5.6 million.

    I want to go to Toronto because i think i would be a beautiful place to go to with all the fun attractions and all the things to do
    i would take my family with me to Toronto.

  10. Spamling

    If I were to go to any city or town in Canada, I would choose Greenwood. You probably have no idea what Greenwood is, and that is because it is the smallest city in Canada. It barely even is a city! Greenwood’s population is a grand total of 708 with only 2 schools, one ranging from K-3, the other 4-7. It was founded in 1897 and was formerly used as a mining and smelting facility. However, all of the mining eventually stopped, and the population took a huge downfall, as people were only really there because of the work. Greenwood now has a sign that you see when you come in saying “Smallest City in Canada”. Another title Greenwood has and also their main attraction is the water. They entered a bottle of fresh Greenwood water into an international contest and actually came out on top! Even if it is a bit expensive, it is the best in the world, so having a refreshing bottle of Greenwood water while you look at the beautiful, natural mountains might not be a bad idea.

    I think that I would like to go to Greenwood because I like the idea of being in a small area with everything you want and need, while also knowing and being friends with everybody who lived there. There is also so much natural beauty in the mountains, it is really hard not to stare. I would take my mom with me because I think that she would appreciate that small of a place too.

  11. the Dude

    Do you want to visit the most beautiful and amazing place in Canada? Then visit Niagara Falls, Ontario! There’s so many Honeymooners and there was even a film made there starring Marilyn Munroe! What more can you ask for as proof this place is cool? You can go right up close to the water, and even feel it falling all around you. Of course, you may need to wear a raincoat! If you want to enjoy this place, call 555-this-is-awesome!

  12. Sr.fruitcake

    I would like to go to Montreal because after our art project I am so interested in the culture vibe surrounding the city. I want to go and experience that unique sort of culture that is often found in Europe and other countries in that area. its such a cool and diverse thing that we can be in the middle of Canada and still get the feeling I’m talking about .
    I would most likely take my friend Kiya because we appreciate most of the same things in new places.

  13. Pandatush

    I would like to travel to Yukon to see the northern lights. I have heard many fascinating stories about this marvellous place. I would like to experience the winter where it is pitch black dark 24/7 or visversa in the summer where there is light 24/7. Another thing to do there would be to try dog sledding or walking on the frozen rivers in winter. If I could take someone, I would take my mom because I go everywhere with her and I know no matter how far I travel too, my mom will always make me feel the comfort of home. Also, she can take pictures!! Yukon is completely different from the environment I live in and I think it would be interesting to live somewhere like that. I could learn many new skills and learn independence.

  14. den10@sea43

    One place that I would really like to go to is Whistler. Whistler is most know for its mountains with lots of snow that you can go skiing or snow boarding on in the winter. In the summer you can go mountain biking and hiking in the forest. A fun fact about whistler is that Whistler was originally called London Mountain due to the frequent fog at lower elevation and that more then 2 million people visit Whistler every year!
    I would go to this place with my family and my dog because this is a sort of outdoorsy place and Tanna (my dog) loves that kind of stuff. I would like to visit this place because I could do so many different things there and it would be great for taking photos!

  15. Purple Pickle

    A place in Canada I would like to travel to would be Yellowknife, did you ever know how multicultural Yellowknife is? 79.6% of Yellowknife speak English, 4.3% speak French & 14.7% speak other languages, the population of Yellowknife was 19,234 in 2011, Yellowknife also has a killer view of the Northern Lights! One of the main attractions of Yellowknife is the Great Slave Lake which is the 9th largest lake in the world at 27,000 square km and the deepest in North America at 2,010 ft!

    I would like to travel to Yellowknife mainly to see the Northern Lights because I’ve only ever seen them in pictures and I would love to see them in person, I also would like to go there because Yellowknife is so much more open than Vancouver and there is a way smaller population so I wouldn’t be so Claustrophobic in the more crowded places of Yellowknife 😬, if I had a chance to bring someone I would probably bring my mom because just like me, she’s also always wanted to see the Northern Lights in person, and would like to try out something different because we usually go a vacation to really warm places like Mexico or Vegas and once we get back to Vancouver were all cold because of the change of temperature.

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