April 10

Dear Division 17 and 18

There is a proposal to change the symbol for accessible sites.  Here is the traditional site you’ll recognize from parking spots, buildings, washrooms etc.


Please read this article from the CBC website and answer one of the following questions:

  1. What factors do you think make a good symbol?  What things should be kept in mind when designing a symbol for use in public spaces?
  2. Which symbol do you think is more appropriate and why? Give reasons for your response.
  3. If you were going to develop a symbol that reflected the needs of all people with mobility issues, what would it look like?

We look forward to your responses!





    1️⃣: the people should keep this in their minds: that not all people with disabilities go on wheelchairs. 2️⃣: I think that symbol is a good and not for some reasons. So the good reason is that they added a new kind of wheelchair that looks more modern and more specific and realistic. And the bad reason is not all people with those things go on wheelchairs because I know some people and my relatives👨‍👩‍👧‍👦have some disabilities and don’t go on wheelchairs. 3️⃣: if I could develop a handicap symbol🚻🚼it wouldn’t be just the wheelchair it would have different things because some people have arm 💪🏻disabilities so it would be good if it gets mentioned.

  2. electroe05

    I think the active wheel chair symbol is much more appropriate because not all disabled people are in wheel chairs. Some people simply slipped and hurt there ankle and now they get to park there car in a wheel chair parking spot. As it said in the article “people focus to much on the disability and not the person”, I think the active Symbol would cause a new thought to sprout into many peoples minds proving disabled people are no different then anyone else. We are all people so for them to be thought of as different no longer needs to happen. Plus we all know you can still be active in a wheel chair ♿️

  3. Arty-choke

    I believe that all public space symbols shouldn’t include stereotypes, or make people feel categorized. I also personally get frustrated when I go to public areas and see the bathroom signs, which usually are separated into the men/boys bathroom being a symbol (usually blue) of a person with pants on. While the woman/girls bathroom is an (often pink) person in a dress. I think other symbols like the typical handicapped symbol are not really fair because I feel like they generalize and assume that people using wheelchairs are immobile and not active. The new symbol that the article showed I liked much better because it shows that differently-abled people are active.

  4. Santiago

    My question I’m doing is number one.
    I think that the symbol should be changed to the newly proposed symbol because the original symbol defines that most disabled people. Now, many disabled people are just as capable as doing things a non-disabled person. People in wheelchairs can be leaders in sports such as rugby and basketball. The original symbol seems to suggest that a person in a wheelchair always needs assistances and that is shown to be incorrect. This new icon for the wheelchair excludes people who are mentally disabled but that is hard to put as an icon for disabled stuff like parking, bathrooms, etc. and that is my answer to this question.

  5. The phantome blade

    I am doing question number 1
    I think that things to be kept in mind when making a sign is make it inclusive to everyone u I’ve the wheelchair symbol used for disabled people I stil don’t think that the next one is much better because not everyone is in a wheelchair no matter how fast or slow the person is in the picture. I think that they should have multiple symbols like a person on crutches a person in a wheelchair etc that way some people will not feel discriminated by not being in a wheelchair and going to a disabled parking spot.

  6. Lightning Bolt

    Honestly, I think that symbols shouldn’t make a person feel labeled or categorized in public. Yes, its true they may have disabilities that prevent them from feeling normal, but they are normal its just some people don’t see it. They are living and breathing, they have feelings, emotions, they have a physical aspect like everyone does, right? I feel like that a symbol should show the aspect of a disability but also importantly shows that they are able to do things that everyone can. To show that they are active, free they can do what they can so people can realize that they are not people who are limited to do certain things.

  7. Snapshot1178

    I think that the second (moving wheelchair) symbol is better than the original ( stationary wheelchair). I personally think there is room for improvement on this symbol that could include an icon for crutches or elderly people. I think the could have different icons in the symbols like 3 deterrent people, one in a wheelchair, one with crutches and one walking. I am happy that they diagnosed this problem and tried to make a difference.

  8. lordofthepies05

    I think that the second symbol is more appropriate than the first, but there is definitely things that should be changes. I like the fact that the new symbol focuses more on the solution, than the problem. Instead of having the person bound to a wheelchair, it shows them using it just like people without mobility issues would use their legs. Some things that could be improved are the fact that it uses the “Boy/Man” sybol in both wheelchair drawings and also that it uses a wheelchair only, avoiding the fact that some people use crutches, prosthetics or scooters. Maybe the “Boy/Man” And Girl/Woman” symbols should be changed before the disabled sybol?

  9. blue snowflake

    The old symbol just showed a person in a wheelchair. Well, some people think of it in that way, but i think of it as a way to say, “since this person can’t walk or move, and is almost incapable of everything, they should get ‘special treatment’. ” And I think its kinda mean to put it in that way, but i feel that the people who have a handicap, shouldn’t be considered ‘lower’ than other people. I really like the new symbol because it shows the person being able to move forward even in a wheelchair. To me, it means that even people that have to use a wheelchair can move by themselves and do things without needing others. That they can be capable and successful even without others. other people aren’t better than them, they are still people too.

  10. PUG_LIFE

    I don’t think the new one is right they should make it so it helps all people not just people in wheelchairs because not all people with leg injuries are in wheelchairs some are using crutches so I think it’s not going to be good for some people.

  11. mistacheeseman

    2. I think the Forward Movement symbol is more appropriate because the person on the old wheelchair symbol isn’t moving. It is stereotyping that whoever needs a wheelchair can’t do things on their own. Many people in wheelchairs are capable of doing many things themselves. I think this new symbol will make people with disabilities feel good and it may make people feel differently about people in wheelchairs.

  12. the engineer

    I think the factors that make a good symbol are making sure the symbol is appropriate and it should clearly state that it is a handicap symbol. Also I think it should be in bright coloring so people can see it.

  13. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that a good symbol needs to include appropriate images that includes diversity of all people and genders with no stereotypes. Also it should express all opinions in this new symbol.

  14. Amythest

    1. I think that the new symbol is a good, diverse symbol for representing people in wheelchairs. What makes it so much better than the old symbol is that it shows a person in a wheelchair being active, so to me it shows and represents, that people who are in wheelchairs are still just the same as anyone else. I think that it was very well designed, without giving any discrimination to anyone.

  15. Smeagaleater10

    1. I think that there should only be three criteria for public symbols, this way it’s easy and quick to create. The first criteria is it should be easy to understand, so people can understand the symbol even if they haven’t seen it before. The second is it shouldn’t be offensive to any group of people . And thirdly it shouldn’t stereotype any groups of people and or other objects.

  16. Awesomeness

    I also strongly believe that everyone should not be categorized. Like some other people said already, I personally don’t like that the bathroom signs for women is always a person with a dress and the sign for men is always a person with pants on. Having those signs stereotypes is bad and those signs are so popular that everyone looks at them and starts to asume that all women and girls wear dresses and all men and boys wear pants. The mobility signs are just like the women and men washroom sign too, they both are a stereotype. I agree with the article that changing the sign to one that shows that people with mobility issues are still active. If you would want to change the sign I would want the sign to not make people feel categorized, if every bathroom did not have a sign at all, and if all bathrooms fit everyone’s needs then you wouldn’t feel categorized, because you would already know that the bathroom fits everyone’s needs.

  17. Joaquin

    #1 I think that to have a good symbol it has to be easily recognizable, something that catches the persons eye and something that can be recognized by any person from a different country.

  18. chiefblobfish

    #2. I think that the new symbol is better because it shows that the people with disabilitys can take care of themself not like the like the other one where it shows maybe someone waiting for someone to help them unless they really need someone. it also shows that they could go to the grocery store to get food themself or go pic up meds from the drugstore

  19. Day Dreamer

    I like the moving forward symbol because even though some one is on a wheelchair it dose not mean they are not athletic and it also dose not mean they are lazy. The original symbol looks like if you are in a wheelchair and you were athletic you would just give up and sit in the wheelchair all day. The moving forward symbol shows that even if you are in a wheelchair you should not just give up you should keep moving forward, move on.

  20. Spirit Heart

    I believe that the new symbol is more effective because it shows that people with disabilitys are more active then we think. plus the old symbol is showing that people with a wheelchair can’t do what we can, but they can. with the new symbol its saying that anyone even if they are in a wheelchair they can do ANYTHING they want to.

  21. 008rayray800

    Honestly I think this is a unneeded change. Sure, it is better and much more encouraging/welcoming but shouldn’t we be using this this will power and money to be changing other things like this that are much more important?

  22. Mr. blog

    2. I think the original symbol always struck me as odd. the person in the wheelchair in that sign is unmoving. if you think about it people in wheelchairs are the most active for people who don’t have to use a wheelchair can just walk everywhere using your legs but people in wheelchairs have to use a lot more effort with there arms to keep moving. this new symbol will show that people in wheelchairs are constantly moving too.

  23. Narwhalz

    1. I think a good symbol needs to be simple and not to detailed. I also think it should be as general as possible and not discriminate.

  24. Flying pinguin

    I think that the new symbol is better because the old symbol is just sitting still on the wheelchair and seem that they can do anything. The new symbol is trying to do something in stead of giving up.

  25. hockey 101

    I think changing the symbol is a good idea. The old symbol like Dylan Itzikowitz said it looks like the symbol is static well in the wheel chair when the new symbol looks like it is dynamic Dylan is in a wheel chair and he feels the current symbol emphasizes the disability rather then the person. When creating a new symbol I feel we need to make sure it fits in with everyone and makes sense to people. When designing a symbol to use in public places it should not offensive the community, it also should be eye catching and it should make sense.

  26. ThePlatypusLife

    I think the picture of a person using a wheelchair is better, because it shows that there is more to being disabled than having a wheelchair. It also includes the person, which is good, because otherwise it just makes it seem like having a wheelchair is what allows you to park there, rather than being disabled.

  27. mimiw33

    if i were to create a disability symbol it would simply be the letter D. I feel like it would be to difficult to generalise what a disabled person looks like and turn it into a symbol. Like if the new disabled sign was a person with a deformity, people with a totally different disability may feel offended just like right now with the wheelchair representation.

  28. game master 2018

    I think personally that if a new disabled sign was to be designed it should represent all types of disabilities, not just people in wheelchairs. there are more then one type of disability theres physical disabilities like being in a wheelchair our having a broken limb. and medical disabilities like trouble seeing our breathing. there are also cognitive disabilities and developed mental disabilities these our just a few examples of the disabilities that this sign should symbolizes. I have also bin wondering about how this project would be put in motion, it sounds like replacing all these disabled signs would cost a lot of money.

  29. blackcircle

    #2. I think that the classic person in wheelchair symbol is better because everyone already knows it and the new one is just basically the same symbol but with the arms pushing.

  30. Snort

    I think that the new symbol is better because as others have said even though someone is sitting in a wheelchair it does not mean that they can’t do anything, they can take care of themselves without someone there helping them.

  31. Timbit

    I think that the factors that make a good symbol, are making sure the symbol is appropriate and it should clearly state that it is a handicap symbol. Also I think it should be in bright colouring so people can see it.

  32. domoking101

    1. I think the factors are as follows: it should be noticeable, it should not be based on prototypes and it should be easily recognizable.

  33. naruto Shippuden fan

    1. The first thing i want to say is that there is no perfect symbol, I personally think that the newer symbol is better but it doesn’t address the issue of not every disabled person is in a wheelchair. I think a good symbol could have groups of disabled people like a person who has a robot leg or a human being walking on crutches. The sign could be bigger so that it is more recognizable.

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