April 10

Dear Division 16,

This week in Student Vote we will be looking at the levels of government. To get thinking about this, please follow the link here and take the quiz about which levels of government certain responsibilities fall to.

This quiz is produced in Ontario but the issues are the same for all provinces.

Remember that the three levels of government in Canada are Municipal (city), Provincial (BC) and Federal (Canada-wide).

Take your best guess and note that there are three levels for the quiz. Challenge yourself and try all three!


In your response, please comment on one Provincial responsibility you are passionate about and why you think it is an important issue for British Columbians.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. smeagaleater10

    The provincial responsibility that i’m passionate about is education. I’m passionate about education because it play a very big role in my life. Education is important for me because it is the basis of my learning that I will use as I grow older. As a student I hope that the education system stays high quality and effective.

  2. super cheese cake

    The provincial responsibility that I am passionate about is health care. The reason is because staying healthy is what everyone needs. If a good health care doesn’t keep up people could feel unsafe living there. Good health care means healthy people. Healthy people means longer, comfortable life. And that means happy citizens, happy and strong country.

  3. Amythest

    The provincial responsibility I chose was hospitals because hospitals save lives and keep people surviving through cancer, broken bones, diseases, and much more. Hospitals don’t play a large part in my life, except for the fact that I was born in one, but for most people they are born with a illness that means that have to take regular visits to the hospital. The issue I thought of was hospitals aren’t accesable for all Canadian residents, although for most Canadians they have a phone where they can call 911, but for those who don’t have a home phone and don’t live with anyone who can help might not make it to the hospital in time.

  4. Flying Mandarin

    The provincial responsibility that I’m passionate about is hospital. Hospitals is important because it saves people’s life when they get sick or injured. With out hospital your love ones may not survive.

  5. Slapshot18

    Hospitals play a big role in my life, and most likely it plays an equal, or greater role in many others lives. Personally I go to hospitals a lot. My mom works at a hospital, I spent a lot of time visiting my grandparents a few years ago while they were in the hospital, and I myself have gone through a few situations where I needed to spend time at a hospital. Hospitals give people the care and attention they need, and for an undescribable amount of reasons. Whether it’s for a physical or mental problem, hospitals are going to be there for civilization when people need help. They save countless amounts of lives every day, and they deserve so much more credit then we give them. Canada, or really any country in the world, wouldn’t be able to function without hospitals and health care. Chaos would run if we didn’t have hospitals, and many loved ones would be lost too. I believe we should thank hospitals more, and to invest into more advanced treatments so hospitals can help us even greater.


    I was interested in how workplace safety was a provincial matter when really it has pretty basic components. I think it would be a lot more important in a municipal.

  7. crazymemeslol123

    i was surprised that i saw national park was part of federal because i thought parks don’t really mean anything other then kids and family having fun with each other.

  8. purple pom-poms

    I chose “workplace safety” for the one that was I was most passionate to. In Vancouver where most of the kids in our class live in, we will walk or drive pass at least two work sites a day and you will normally notice many workers standing up on the building in construction. Some people will not even notice them while others think that it’s not safe. Those people have normally not seen the bungie cords that the workers are safely attached to. I never really took the time to think this idea through because, well, It never really occurred enough to me to think about it. Now that I get this chance I realize that it’s a much greater deal then I thought. Although not as much as Hospitals, Health Care, Education, etc. and now I think it’s defiantly more interesting to write and/or talk about. I focused in on construction sites, but there is a whole lot more factors and separate categories to this problem that I think it would be fun exploring.

  9. the engineer

    The provincial responsibility that I’m passionate about is hospitals. Hospitals are very important because if someone gets hurt the hospitals are the ones who will be taking care of them. If there were no hospitals then a lot of people would die, even if they only have a sickness that’s easily treatable.

  10. random student

    The provincial responsibility I chose was the hospitals because it’s really important and it helped lots of people when they had injuries, sickness, and cancer. I don’t go to the hospitals a lot, but I know it helps lots of people. Some people do visit hospitals a lot so I thought it really helps them get through some hard times if there weren’t a hospital nearby.

  11. Touchdown

    What I really care about like many other people was hospitals and your health. I chose this because not everyone is perfect and is the same with are bodies, so health problems can go from ADHD to Cancer and many other things so it is important to have a local hospital near by and to have the right treatment that you need.

  12. The Time Traveller

    One important responcebillity on a provincial level that I’m passionate about is extra help for kids who learn in other ways because when I was little I went to this special program called the pier program that taught me how to read but a few years ago it was shut down witch is a shame because there should be more programs like that. because I believe that as A province it is our duty to create things like that to help or fellow Canadians

  13. Spamlington

    The provincial responsibility that I am passionate about is collage and university. I think this is important because collage and university is when you have to decide what your interested in and what you might like to do for a living.

  14. Joaquin

    One important responsibility for the provincial government is emissions standards because without this companies can and will waste a lot of co2 with no consequences in they way.

  15. AppleJuice-Injury 123ABC

    The provincial responsibility i’m passionate about is extended education because then more people can access it and it is provided so that we are more educated in certain topics.

  16. The Baconator

    I think that a problem that needs to be addressed quickly is housing. More and more people are becoming homeless because of Vancouver’s growing economy and the price of homes. I think that if the prices of houses were lowered then more diverse people could be a part of our community. Even though the people planning to move may not get the same amount of money for their house it could help the less fortunate.

  17. GamingPickle84

    the provincial responsibility I chose is health care because it is always important to stay healthy and fit education wont matter if you cant walk to it or if you have a terrible disease or if you cant wright.

  18. S.P.E.W

    The provincial responsibility I chose is child care. Child care is important because it allows parents/parent to work and support their family. We should follow in Québec’s foot steps and make provincial wide child care for all. Currently the only party propossing this idea is the NDP.

  19. sparkle sloth

    The provincial responsibility i chose is education because without education, no one would have a good job or an easy time doing most things. For example, say you were at a restaurant and you wanted to tip your waiter 15% of how much your meal cost. Let’s say it cost 40 dollars. You would have no idea what that would be. Or say you needed to write down all of the provinces in Canada. Unless you are very well informed by someone who was not a teacher, you would probably have no idea what they are.

  20. Arcticfox

    Surprisingly driving license plays a huge roll in my life. Me and my family travel quite a bit, so a drivers license is pretty important. It helps everyone travel to where they have to be, my dad and mom wouldn’t have the same jobs if it weren’t for the way they could get there. Skytrain is always an option along with buses, but those don’t take you as fast as your own car per say could.

  21. flying giraffe

    The provincial responsibility i’m passionate about is education. Think this because it effects everyone with health care and other things but its also good to have a well educated, populated place, and its important to society. If I was the provincial government I would increase funding as long as its good education. I also think that its good it would be good to lower prices so everyone gets an even amount of education, so I have mixed opinions about it but it defenitaly think it matters

  22. Pink Pickle

    I think that childcare is important in British Columbia because parents need childcare so they can work and afford to keep feeding their kid and if there is no childcare that means that a lot more kids would be put up for adoption, and a lot more kids would probably die at a young age because their parents didn’t want to give them up but couldn’t afford a house anymore because they had to take care of their child, of course a lot of people could just ask family, but they won’t be able to do it all the time either for the same reasons.

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