April 13

Dear Division 16,

You have a week to complete this assignment.

Please take some time to read the news for British Columbia.

There are many Vancouver-based newspapers Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight, for example), community-based papers (The Courier, The West Ender), online news sources (www.thetyee.com, for example),  as well as national newspapers that cover BC news (Globe and Mail, CBC, for example).

You can also use web services like Google News to search for keywords that you are interested in.

Your job is to choose one news story that addresses an issue that is the responsibility of the provincial government (an article or a video from a news program), copy the link into your response, indicate which area of responsibility you believe the article addresses (i.e. Health, Advanced Education) and then briefly summarize the issue in one or two sentences.

Here is the chart that shows the levels of government:

levels of govt

Make sure that you have read the article thoroughly and understand the issue.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. super cheese cake

    I found this article on google:
    University of Lethbridge has humble and controversial beginnings
    By Sarah Komadina
    Video Journalist University administration,
    students and the City of Lethbridge all agreed the west side was the better location, but the provincial government didn’t see it that way. They proposed a city referendum to determine where the campus should be built.
    read more

    This article shows an issue that is the responsibility of the provincial government because the provincial government is responsible for the local school issue and should do the best they can to solve the problem in order to get the students well educated and it might increase the chance of him/her getting re-elected.

  2. Apple juice-Injury


    The Liberal government introduced marijuana legalization legislation. But the proposal is not legalization it is continued criminalization but with new harsher laws and is designed to punish more people. Many people want it to be legal because they are tired of there friends being arrested aND put in jail. They are also understand happy that the police are using their tax money for going after people for pot and they should being using it for bigger situations. I think it should be a municipal responsibility.



    I found this article that talks about John Horgan’s promise to install small centers with a few doctors, nurses and counselors to address the 700,000 people without a family doctor. This is one of his main ideas in his platform in the election because when the Liberals were in office they failed to help people who didn’t have access to medical help.

  4. the engineer

    Here is the article,
    This article talks about threats to the B.C. environment. Taking care of the environment is a provincial responsibility. The article talks about animals going extinct because exploitation of B.C. natural resources. For example the gold rush happened at a place where there was a salmon spawn. Because of the gold rush it was more difficult for the salmon to survive and it’s population declined.

  5. purple pom-poms

    I saw this article online with the Vancouver Sun. It talks about the rise in first responder suicides, particularly paramedics who are affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Paramedics claim that Work Safe BC has made it difficult for them to file claims for time off of work or counseling. The paramedics want the provincial government to pass legislation making PTSD claims easier for first responders.

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