April 17

Dear Division 17 and 18

I came across this article in the Burnaby Now about libraries on bikes and it made me think about our conversations about accessibility last week.

This article describes an effort to make a community service more accessible to all members of the community.

Please read the article and post your response to one of the following two questions below:

  1. Who do you think might be served by the bike libraries and how do you think their lives might be affected by this service
  2. Think about another community service that not everyone has access to and think of a way to increase accessibility of that service.  Explain how you would do it.

We look forward to your responses!






  1. The phantome blade

    1) I think that some of the people who would want books delivered by bikes are book lovers that have some sort of disability that makes it hard for them to go and get books. Let’s take people in wheelchairs for example if the library that is closest to them does not have proper wheelchair access then they would either wheel another kilometre or so to get to the second closet one or with the new books and bikes they could get it delivered.
    I also think that a downside of it could mean people don’t get out of the house enough because they are to lazy to go and get a book or two.

  2. Santiago

    #1. I think the books on wheels (for the sake of convenience let’s call it BOW) is good for people how like books but can’t access them like homeless, elderly and disabled people. It is good because homeless people need to conserve their money so entertainment isn’t essential to living homeless so it will give them something to do that they usually can’t do. also elderly people might live far away from the nearest library and a 60 and 70 year-old person might be okay but a 80 90 or even 100 year-old might not be able to go to a library so a mobile library would be so good for them.

  3. The Baconator

    I think that this service might help parents that work a lot and don’t have time to take their kids to the library or buy books. they would just have to order them. I know that I would really appreciate it even though I can easily get there myself.

  4. Spirit Heart

    I think that the library bikes would be usefull due to the case that when your home alone you cant really go outside of your hose even if you need a new book you cant leave. so that could make use of library bikes, like they said in the article, they would go by hoses and also it would just be easier if your alone cause if they came by your home you could just go outside and get a book/buy a book.

  5. what the what!

    I chose question number one.
    I think it will affect the people that don’t live near the library or have a disability. If the library doesn’t have a proper entrance for people with a disabilities,You would pick book from the library online. Then you would put in your code and have the books delivered to you. So even though you live far or have a disability you can still enjoy you’re favourite book.

  6. chiefblobfish

    #1. I think this could be used by people who cant transport to different places because if you cant really move then you cant go to the library. Unless you have someone helping you but they have to work on helping you not going to the library. So I think this idea is a good one.

  7. Amythest

    1. I think that it is a very good and efficient idea for busy families, or just busy people in general. This is especially very effective for people with physical disabilities, because if they are not able to get to places easily this is a very good solution, for them to easily get some books.

  8. mistacheeseman

    #1 I think bike libraries will be useful because if a person\family doesn’t have a bike\car etc… and they live a little bit far away from a library they might not want to walk all the way there. With the bike library the family won’t need to walk to the library, they can just stay home and wait for the bike library to come by. Also bikes are fast and they can get to places quickly even when they are making stops every 5-10 minutes.

  9. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that this is an idea that can help other to read! The bike libraries are cool because not everyone has access to transportation like cars and mode of transportation and this is much faster and easier than trying to find a ride. Also bikes are fast and not that hard to use.

  10. game master 2018

    I personally think that bike libraries seem like a good idea, something that could benefit the people who by the books and the people who own the libraries alike. thought I do have a few questions, first if these libraries where to be pulled by bikes who would be riding the bikes? would they be paid our it be volunteer work? Second how would these moving libraries work? would you be able to order books and have them delivered to you. or would you have to wait tell one passes by and see what they have?
    When these issues are figured out it sounds like in idea that will work.

  11. Snapshot1178

    I think that this will help the elderly and other people that can’t get around to going to the public libraries. I think this will help the people who can not get around by letting them read without having to buy a book for one read or send someone out for them. it may also make them fell more independent because they ordered the book without having to get help from one of their friends.

  12. hockey 101

    I think this idea can help people read out side the community or people that don’t have access to books.
    I also think it will served the people that might not be abel to actively get involved and the people that will be affected might be the people that live to far out side our community where the book bikes can’t reach.

  13. Flying pinguin

    I think that the bike library will help the disable that can’t get to the library on there own. This will make it easier to get access. This may be bad for the library as people that do not have the disability will start using this service. Library staff may not be able to service everyone.

  14. Awesomeness

    The idea is a good one, especially if you can’t get to places as easily as other people. In the comments people are focusing on the people who are getting the books, but I also want to point out that the people who are dilivering the books get lots of exercise which is great for people’s health. I also think that people who have a hard time getting places would really appreciate this. Especially if you really love reading books. Also like some other people said, people who live far away from a library and don’t have a way of getting books to enjoy.

  15. Joaquin

    #1 I think that the people that will be most affected by this service is the elderly, people with mobility challenges, sick people that need a new book to read and people that cant afford to pay for public transit. The way it mite effect people is that it mite make accessing books.

  16. lordofthepies05

    I believe that the people who will be affected by the new mobile library’s in Burnaby will be people with mobility needs, like wheelchair bound people and the elderly, because, well, they can’t get places as easily as others without their needs. I do question how this will be put in place though, because there will obviously be those people without special needs, that are just to lazy to go get the books themselves. This makes the wait time longer, meaning it might take just as long to get a book from the bike, as it usually would. I think this would also make it easier for homeless people, so they don’t need to leave their shelter, or whatever they are using as a home, for as long.

  17. Electroe05

    I think people with dissabilities or the elderly would be the most affected in a positive way because they don’t have to get out of there house to get a book. The could simply just have it delivered to them.

  18. Day Dreamer

    I think the people that would use the book bikes the most are elderly that are in wheelchairs or any elderly in general that have trouble getting around. The other people I think would also really like the idea of book bikes are disabled people that are in wheelchairs or they broke there leg or made they don’t even have legs or they just have trouble getting around. It would probably make all their lives much easer and that is good for the community because their biking and not driving and that will also stop the person who wants the book from driving.

  19. Snort

    I think that the library bikes would be useful because if you’re disabled or don’t have a car and the library is really far from your house than I think it would be really useful to them.

  20. Timbit

    I think that this is an idea that can help other to read. The bike libraries are cool because not everyone has access to transportation like cars, bikes, and even public transit. This idea is much faster and easier than trying to find a ride. Also bikes are fast and not that hard to use.

  21. Arty-choke


    I think that these bike libraries are a cool idea because everyone can get books from them. Rather then just people who can move around and get out of their house. When I red the article about them I was reminded of those mini book libraries around the quiet streets of the city. You trade a book in to take one out, and I thought that was a super cool concept. In my opinion, these bike libraries would be much better if they had a similar concept to the trading libraries. Then people who can’t afford to buy books would be able to just trade in older ones to get new books they have not red yet. Overall I think that these bike libraries are a cool idea and will really encourage inmobile, elderly, and others to continue reading their favourite book series!

  22. domoking101

    1. i think the elderly who sometimes cant venture very far from their homes would be most affected, because the bikes could stop in front of their houses and the person would just have to walk to their front gate.

  23. Narwhalz

    People that have trouble walking or do not like the outside as much or if the local library is not that close. It would help more people get access to new books.

  24. naruto Shippuden fan

    1. i think this is usually not needed because nowadays everyone has a smartphone or tablet and can easily access millions of books from the web while lying in their bed. As long as you have some type of internet (even mc cafe internet) you can read till you collapse. But if someone is out of access to a phone like a homeless person and there isn’t a single library around them it’s a great idea to have these mobile libraries. Unfortunately, that’s not likely, I live in Burnaby and there are literally libraries all over the city, in fact, I live by one called Burnaby Public Library. It’s a gigantic library but not big as the one downtown.

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