April 19, 2016

Dear Division 16,

I’m super excited to be starting our final project of the year – our Visual Arts project.  As always, we like to expand our thinking around a topic and connect with it in many ways.  Today we had an excellent guest speaker who connected us to making meaning from art and art as a therapy.

Another role that art can take on in the world is helping to support messages.  Last week we watched short videos created by high school youth and you all reflected on the use of video and youth voice as a way to make change.

Today, please read this article about Seaquam students in Delta to support the Syrian Refugees. This is an opinion column, so is subjective and intended to represent a particular point of view, but through our discussions during Student Vote, I know that Canada’s role in accepting refugees is an important issue for many of you.


Once you have read the article, please answer the following question:

Think back to the videos we watched last week with messages against homophobia and transphobia, and how effective you felt the videos were in getting a message across.  You can find the videos here.

Think about the ways that visual art such as paintings are similar or different to video in expressing a message.  Name or describe at least two differences or similarities and explain how you think video and paintings might affect their audiences.

I look forward to your responses!






  1. Purple Pickle

    I think video and visual art can be very similar in expressing messages but can also be very different, an example for a difference would be (explained in a more poetic form): art is still and silent but videos are moving and alive, but that doesn’t mean art is less powerful that video, as quoted “a picture is worth a thousand words” art can be very powerful with that one picture but a video can also be powerful in a more descriptive sense by telling what is happening, were art can keep you guessing. now I’ll tell you a similarity (also in a more poetic form): art and video may be very different at expressing messages but are also very the same, they might express them in a different form but both can be very powerful at getting a message released to the world, both can also be very creative. video and paintings can effect audiences in very powerful ways, for example, our Remembrance day world clouds, those were all visual art, and (to me anyways) they were very powerful, and the yearly Terry Fox video we watch on the day of the Terry Fox run, that video is just as powerful (to me) as our word clouds, they are both different things but they are very powerful ways of releasing messages and can touch there audiences so very well that they decide to do something about the problem that the art or video is trying to release. (if it’s trying to release a problem in the first place)

  2. Ginger

    I think that visual art is a very interesting way to express an opinion. Throughout history, artists have been creating art to share a point of view or inspire others, and I think that it is amazing how much we have learned from specific pieces of artwork. One of the major differences between visual arts such as paintings, and videos, is that paintings allow you to make your own assumptions. Most videos are made to state a point or make a change in the world. While visual art can also do this, viewers can make assumptions in a more objective way because there are usually no words included. There is a famous painting by John Everett Millais depicting Ophelia, from the Shakespearian play, Hamlet, that includes many subjective symbols that represent ideas such as weeping willows that represent sadness, daisies that suggest innocence, and poppies and violets that are associated with death. Though this might not be concrete evidence that Ophelia is nearing death, it gives the viewer some insight into how the artist wants us to perceive the masterpiece. I think that it might be easier for logical thinkers to obtain information from a video because it has more concrete information. A creative thinker should be able to decipher clues and symbols from within a painting to understand the meaning.
    This is a link for the painting of Ophelia by John Everett Millais

  3. smeagaleater10

    I think that videos and visual arts each have similar and different ways to express a message. On one side a video can be more clear and descriptive, but, visual arts can sometimes “paint” a more clear image for onlookers. They are similar because most of them make sense and can be abstract. A similar way that visual arts and videos can affect their audiences is they could make them see the world in a different way. Another similar way that paintings and videos could affect their audiences is that they can both raise awareness about a certain topic. For example, a video was released about dollar store products’ toxicity (previous blog topic) and after you watched it and thought about it you decided to boycott the certain products.

  4. super cheese cake

    I think that painting is kind of like the same as videos because art is basically letting the audience know how you feel. Art can be objective or subjective, so can video. So I think they are basically the same and both ways can represent your feeling. What the differences are the materials to make them. And it’s an unmoving, frozen picture but it can still let the audience feel how the painter feel. Video is a moving picture. What painting needs is simply some paint and paint brush. Like our guest speaker Sam said today, you can use imagination for art. But you’ll have to go where you’re supposed to take the video and will not be possible to use imaginations and paint brushes to take videos. Probably more than one people to take a video. Also after you’re done the video you might want to edit it. For art you can simply use a draft and kind of trace it out after.
    I think video is more effective because there will be narratives. People can easily understand how the maker think. But for paintings, sometimes people can’t really understand them because maybe they’re too abstract.

  5. Shadow145

    I think that visual art and videos are both similar and different at the same time because art stays silent and still while videos are moving and maybe loud another difference is that you use a paint brush to make pictures while videos use editing, animation or recording to make the video.The similar thing about videos and art is that they both express how they feel or they can change your thinking about other types of things.

  6. Amythest

    I think that visual art can relate to the videos. Number one because painting or just art can show feelings wheather it’s sadness or happiness or any other feeling. Number two because the artist could be transphobic or homophobic and they could be showing their feeling but you could be transphobic or homophobic too so the art could be showing how you’re feeling as well. The videos really affect the audiences because it showed everyone that there are people in the world who get bullied because of who they are. The painting affect their audiences because it shows how the artist is feeling but not talking or explaining but art.

  7. The Dude

    In the videos against homophobia and transphobia,I noticed the reacurring theme of the messege, that everyone should help the person that is getting bullied about being gay or trans. And in the paintings drawn by the high school students about the syrian refugees, the theme was that people from canada should start treating the refugees with more respect. There were a couple times in the video where they explained that the people of canada should start treating refugees like humans because the refugees are humans. In the video against homophobia and transphobia they talked about a problem that we need to change. Also in the video about the syrian high school student paintings they said something similar, they said that we need to change our ways.

  8. Smallbrowndog

    I think videos are similar to art in ways of spreading a message because they both will be shown around and the message will become something you can share on the Internet when with a piece of art you can’t share it as well. I also think that with video it will be shared easier than art also a video will be able to be at many different places at the same time where with art it can’t. A similarity is that they can both become a thing on the Internet as fast as any other thing can be. I really think that art can be video as well.

  9. Joaquin

    I think they both can be used as a way to express yourself, what you believe in. With technology now both paintings and videos are easy to share on the internet- this makes them easy to access. As an artist this can help you share your work and reach more people, hopefully making you more well known and maybe helping you make more money for your work.

  10. DancingPorcupine

    I think that in some ways visual art is the same as videos but in other ways it’s completely different. It is the same because they are both visual and can have the same effect for visual learners. They are also both ways of learning in a way that isn’t what you think of when you think of learning. Most people think that learning is only reading or writing bit you can actually learn a lot by watching or looking at something. They are different because paintings don’t move therefor you can use your imagination more to think about what the message could be wheras videos make it easier to understand what the maker was trying to say. Videos also often have a more subjective view and paintings are often mor objective.


    I think that they both can be made to show there audiences that they are saying something important and that they want to have this idea of their’s to be heard. They also can be similar in a way that they are showing something important to others and to themselves and that they are going to do something to make a change for whatever they are fighting for.

  12. den10@sea43

    Well some visual art like photography can be helpful to express a message or it could be subjective or objective. Like for the Syrian refuge crisis you could take a photo in Syria where the conditions are poor and caption it “They need are help” or take a photo of the housing crisis and say “we can afford to have more people” also you can do the same thing with art. Also the captions are great too.

  13. Rouge

    I think that the visual art and videos are an interesting way to spread awareness around certain topics. I think that videos and visual art are similar because they both are made to show a message or meaning and both of those multi-media projects work well in doing so. Sometimes the videos can be more to the point and have a bold message that you can understand right away because you can listen to the narration and look at the visuals at the same time. However with paintings and other visual art it may take a while for you to deeply understand the meaning or message of what the artist is trying to share. Art can be more profound but still as effective as watching a video. Another difference is that paintings allow you to make your own assumptions and ideas to what the art means as opposed to videos where they give you a subjective point of view so that you understand completely what the perspective and idea/s is. I think that mostly both videos and paintings have a meaning and a point to make, it just depends how you interpret the material that you are given. Audiences might be able to easily connect with what they are looking and listening to, maybe because they have experienced the same thing or they can come up with ideas and beliefs quickly and thoughtfully. But some people may take a while to take in the visuals and ponder what it could be telling us, is it about a struggle? Climate change? Loneliness? Both thinking process’ work and both of them will have an amazing meaning in the end.


    I think that art is different than videos because they are more complex, show more creativity and require more thought to understand. Instead of videos which are easy to just film, art takes time to formulate and create and require lots of skills. A similarity between videos and art is that both can be used to express emotion and opinion which is really powerful, but also everyone on earth is able to communicate through art which is really cool.

  15. crazymemeslol123

    I think videos are as creative as art so I think they are both complex because one person might know how to do art and the other knows how to animate both of them combine could make a very creative art or video they are colours all around us even on our books so they both imagine the same thing as creatively.

  16. Sr.Fruitcake

    I think that expressing a message in the form of visual art. I think that film and art can be quite similar depending in the content and on weather or not there is a exact picture. I think that in general film can be more powerful as a way to express a opinion, however if the art shows a clear mention toward a certain problem or issue but then leaves the message up to interpretation I think it is the most (or one of the most) effective ways to express an opinion.

  17. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that paintings are similar and different to videos because one way that it can be different is that a painting can show one slide of the video and that the message can be shown by a video which is moving and telling you things and showing you but with paintings they try to get you to get what you already know on the subject and add it with what the painting shows and paintings get you to find out the information but each can be helpfull for different people’s learning ways .I think that it might affect there audience hugely because it’s like when we did the wall projects we could use little words but at the same time there like a video and painting together and I think that they each mean something different depending on how much knowledge you already have.

  18. Crazychicken lover

    I think in a perspective that a video and a piece of visual art can be the same sometimes but it depends on the the person who created the art or the video. Because it can be subjective or objective depending on the piece of art and it really just depends on the person and what he is trying to make people understand and what he is trying to portray.The similarity between visual art and videos is they both want to say a specific thing and they both want to express it in it least one subjective or objective fact. The difference between those two is they come in different shapes or sizes and a different way of expressing the fact. Videos show the life or specific movement that you can see and is more easier to notice the subjectivity or the objectivity. For visual art it is more difficult to understand and can sometimes show nothing and no biase detail.

  19. Arcticowl

    I think that both videos and art are boh good ways to spread a message.Videos are a better way to gt people to understand. Because wih visual art you can show a issue but, people will only understand it if they already know information about it. Art and videos are similar because they both hold information and show things.how art might effect people that are looking at it is the colour.It might effect the mood of people if its a darker colour an lighter colours might mean good things.

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