April 21

Dear Division 16,

This is a really interesting article on youth voters, specifically university students.
Please read the article at the link below and then describe one barrier that youth voters face and one thing you think would help to remove that barrier.


I look forward to your responses,



  1. Amythest

    In one paragraph it said that it is difficult for the voter information to get mailed out to university students. I think that it is a big barrier because then that doesn’t let university students vote, even if they’re so excited, it’s their first time voting, and their family always encourages them to vote when they’re aloud. But they just won’t be given the chance all because the government can’t mail the voter information. My solution for that is that everybody who wants to vote can send their own information to the government, so instead of the government worrying about so many people everybody (who wants to vote) just have to worry about one thing. You might be thinking, but not everybody can access a mail box, but I thought that there should be more mail boxes on every block, in every apartment building, and in all retirement homes.

  2. crazymemeslol123

    I think the barrier is that maybe most schools or colleges don’t give out information about the votes that they should know but as the teacher doesn’t even know about the information and she lived here pretty long.

  3. the engineer

    The barrier that I chose is that a lot of people don’t even know that they are eligible to vote. I think a way to help stop that is by educating people on that matter or at least giving them a heads up. For example volunteers who care about young voters could hand out info flyers to students on their way to class. The flyers would provide voter information and a list of all the websites that have detailed information.

  4. S.P.E.W

    I think that one of the barriers is that the political parties aren’t making much of an effort to show interest in the youth vote and are not campaigning about youth needs. My solution is to try to get more of the people running to visit universities so that the youth can get to know the people running and then the person can see what their needs are as youth.

  5. Flying Mandarin

    Lots of young people don’t know that they are eligible to vote.
    One of the barriers that could help remove, is to inform young voters that they may be eligible to vote during school.

  6. Apple juice-Injury

    I think that one problem is inspiration to go vote because they might not thinknow it’s important so they won’t go, They are also busy with school and I job. People need to encourage them to vote and make it seem like a big deal.


    I think the main problem is that students in University do so much work from their classes that they have trouble getting to the polls let alone knowing each parties values. I think what would work is having polling station on campuses this way votes could happen on the way to the next class.

  8. smeagaleater10

    I think that a barrier is mobility. It is a barrier because if the a person cannot get to a voting station and didn’t vote by mail or didn’t do an advance vote they cannot vote. I think that a solution to this problem would be carpooling in a way. The way that it works is there would be a sign up sheet for the carpoolers and a sign up sheet for the people who cannot get to the voting station by themselves. The carpoolers would take 3 to 5 people nearby their residence and drive to the voting station.

  9. French waffles

    Well I think that most people didn’t want to vote and most places like Vancouver doesn’t have enough school like a couple in kingsway just closed

  10. The Time Traveller

    Maybe the reason not many young people vote is that millennial’s don’t think that it is their responsibility to clean up the mess other generations have made. And a way we could make them vote is to have more education so that way younger people can learn that there vote matters.

  11. purple pom-poms

    I think one barrier preventing youth from voting is not getting the chance to to vote at the time and it being too late when you are able to. Relating back to what Jody said about that article being specifically interesting to university students (although I found it interesting as well) this could be a barrier because many students still in university will not have the chance to go to the pulling stations because obviously the will be at university for part of the day, but they might have activities or just be busy in general after their school time. A way that could help stop this barrier is to have either have pulling stations in universities while school is going and the students can vote in their breaks and they wont have worry about it later on in the day or the universities will fit in a couple hour breaks into the school time so that the students can have a chance to go and vote at a close pulling station.

  12. joaquin

    I think that one barrier that youth voters face is that they don’t get enough info on the election or are just way to busy with school. One thing that could prevent this barrier is having teachers talk about the election and have more propaganda around schools

  13. Arcticfox

    One barrier is not thinking that their vote MATTERS. Most college or university students think, their vote wont change anything. One thing we can do to change that is encourage them that their vote matters. challenge them to vote this year and see the different their vote makes!

  14. lordofthepies05

    I think that a barrier for youth is transportation because you can’t get a drivers licence until your 16. Something to help is make it so if your under the age of 16 then you don’t have to pay so much for a compass card or bus ticket.

  15. Touchdown

    I think that one barrier for youth is that like the article said politician don’t work for the younger people because they don’t vote. But because of this I think that maybe this is causing young people to not vote because it does not affect them.

    • Touchdown

      And one thing I would do to remove that barrier is tell government that youth is just as important as adults and bring us education problems for universities so that might help.

  16. gamingpickle84

    I think a barrier for youth is not thinking about voting as a big deal like its not there responsibility to vote, because they ether were not educated about it or don’t really care. another reason is because they don’t think 18 is a big age because the economy is not commercializing voting like they do driving etc.. because it wont make them as much money. I think a solution to this is to commercialize 18 and voting more by putting up posters online ads and especially when it is close to a election so people voting is really important.

  17. Pink Pickle

    I think one barrier youth voters face is that a lot of them are in university or college either practising for a PHD or a degree so they don’t have much time to go out and vote because they are so busy doing schoolwork. I think to fix this teachers give out no homework on voting day therefor college/university students would have more time to vote!

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