April 24

Dear Division 16,

After our visits from Maya this week who helped us learn about genetics and DNA, I’ve been thinking a lot about the way we use science to solve mysteries.  It reminded me of this video I saw over the break.

Please watch this video and answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. What other kind of information do you think a skeleton might provide that would help us learn about the person it used to be?  Explain your thinking.
  2. What should we, as a society, do with artifacts like this skeleton?  Give reasons for your answer.

We look forward to your responses!



  1. Spirit Heart

    Think that we could use them for since/reserch to learn more about people in our history like they said in the video, we can see what gender they are and how old they where even how tall they were. It also connects with one of the projects that we are doing in class STEAM (since,technology,engineer,art and design, and the most wonderfull of all math) i think it fits in with STEAM because it uses since technology maybe math im not sure though.but if we did have a skeleton in our school it would just be so fun!

  2. Electroe05

    I think it would be aswome to have a skeleton in the school but not everyone might think that. Some people would think of it like a dead person and not as an artifact. So to conclude this I would only want a skeleton in the school if the school reached a full consensus.

  3. The phantome blade

    I don’t think that we should have a lot of skeletons in schools because as it says in the video some people wouldn’t have wanted this. Then again some people may have wanted to be hung on a string and tested after they die I wouldn’t want that. I think we should only keep skeletons that have said that it was okay when they were alive but if you don’t know then you should just throw it away and ask before using.

  4. Flying pinguin

    I think it should be buried because that person might of not wanted to be hanged as a display. If I was that person I would not appreciate that. Also that persons family might want to build a grave where they can visit and give respect.

  5. Helga

    I think it’s a little creepy to have a real skeletons in people’s class rooms but also I get how it would be very useful to learn from, I think in your will you could specify if you wanted to be used for scientific purposes so not everyone has to.


    I think we could use skeletons in the schools or somewhere else (if they have one real not art) so they can do the research like in the video so they can do the some they did and learn who they were, where did they live and etc.But i think it’s a little creepy to have it all the time but it’s still science.

  7. hockey 101

    I think as a society we shouldn’t have skeletons in our classes because some people like me can be disturbed by this or just aren’t in to it. Personally I think we should put skeletons in labs or museums so they can be studied so they can find the history of that individual.

  8. Awesomeness

    Thinking about the answer, I think that is would be cool to have a skeleton in a classroom to learn from instead of having a plastic skeleton to learn from because maybe the plastic skeleton is not exact, so you get wrong/different information. But personally I would not want a real skeleton in my classroom because it is odd to know that there is a skeleton in the classroom that used to be a real living person. Though I would be okay, if that person (when they were alive) said it was okay, when they passed that their skeleton could be used for learning. So instead of having a skeleton just hanging around, I think people could have access to people’s skeletons but it has to be for learning. And when people are not using the skeleton it could be somewhere where people could appreciate that the skeleton actually belonged to someone who was living just like you and me, and gave up their skeleton for people to move forward about learning and not back. I think that because, I don’t think that we cannot just not use real skeletons for learning, so it is better to have something in the middle.

  9. Day Dreamer

    If you had a real skeleton its good to use it for learning purposes because lots of people say we need better education and it should also go to a school because one of the students assignments could be find out as much as you can about this person/skeleton like in the video. If the person that found or had the skeleton bib not want to give it to a school they could use it as a decoration they could paint it like day of the dead or us it for halloween. Another thing the owner of the skeleton could do with it is donate it to a scientist lab so they could practice finding stuff out bout the skeleton like the people in the video because the people in the video like Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat or any other person they have to practice doing that, they could practice on a plastic skeleton but it is better to practice on a real skeleton.

  10. Arty-choke

    On the good side, having a human skeleton to study would be much more interesting, in my opinion then having a fake, plastic one. But not everyone might agree. Some people might freak out and feel uncomfortable knowing that it’s a real skeleton. While others could find it super interesting knowing that it was an alive human once. They talked in the video about how it was true that the person that the skeleton was extracted from, might not have wanted their dead bones to be displayed in a classroom full of kids. But we never know, they might have wanted to be used for scientific studies after they die. So in my opinion, overall, having the chance to have a real skeleton to study and learn about would actually be really cool and interesting.

  11. Santiago

    #2. I think that there should be a graveyard for classroom skeleton’s because I bet that most people don’t want to have there bones threaded with string and and hung up in a classroom. Also replace the real skeleton with a fake one (example, plastic) so that people can look and touch the skeleton but the real one could be resting in peace.

  12. Smeagaleater10

    #1 I think that you can learn a lot about a skeleton after research, however, personally, I would be more interested using the skeleton to learn about its surroundings at the time. For example, in historic remnants if there was an absence of greens in the person’s diet they probably lived in an extremely dry or cold climate. If scientists did more testing about finding the conditions that skeletons lived in it could trigger a ton of new scientific discoveries.

  13. mistacheeseman

    #2 I think that it would be cool to have a real skeleton in your class because you can find out a lot with just a skeleton, for example you find out its sex, race, diet and age. If you are studying something like DNA you can find out how DNA works inside a real skeleton. If you have a fake skeleton you wouldn’t be able to find out as much. If it was real you could be like, “Oh, wow we are studying Albert Einstein’s skeleton, cool” but you have to permission to use its bones from the person the skeleton used to be. If you don’t have permission to use the skeleton you will have to find the skeletons family members to see what they want to do.

  14. domoking101

    #2. I think we shouldn’t necessarily use skeletons for decoration because it doesn’t give them the respect i find they so rightly deserve. i think we should either put them into a museum or bury them with a proper burial because they also once lived and had if not have the right to a proper resting place.

  15. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that this could be a little disrespectful to the persons skeleton. I think that it has to be your chose to become a skeleton to be used for study and if not, people deserve a safe and final resting place. I don’t think we should use these skeletons anymore for those reasons!

  16. chiefblobfish

    #2. I think that you could find out the main things about it like height, age and where they lived. Then you could put it in a museum
    for a bunch of kids to look at and say look mom it’s a skeleton from 1955 OMG


    Well mainly we should bury the skeleton💀 in peace not in classrooms or other stuff like that. It’s just freaky . So they could just use plastic ones . Also because some people might not feel comfortable around it. But… how are we going to study DNA💉?. Maybe we should make a replica of the inside of the bones or a poster of their organs.

  18. Snapshot1178

    I think that we could find one skeleton that’s owner gave consensus and make a mold out of it. Then we could mass produce the new skeleton and trade it with all the real ones in classrooms. we could safely and respectfully get have a ceremony and then berry the real skeletons.

  19. Narwhalz

    I think that its so long ago, we might as well use them, but don’t make more. If there is a way to find out who it is, I think then you would bury (or whatever people do with skeletons) them.

  20. Amythest

    2. I think that having an artifact that special, it should be treasured and shown off to anybody who wants too see it. It would obviously have to be somewhere where it will be seen by many different people, but it mainly has to stay safe and not get damaged, so I don’t think that a classroom is a safe environment for the skeleton.

  21. Snort

    I think that it would really interesting to have a real skeleton in your classroom but I think that they would want to be treated with respect and they would probably want to be buried. I also think that their family would want that person to be buried instead of him/her being in a classroom hanging on the walls. If it was me I would rather be buried than in a classroom hanging somewhere with people learning about me.

  22. ThePlatypusLife

    I think that it would be useful as a prop to study, but should only be used if thats what the person wanted during thier lifetime.

  23. game master 2018

    I think that when it comes to identifying the skeleton theres a-lot we could learn from the state of the skeleton. for example when Maya taught us about DNA she told us about how each human is different, so could our skeletons be different to? For example the skeleton could show signs of a birth deformity or there could be signs of broken bones. another way to study how long a skeleton has been dead would be to study how the bones have decayed over time. And after watching the video I am beginning to wonder if the skeleton that use to be in Jodys classroom was real to.

  24. black circle

    other things that a skeleton could tell us their stature and if there was any physical trauma in their life and how long they had been dead for or when they died. you could also tell what kind of lifestyle the person had by comparing diet, age, gender, trauma and ancestry.

  25. DairyKing07

    1) These older skeletons may tell us about what kind of sickness they might have had. Which we could study for critical information about diet, lifestyle, age and gender that person may have or been. And it could tell us history of are early ancestors.

  26. bow tie 12

    I think skeleton can tell us a lot. They can help with a lot of research too. Like why they died, when, how, where they lived, what they eat. And that gives us a lot of information. So I think it’s important to get that information.

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