April 27

Dear Division 16,

Last week we generated some questions to ask the party leaders about issues related to the upcoming provincial election.

Our questions were not chosen this time, but the questions of other schools and the answers from the party leaders are posted on the Student Vote website.  You can see them here:


Please choose the question that you connect the most with and watch the party leaders responses.  Once you have watched them all, please post a reflection comparing two or more of the leaders responses.  There will be many differences between their responses, to be sure, but please choose to compare two or more that are meaningful for you.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Flying Mandarin

    [John Horgan and Andrew weaver]-increase minimum wage
    John Horgan plans to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour.
    Andrew Weaver plans to increase minimum wages to $17 an hour but using fair increase.
    I think by increasing wages this may help make things affordable.

  2. super cheese cake

    I compared Cristy Clark’s answer with Andrew Weaver’s answer for the first question, Housing. I have notice different ways they have talked about solving this problem. Cristy Clark said that she is going to offer a loan of $37500 to the first time buyer of houses and zero transfer tax for housing below $75000. Se is also building 7000 affordable housing for rental use.
    Andrew weaver said that he is going to raise the housing tax for non-BC residents by 30% to prevent people from buying houses and leaving them empty and just sitting there, without people living there, he also said that he is closing the loop hole in speculation.
    I fell connected to this issue because when me and my family moved here more then 2 years ago we were lucky enough to have a affordable rental suite while we prepare for down payment for purchase for our new house. Meanwhile housing price kept going up so that time my parents were really nervous and were worrying maybe we will never get our own house.
    I think that Andrew Weavers ideas are more pragmatic because he got right into the center of the problem, noticing that lots of people lives in a house for a short time for house flipping, I think that Cristy Clarks ideas will be helping but it will cost more and it wouldn’t fix the speculation.

    • dickensdiv16

      Super cheese cake, this is an excellent response. You’ve given specific examples that show how the party leaders approach an issue differently, named the problem that needs to be solved, made a personal connection to the problem and evaluated the two positions based on your personal opinion! Very well done!

  3. the engineer

    The question that concerns me the most is how will the parties improve education. The reason that I chose this question is because education is a big part of my life. I am comparing Christy Clark with John Horgan. Christy Clark said that she was adding 3000 new teachers to schools (smaller class size), spending 2 billion dollars in the schools to add more seats for children (get rid of portables) and she will be adding coding classes starting in grade six. John Horgan says that the B.C. liberals have been starving classrooms of their resources (special ed, librarians,etc). He wants to get more resources for the schools. I think that Christy Clark’s video has more meaning because instead of criticizing another candidate she actually specified three things that her party is going to do; whereas John Horgan vaguely said what he was going to do.

  4. Apple juice-Injury

    I am comparing Christy Clark, Andrew Weaver and John Horgan on the topic minimum wage.
    Christy and Andrew both gave examples of what they are going to do and they picked ones that have worked well in other places and what they have already done which I think ishe very powerful because people who watch this are thinkingredients if it works there it should work here. John just said he was going to raise it to $15 by the end of his first term in government. He might not know how much to raise it by so he is just guessing which will make people wonder if it’s enough to make a difference.

  5. smeagaleater10

    Minimum wage
    John Horgan (NDP) vs Andrew Weaver (Greens)
    I think that Andrew Weaver’s response was way better than John Horgan’s. First, half of
    John’s response was just saying that his kids graduated from the high school that sent the question which is totally irrelevant to the election. Second, all he really said was that by his first term of government he was going to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. He didn’t say what he was going to do if fifteen dollars wasn’t enough, he didn’t go into any details and left me wondering if he is the right candidate for B.C.
    Andrew Weaver said that he was going to introduce living wage to B.C. We have done a blog post on living wage last year and I very much agree with living wage. He also said that a small group was going to survey small business and to ensure that politics is taken out of the wage.

  6. crazymemeslol123

    Christy Clark (Liberals) vs John Horgan (NDP)
    Christy Clark has said that she would raise 15% of taxes to slow down homes that costs more then 2 million dollars.
    John Horgan said that the average vancouver house over the years have been raised to more then 600,000 dollars.
    Christy Clark said her party made the home program that it could help 42 thousand people get into there first home.
    John Horgan said that he and his party are going to build 114,000 houses over the next 10 years.

  7. Amythest

    I compared Cristy Clark (Librals) and John Horgan (NDP) with the topic of education. I chose Cristy Clark because she is disliked by teachers because of all her choices her made for children’s education. I chose John Horgan because just seeing him on the debate the other day made me curious, and when I saw the question on education, I wanted to see his personal responce on the topic with more detail then at the debate. These are the key points I got from Cristy Clark, she would add 3000 new teachers, which would affect class sizes, she wants coding to start in grade 6 for the rest of everyone’s education, and that would allow them to be advanced in tech when they grow up. These are the key points that I got from John Horgan, Librals have been starving classrooms from the important resourse like librarians, teachers, and councilers, he wants to see more resources in classrooms, so that kids can see their bright future.


    I liked John horgan,s plan for housing because he talked about a thing that his government was going to do called the renters rebate where he talked about building more homes for renters. In comparison to Andrew weaver who said that there government would make the Welthy foreign buyers to Pay a little more and the people who arent wealthy to pay a little less for housing taxes. The two are different but both candidates seem like they wanna help.


    I noticed that both Christy Clark and John organ both thought building more houses to release pressure on current buyers was the best answer. I thought the two or three minority parties that suggested no foreign buyers, to take pressure off the housing market is better because is doesn’t cost anything to do.

  10. Touchdown

    I did not like how when John Horgan was talking was talking about his priorities he said that he would be working for us but then he went on and said many other things whereas Andrew Weavier made it very clear that there priority is education.

  11. purple pom-poms

    I’m comparing Christy Clark to Andrew Weaver for Economy and Environment. I noticed that they both included an example to support their opinion like for Christy, she connected to the “Great Barrier Rainforest” while Andrew related to “The Lorax”. I n oticed that Andrew Weaver included pieces into his sentences that made it feel a bit more personal, for example, he could have left his sentence as it was, but instead he added “that puts British Columbians first”. Christy Clark didn’t connect the same way for me.

  12. S.P.E.W

    I looked at the housing crisis question. i noticed that all the party leaders except for Christy Clark were white men. I also noticed that all the party leaders were white. I think that there should be more of a difference in the candidates, such as gender and ethnic backgrounds instead of everyone being white.

  13. Arcticfox

    I’m comparing Andrew weavers and John Horgan on environment and economy. I was listening to them and realized they were saying similar things. They both talked about balancing environment and economy. Although one thing i noticed was that John Horgan talked about balancing and that was it. When Andrew Weaver talked about it he put more detail and thinking into his thoughts. They were more planned out on exactly his plan and he looked like he put time into what he said.

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