April 28, 2016

Dear Division 16,

I thought you might find this article interesting.  It speaks about a new museum display at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston that features fashion combined with technology, including 3-D printed clothing and dresses that display live-tweets.

You can read about the collection, “#techstyle” here, on the museum’s website and here, in an article

When you’ve finished reading, please answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Think about what role should museums play in our culture?  Be specific! Explain your thinking!
  2. By choosing this collection, the Museum of Fine Art is making a statement that fashion and technology are Fine Arts.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amythest

    1. I think that museums play the role of showing anything so now with technology and fashion combined they are just doing what they always do is to show all of the fashion and technology. Another role they play is to show new things to people like I’ve never heard of technology and fashion combined so for anyone in Boston who doesn’t know about it they can find out through the museum. My thoughts on technology and fashion is that I think that it is very fascinating that they are now combined with everyone now using technology and everyone wearing fashionable clothing is probably really fascinating for other people.

  2. den10@sea43

    1. I absolutely agree that technology and fashion is a Fine Art because for all of those things you need to be creative and in the end you get a master piece. I also think that Art comes in many ways. Like dancing is an art or photography is an art so I don’t see a reason why fashion and technology is an art. I mean I might be one sided because of my digital editing background but I still very much think that technology and fashion is art.


    #2 The MFA in Boston is making a statement that this is the future of fashion. They are saying, “We are trying new techniques (laser cut, 3-D printer, etc.) to produce new types of clothing”. How it is produced is also revolutionary because it is created by technology, but designed by humans. Another interesting concept of the futuristic clothing is that it reminds me of animals like lizards or scallops–which come from nature. The statement the museum is trying to say is that there is more than one way to make clothing and we should try to explore more ways–the ideas are still by humans but created by machines. They use mathematical patterns, for example, but the machines make them look natural.

  4. super cheese cake

    #2 I totally agree that fashion and technology are Fine Arts because to do both you’ll need creativity and fashion is actually part of art because the way of doing art changes time to time and so does technology. Also I think that art can be anything that you make to make your self proud. Art can be all sorts of thing that’s created by animals, humans or machines.

  5. Ginger

    While fashion and technology may be considered Fine Art, this style of fashion does not appeal to me in the least. I highly agree that fashion is a form of fine art, and thoroughly enjoy looking and learning about different types of fashions, but Haute Couture is a very dysfunctional type of clothing that should stop being made, in my opinion. In the description of the Museum of Fine Art’s, #techstyle, the author stated that “#techstyle explores how the synergy between fashion and technology is not only changing the way designers design, but also the way people interact with their clothing”. I agree with this quote but think that they could have created a different type of clothing with the technology provided. I agree that fashion and technology are in the Fine Arts category, maybe even masterpieces, especially Haute Couture, but think that they could have created a different exhibit, such as one on environmentally friendly clothing or a fundraiser to help people living on the streets. Clothing is very hard to create and design, and I have admiration for the designer. It definitely deserves to be entitled as Fine Art, along with technology, because of all of the effort, hard work and technical design involved in making it. Fashion designers create masterpieces created from silk, tulle, jewels and sequins, that deserve to be in museums just as much as paint on a canvas, but they must be wise about the fashion they create and the effect it has on our planet (and eyes).

  6. purple pickle

    #2 I think that the museum of fine arts is making a good point, technology and fashion are fine arts because both take time and effort (and some creativity) to create or manufacture, and (sort of) like fine arts it can take a whole bunch of people to create manufacture or even try to think of ideas for the project. (definition) An activity requiring great skill or accomplishment, with original imagination.

  7. crazymemeslol123

    #2 I think I will agree because technology mixed with fine art is a great idea because it is a recyclable clothing that they are making from technology it’s amazing how people think these days they are like recycle fashion wizards so cool I wish we can have this recycle clothing in another countries.

  8. Rouge

    #2 I do agree that fashion and technology are fine arts, because they both include designing and an artistic process to make a finished product. I think that fashion requires lots of designs and plans and it also includes lots of patterned fabrics or in this case 3D printed outfits. I also think that technology is a fine art because it can be used to create artwork such as: photography, 3D printing, digital editing and so much more, so it can be categorized in fine arts because it helps us create and inspire others with amazing artwork that is assisted by technology. I think that the Museum of Fine Arts is making an interesting but accurate statement that fashion and technology are connected to fine arts and that they weave themselves throughout art, I think that they are but some people might disagree because they are not a traditional form of fine arts such as dance, painting, sculpting and other kinds of art like that. Sometimes we don’t want to accept the future of modern world so we push away new types of things such as technological fine art or fashionable fine arts, even if they are unique and fascinating.

  9. The Dude

    I think it’s important that we have museums in our future and culture because it’s important to learn about the past and how to make the future brighter. Take the exhibit for example, lots of creative people are probably going to come and see the exhibit and that will give them thoughts about new ideas. Those people will go innovate because of that idea. Those are my reasons on why I think museums should stay part of our culture in the future.

  10. The Dude

    I believe museums should be apart of our future culture because it lets people learn about the past and innovate for the future. Take this exhibit for example, creative people will see it and it will give them cool ideas for things and they will innovate and create cool things.

  11. Amethyst

    1. I think that the role that museums play in our culture depends on what kind of museum it is. If it is an art museum for example, the role that it plays is enjoyment for people and making them think about things and feel things. I think that it is good to have a purpose for something and not just have it there to look at. Some people might think that art is only to look at but sometimes, art can make you think about things and make you feel things. I think that people should go to museums because they enjoy learning about art or about things like biodiversity, not because they just want to look at things.

  12. Soccerboy123ABC

    #2 I think that fashion and technology are fine arts because you are able to make dresses and other fashion thing on the computer. Both of them include and need artistic skill and designing and also they use recycled materials like art you can use recycled garbage for you art .One of my mom’s friends is a cloths designer and she uses a computer to plan how things are going to look so I think that it is fashion just in a new and different way to represent something . I think that it is a sign that people want to have a change in what fashion does and look like.

  13. Smallbrowndog

    1 I think that museums should be a place where people can look back in time and forward in time. Museums also should be a place for people to explore knowledge and get more in depth views on certain issues. I really like the idea of items or exhibits traveling from a museum to another one. I think that this lets people in a town or city get a wider variety in what they are seeing when they purchase a ticket to enter a museum. Another thing about travelling exhibits is that the museum can advertise for different reasons rather than always having the same exhibits and items because people would lose interest in seeing the same thing over and over again I know I would be tired of repetition in the exhibits I would come to see.

  14. Arcticowl

    1# I think that museums play a verry important role. That role is showing how to make nothing (garbage) into art! It also brings us together by looking art you feel emotion. Then you look around you and see how art truly pulls us together.They sometimes have places that show First Nations and how they lived. I really think museums help our culture.Artists are inspiring and helpful.

  15. Joaquin

    #1 I think that museums should play a big role in every ones culture because they are glimpse into history, different art, architecture and so many more things. I think the the Museum of Anthropology is a good example of a museum that teaches people about history. The MOA has a lot of artifacts, masks, weapons, tools, art all related to aboriginal culture.I really like going there because there is so much to see.

  16. smeagaleater10

    1# I think museums should play the role of inspiration in the Canadian culture because all museums have great ideas. The time when museums are likely to be the most useful is when the youth might be coming with the perfect solution to stop climate change. For example, through the inspiration of looking at the fist ever windmill and them thinking about alternate power generation and sources. That is the reason why I think that museums play the role of inspiration in Canadian culture.

  17. baconguy

    2. I think that fashion and technology are fine arts because they are both beautiful and practical in their own ways. That’s what makes art art for me, and I think that both fashion and technology meet the criteria in those ways.


    2. I think that fashion is a fine art because it is something that is beautiful and challenging and it also can be two types of art. There is the art of wearing clothes and making the clothes look fabulous and new and creative and then their is the art of making it look neat and tidy and the right colour combinations, also making it look like something you would want to wear and look at as well as something new chic and bold. I don’t think that technology is a real fine art because it is something that has to to take time and effort even though technology art can be beautiful it’s most likely won’t be as time consuming as fashion, in fashion there is the making of the clothes which could take hours and then there is making sure the outfit fits the model and then matching the shoes with the outfit then the planning of the show and making sure enough tickets are sold so that you can have a lot of people watching the fashion show so the total amount of time could be over weeks. With technology art it might only take a couple of hours at most it could maybe a few days. When I think of a fine art it takes lots of time to get it all down and ready to show and has to have a lot of work behind it.

  19. Crazychicken lover

    2# I think that technology and fashion are art because anything can be art connecting to the art presentation that sam did and she said that basically anything can be art and things like technology and fashion can express that. Fashion is something that you could physically manipulate and fashion is not really a physical statement. When you think about tech, you imagine it like some sort of thing with computers and for the past few months we have been learning alot about how lots of things can be art and as long as you can see it and that there is a perspective to a piece of art then its art. NO TURNING BACK

  20. Pandatush

    #1. I think that museums play the role of showing us what is and what was. It shows us highlights from the past and that’s really important because it gives us a sense and a blast from the past which is never boring. Museums also showcase other things like ancient religions and that can be very important to remember who created our lands and made them this way. Lastly, museums can show us new things that can inspire others to build off of what was created. Plus, people can put art that they are proud of on display. Nothing feels better then to show your proud work to young minds out there waiting to soak up that creativity.

  21. balloongirl123

    #1 I think the fashion and technology in art museums is pretty cool because different stuff in art museums are cool to look at in there. But I think it is a little different because sometimes I see fashion stuff in art museums but not that much technology which is pretty interesting but for all I think that both fashion and technology is interesting.

  22. Sr.Fruitcake

    #2 I do not agree with the statement. I think what they have created is most certainly art but what they are saying about technology being art is not something I agree with. Technology is very cool but in a way that is more like a puzzle than a painting. I don’t think that in general electronics are art.

  23. GamingPickle84

    #1 I think museums are a good way of showing stuff to people like history first hand. they teach us by letting us see it it is better than someone just reading from a book

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