April 3

Dear Division 17 and 18

Welcome back from a well-deserved Spring Break!  Sunday was April Fool’s Day.

I saw a quote that day that really stuck with me.  For your assignment today, please comment on the following idea:

“On April 1st, you question the accuracy of everything you see and hear.  Do that every day of the year.”

It’s up to you what format your post takes, but please think deeply and make an effort to be unique in your response!

Please, no April Fools Day stories.  Your post should consider both of the sentences in the quote.

We look forward to your responses,

Jody & Tami


  1. The phantome blade

    I think that this means that you should forge your own path and question everything because your you and no one can argue with that

  2. David Nixon

    I think it means that we should not always believe what we see on social media and the news unless you have a trusty person. hey click the link wright hear for something funny related to the blog assignment it might be bad but watch the hole thing.

  3. Santiago

    the quote means that if you take everything skeptically every day, every hour, every minute, you will well for one, be extremely literal but two, always get the truth because you will always be getting a truthful answer and three, you will always be a no-nonsense person so yeah.

  4. blackcircle

    I think this quote means you have to be careful about every thing and not be careless because you think that it nothing will happen but you never know. also just because it isn’t a day of pranks that doesn’t mean somebody cant prank you.

  5. electroe05

    I think this quote is trying to say that small or big things can happen at anytime and there just happens to be a day dedicated to it. We doubt honesty on that day but if we do that everyday you can expect things instead of that surprise many people dread.

  6. Narwhalz

    I think this means just because there is a day for jokes and planks, they may happen outside of that day.

  7. hockey 101

    I think the quote means that most of the time you trust what you see and hear but really you shouldn’t always for e.g. social media and all the pitchers you see on those websites.

  8. Smeagaleater10

    I think the quote means that instead of being sceptical just on April 1st people should be at least a little doubtful every day. I think that if people were a little sceptical, internet scams and pyramid schemes would decrease rapidly. This would help people save money and shut down people who want to gain money by trickery.

  9. bow tie 12

    I think it means that we should question what we see and here. (Like the quote said.) And we should not always believe what someone tells us, and to all ways keep that in mind. I think why the quote related to April 1/ April fools is because that’s a day that people wonder if someone is telling the truth or if it could turn out into something else. (A prank.)

  10. Awesomeness

    What I think the quote means is, you should ALWAYS be careful and not just on one day of the year. Also I think it means trickery is everywhere, and you should question and research things and see if what you are being told is factional. For example, if you are looking on the internet or social media on April 1 and you see something that looks true, question it and see for yourself if it is true or not. But if you’re on the internet or social media and it is not April 1 things could and probably are not true, so many things people are telling us are not always true. So do your own research and see if what you are being told is factional.

  11. game master 2018

    From my opinion this message seems very superstitious. We should always question accuracy no matter what day of the year it is yes, and on April 1st we get really suspicious. but its not like there is much to question in our lives today, so I personally think that the quote is not entirely true.
    ps: Im sending this message from my new computer!!

  12. Arty-choke

    When I read this quote about April-fools day I think that the first sentence means that you can’t trust anything anyone says or does on April-Fools, because the entire day is meant for people to lie and play pranks on each other. But the second sentence brings you to a different point that people can trick you or lie to you on not only that one day, but on any other day of every year

  13. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that the first sentence means that on that day people try to prank you and make a fool out of your self and lie because its meant for you to joke with a friend. On a different note, I think seconded sentence means that some people will prank and lie to you everyday.

  14. Amythest

    Reading that quote made me think that on April fools day you don’t know when you’re going to be pranked, so you have to be careful about everything. In the next part of this quote to me makes me think that you should be like that everyday.

  15. Day Dreamer

    I think it the quote means that April 1st (April fools day) is not the only day of the year that you should watch what you do or where you go because even though you really think you know what something or someone is like they or it could be lying. I also think the quote means that if you are carful with what you do or where you go the hole year will be fine nothing to bad should happen to you.

  16. the engineer

    I think it means that we should be more aware of our surroundings because odd things still happen if it is not april fools day.

  17. snapshot1178

    I think it means that we have created this world that everything is questionable and we can not believe anything. But we don’t always realize it but we question on April fools.

  18. DairyKing07

    I think it means to stay extra alert on April 1st like with your family and friends and even online.

  19. Snort

    I think the quote means that you should be aware of your surroundings everyday of the year and not only on April fools day.

  20. IM_PICKLE_RICK!!!🥒

    April 3
    I think this quote means you should be careful because April “Fools” day💨😅 and tells you that it means your most likely about 90-95% getting pranked or fooled.

  21. Flying pinguin

    I think the quote means that you have to always be calm and being aware. Not just on April fools day because you know someone is going to trick you.

  22. Spirit Heart

    I think the quote is trying to say that every day of the year we do the same things like saying that you dont have homework but you do. And every holiday is that go’s by for example lets say its April Fools a lot of people do the same tricks every year wich makes it kind of boring. so after you have don htat a few times you start to bore your self so you try something new you do that a few times the same thing happens over and over again. even like your daily routine its still the same thing every time so you try to swich it up a little bit and you fail again. you try a whole lot of things after that a ew years pass you finely change your routine. then you figuer out that every time you change something you will try again just to make it the way you want.

  23. The phantome blade

    I am doing this again because I think my other one was not sufficient enough as I said before I think that means that you should forge your own path but also challenge other people’s opinions you never have to be satisfied with what other people are doing if you don’t think that it is complete. People are always out to trick you in this world that doesn’t mean we don’t have to be prepared for them. Some people play jokes a lot making you question them every April fools day you should be doing that a lot more often than you think.

  24. Lightning Bolt

    I think it means that you never know when things in your life are not what you dreamed it could be. it’s like being suspicious of everything, especially when its Aprils Fools you never know when you’re getting pranked or not.

  25. blue snowflake

    I think this quote means that on April fools, we’re more skeptical compared to the other 364 days in the year. So then instead of just being more aware in the 1st of April, we should be more suspicious on everyday as well, because not everything just happens on April fools.

  26. 008rayray800

    I think this quote means that all the time we should be acting like we do on April fools; doubting everything we see and hear. I don’t think I agree with this post, it does have a point but I think that in most cases it is better to enjoy life and relax even if you get hurt rather than to be suspicious all the time and never open up, but if your suspicions are reasonable then find out if they’re true.

  27. ThePlatypusLife

    I think that it says that you shouldn’t blindly trust someone as long as it isn’t April fools. It also means beware of people who may just lie to you for fun.

  28. The Baconator

    I think that that this quote is more simple than most people might interpret it. I think that it just means that if you are cautious, then less bad things will happen to you.

  29. naruto Shippuden fan

    I think it means that if you question everything in life you will learn more about it.

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