April 3

Dear Division 16,

For your assignment this Monday, please click on the link below.  There is a video in the article, which is about registering to vote.  Please watch the video and read the article.


For your response, please answer one of the following questions:

  1. There is a quote in the video: “Higher turnout makes democracy more representative”.  Please explain what you think this means and whether or not you agree and why.
  2. What do you think about the way that people can currently register to vote?  Are there any groups of people who might find it challenging to register to vote?  How could we make the process more inclusive?

I look forward to your responses!




  1. Touchdown

    1. Well I think that without a voter turnout it isn’t a democracy. That is what a dictatorship or a monarchy is. Since the citizens are not choosing who they want to be the premier.

  2. The Baconator

    I think that higher turnout makes democracy more representative means that having more people vote means more people get what they want. Suppose there are 100,000 people vote and one party gets 70,000 votes, but if 500,000 people vote and the party that would have gotten 70,000 now gets 400,000 votes it means more people have expressed their opinion for what they believe. This way the vote represents more people.

  3. super cheese cake

    #1 There are two ways of saying this. First, if the reason people are not voting in a country is because some of them aren’t able to vote due to some obstacles then I agree with the quote. Second, If the reason the people in the country didn’t vote is because they don’t want to vote or don’t have an opinion, the quote doesn’t have a really big affect.

  4. S.P.E.W

    2. I think that the current way to register is not challenging but for someone who has a busy work schedule might find it hard to find the time to do it. I think that people who have the most difficult time registering would be homeless people because they don’t have an easy access to a computer to do it online or an actual address. I think that the youth might find it challenging to register not because it’s hard but being able to find the time for it could make more challenging to accomplish. I think the workers who register the voters over the phone could go out to an area where there are quite a few homeless people and register them there. I also think that there should be phone booths that have a zero charge but only can call the people registering people so that the homeless people can do it without paying and getting access to a computer.

  5. the Time traveler

    There are certain groups of people, like homeless people, who find it difficult to vote. I just looked on a website and there are so many different steps to follow for people who don’t have a fixed address. That’s really bad. If you are living on the street and you are not well, unless voting is easy, you are not going to think, “I should vote for Tom Mulcair”, you will just be thinking about your issues. We can make the process more inclusive by making it law that as long as you are citizen, you don’t need an address.

  6. Flying Mandarin

    [#1] I think if people don’t vote then the right person will not get elected. It could mean that the one extra vote could have changed the out come. I can’t vote sence I am under 18 years old.

  7. sparkle sloth

    #1 “Higher turnout makes democracy more representative.” I mostly agree with this because if more people vote, more people will get to express their opinion and if more people vote then they will make sure that is what most people want; for example, if only five people vote out of all twenty of the people, then the government has no idea what the remaining fifteen people want. To me this means that if more people vote, the government will have a better idea of what everyone wants.

  8. the engineer

    I actually think that people can register very easily. If you do not receive a letter to register you can go online to register and if you don’t have a computer you can go to one of the polling stations and register there. You can also call to register. It is difficult for homeless people or people who don’t speak English or French to register. To make registering even more inclusive they could send out registration forms in different languages so everyone knows what’s going on and can register properly.

  9. smeagaleater10

    #1 I do think that a higher turnout makes democracy more representative. Why? It’s a simple concept, if more people vote then more of the people’s opinions are expressed. If you are still having trouble with the concept than let these numbers help you. In a hypothetical community of 1,000 and there were two candidates, on Election Day one candidate #1 gets 350 votes and candidate #2 gets 375, candidate #2 wins. How does the concept come in? Since 175 of the people didn’t vote candidate #2 wins no matter what they think.

  10. Amythest

    1. I think that “higher turnout makes democracy more representative” means that the more citizens that cast their vote represents how many people are apart of our democracy. The thing is that a democracy doesn’t have to have hundreds of people, there just has to be a majority of people in that group that vote for one thing or person, so that mostly everybody is happy.

  11. Joaquin

    #2 I think the way we register to vote know is pretty good its not that complicated it seams very easy. I mite effect people who mite have not voted before or people with mental illness. Maybe with in instructs to help people who need it.

  12. crazymemeslol123

    #2 probably most people vote online and some vote with mail and some people may not be able to afford technology or paper and pen/pencil maybe they should find a way so that even the homeless could vote maybe a charity to the homeless to let them have transit to the nearest polling station or that they could have enough to buy paper and pencil/pen well the homeless could not have a way to register for the vote because they don’t have a home so they can’t register through mail.

  13. lordofthepies05

    I don’t think that homeless people or blind/handicapped people have it as easy as others because they may not be Adler to register online or not even know you can vote online. You also might not be able to see or get out of where ever you live. So I think the government should select a dozen or so representatives to go to every house in the riding asking if people have voted. If not, or if they can’t, the people can help them then and there understand who they can vote for and how.

  14. Apple juice-Injury

    I think that the way we register to vote is an easy and efficient way but I think it would be hard for homeless people to vote because they don’t have a house and if they wanted to register they can’t because they most likely don’t have a mobile device. I think that we should have people that walk around places were there are lots of homeless people and give them there registration and educate them about the election a little bit.


    #2 I think to make sure everyone is included, along with the census there should be voter registration forms and they should go to every mailbox in Canada and everyone who couldn’t get mail this way could go to the nearest post office. Then everyone who wants a say could have one.

  16. purple pom-poms

    Many people take a bit of time off from work or university to go and vote, but still some people can’t, or don’t want to vote. I thought about some people that would not be able to vote and I came up with, people who can’t get to the voting stations, like people in wheelchairs or people with an illness that prevents themselves from voting. Another way someone would not be able to vote is if they don’t have enough education about it to know what to do and where to go. I could go on forever with this list because sadly there is so many examples to why they can’t vote. I thought long and hard about a way that might solve some of these problems but couldn’t find one that would meet all of the problems/reasons. Luckily I found one that would work for a couple of those categories. It is, that we could have posters and signs giving people who might not have information about when the voting day would happen and who the party leaders were and what to do. Also we could have educated volunteers go around neighbourhoods and educate others about voting. This may help get more people out there voting and I think if more people get out there voting we will all feel good about who wins/gets the most votes.

  17. Arcticfox

    2# I think that theres definitely a certain group of people who would find this challenging. Homeless people would because in the allot you might have to put your address…. So its quite excluding. Even if you do not have to say address, theres always immigrants. Immigrants, new comers to Canada might find it confusing the way we vote. They might have never actually even got the chance to vote. Overall i bet someone else could name another or many others but thats all ill say for today.

  18. Pink Pickle

    #1 I think that the quote means that if more people vote than the poles and turnout of who is elected is more active and much different than if very few people vote because if more people vote that means more different opinions meaning that their will probably be much more minority governments, smaller parties will have a bigger chance, and party less candidates will also have more of a chance.

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