April 4, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Here’s something a bit fun for you:


Please read the article above answer one of the following questions:

1. Think of a creative way that math (or another school subject) could be incorporated into popular culture. Explain your idea so others can understand your idea

2. Please comment on what you think about a sports team responding to a social problem like the high dropout rate? Do you think role models like professional athletes can have an effect on youth culture? Why or why not?

I look forward to your responses!




    #2 I definitely think that they do have a effect on the youth. I think that since they are playing professionally on a soccer team and are wearing math problems on there jerseys, can make the people who are thinking of dropping out think that well if their wearing math problems and supporting education and not dropping out maybe I will need education and shouldn’t drop out. I also think that if these soccer players are great role models if they are doing this because they them selves know education is good for you and you need it.

  2. super cheese cake

    #1 I think that we can put random math problems in some popular video games like Minecraft or other video games that every one plays a lot. Because some people likes to play video games but they don’t really like math work, so I was thinking that if we can add some pop up math quiz so that every one can answer if they conquer tat pop up math answers they can acquire some extra rewards of their choice such as extra weapons or some points to level up. That would boost up their interest and gives them incentive to learn. But there is only one problem, if someone likes math and is really good at it and would like to focus on the game, the pop up quiz can make them feel distracting.

  3. Amythest

    1. The first thing that I thought of was we could do an art project like wall projects. In every box we’d have to incorporate hidden math problems. Below the project there would be numbers for each box like box1 and box2 and on. So everyone would have to answer a math question that they saw or noticed. There would be at least one math question for each student. I actually think that we should do this because it would be really fun for the students by making all the art then thinking of math questions.

  4. The Baconator

    I think that it really can influence younger people if a role model does something. Usually if you look up to someone you want to be just like them and to do something like them would be amazing. They would spend time trying to find out all the numbers of the players on the team. It would let them be one step closer to being exactly like the person that they looked up to most.

  5. Rouge

    #2 I think that they for sure have a positive impact on youth and others. Because we look up to these people and they are our role models and we respect them a great deal. I think that with sports teams and other famous people/s youth will listen to them more than others because we think that they are important and we really embrace and value their opinion maybe sometimes more than a parent or teacher. I think that it was a really great idea for the sports team to encourage and support learning. It shows that they really care about the youth of their country and that they are using their popularity to help the people in their home. If other sports teams and people did this we could solve and minimize a lot of problems around the world such as: education funds, drug use, pollution and so much more.

  6. the Dude

    In Romania, the soccer team decided to do this because their biggest child fan base loves soccer. In Canada, the biggest sport is hockey. We could encourage kids to like math a little more by doing the same thing with our hockey teams. I really do think that role models like professional athletes can have an affect on popular culture. Just look at Terry Fox. After 30 years, he is still very well known because of running across Canada. Michael J. Fox ( you may know him as the star of Back to The Future). He’s from Burnaby originally, and he started the Michael J. Fox foundation to help people with Parkinson’s.

  7. DancingPorcupine

    2. I think that this was a great thing for them to do to spread awareness about this issue, but I don’t think that they are really helping to solve the problem. I think that professional athletes can have a very big effect on youth because there are a lot of people that aspire to be like them and they see them as role models, so doing something like this will show them that school does matter even when they are trying to do a job that they don’t think has anything to do with what they will learn in school.

  8. Crazychicken lover

    2 They can because lots of people play soccer and lots of people can easily get influenced and we are talking about romanian kids and i think that like what the baconator said is that people have rolemodels and when they see there rolemodels do something they will do something about it and i feel that this will affect the high school dropout rate because the teenagers will see that theyre older generation is trying to influence them and how unique it is and they will feel priviligid to be in school because of the education they have.

  9. smeagaleater10

    #1 A way that math could be incorporated into popular culture in Vancouver is by hockey games. To be specific the technicians could broadcast random not too easy or hard math problems (or any other curricular problems) on the Jumbotron. The adults would get their children to solve the problems and would send their answer to the Vancouver Canucks website. The technicians would get a summary of the answers received and they would post the amount of answers correct and incorrect for each question at the end of the game. The people who sent their answer would get an e-mail or text back to them saying if they got the correct or incorrect answer. The text sent back either congratulating them for getting the answer right or if the answer was wrong it would explain how to do it correctly and encourage them to try again.

  10. Arcticowl

    2# I once went to a corn maze that was huge.So to help you they put hints like at a right or left turn and there would be a sign. first it would say something like when did terry fox run across Canada.Then it would give you three answers A,B and C and tell you to go right or left. I was thinking something like that. When your trying to get through something like a maze and your stuck you can do a small quiz and get a hint and it would be fun too. like if you didn’t know something and your with a friend and they know the anwser. then you get to know something new!

  11. Ginger

    I think that promoting school subjects through pop culture is a really creative way to teach kids about how important it is to stay in school. The way that the Romanian soccer team has promoted education is a very interesting and creative approach because everyone (not just dropouts) can benefit from it. Today, youth and teens are very connected with social media and celebrities, so I think that famous role models can have very large effect on their lives. Though we may not want to grow up to be famous , we are subconsciously taking into account what celebrities are doing, and that makes a huge difference in how we perceive life. However, celebrities can also have a negative effect on youth behaviour when they make poor decisions and bad choices. I think that if celebrities such as athletes, actors and actresses were to help promote a cause that they feel is important, youth and many other people would be inspired to do that same.

  12. GamingPickle84

    #2 I think that having pro soccer players encourage kids to not drop out of school is a great idea because Kids will look up to them and will listen to them rather then parents or teachers.

  13. juanquin

    I think it was a smart idea to have a soccer team responding to low dropout rate because a lot of kids like soccer and look up to some of the players. I do think professional athletes can have an effect on youth culture because if some professional athletes came to our school and said do not drop out of school I would lessen to him or her.


    #1 I think the idea that popular culture can support children’s learning but, I think that it could be taken a step further. My idea would be that at places such as WE Day or concerts that have mostly kids, the people performing and talking could maybe encourage more students to do math or other subjects and even give decent prizes if kids answer questions. Also, it would be a benefit if the presenters could share how their experience at school was so the kids could see that even if they struggled in school, they’ve still become a great person. They could talk about how they had a struggle in school but due to hard work (which is another important academic goal), they persisted and completed their challenge.

  15. den10@sea43

    think that math is anywhere in sports teams. like in football where is one team scores 5 touchdowns (each touchdown is 7 points) I would know of the top of my head that it is 35 so then I know that 7 times 5 = 35

  16. cooperraine

    #2 i think soccer players are great role models because if you play soccer you will most likely have a favourite player and if that player starts putting math on the back of his jersey then you will most likely think he likes math so i should to

  17. crazymemeslol123

    #2 math has its own ways it could be in sports ,school,taxes,and even video games it may go out through the world and yes because it will make kids think hard what the professional soccer players numbers on there jerseys which will be good and I think vancouver hockey teams should do it too because most kids are into sports like football,soccer,hockey.

  18. baconguy

    #2. I think that an idea for something like the thing that the romainian soccer team did would be chemistry in a sport that isn’t really high scoring (soccer, hockey, football, ect.). This idea would be aimed at higher aged students, and it would only ever really work when the team was home, but that’s fine. The team could make each player something on the periodic table, so when a goal is scored the commentator will announce the players involved in the goal. Afterwards, the players chemicals will be mixed together, and the reaction will show up on the screen.

  19. Sr.Fruitcake

    #2 I think that role models like the national soccer team could have a huge effect on the kids in Romania, I also think that any sort of higher up organization showing they care about these problems is a big deal. I think the way the author put was good “to take a more attractive approach” to learning and make kids realize the importance of education to be more successful and have more opportunities. I think the team showed creativity and commitment in that they put the time and effort into their countries situation and economics. If more teams do this in developing countries I think it could have a real impact.

  20. Koshka2

    I think that its ‘okay’ to have math of the back of the shirts? Well just because there pro player that doest mean that they should not drop out of school, so i would say that they’re likely to drop out…

  21. Soccerboy123ABC

    1# I think that for putting math problems on a thing or place that a lot of people see or know of you could make a contest out of it and put math problems everywhere and there are teams that have to try and find as many as possible in numerical order like if you put them on the backs of the people riding in the tour de France so that young kids and teams have a fun time trying to find them then they send in the question and answer for the ones that they found and get some money or a ticket to a game or fun park like play land .

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