April 6

Dear Division 16,

I know you’re busy at work on your Charter mini-project, so I’ll keep this assignment short, but you might find that this article will be helpful as an additional resource for your project.

Please read the article in the link below about women’s right to vote in British Columbia.


For your post, please comment on an aspect of voting where you think work still needs to be done to achieve full equality for all British Columbians. Give at least one reason for your answer and make sure you use full sentences.

I look forward to your responses,




    I think their should drive-through voting to make it easier for disabled people this way voter turnout might be higher for those with trouble getting to the polls

  2. crazymemeslol123

    i think they should make a voting poll everywhere around the city like the parks or near popular places so that maybe for those who are having trouble with travailing to the nearest polling station like maybe their car broke down or that they can’t go because they have jobs.

  3. Flying Mandarin

    I think that their should be an online voting system that you could do at home, as you can register to vote online.

  4. super cheese cake

    I think that on the voting day even we now have online voting for the physically disabled people, some people still don’t know how to use internet. So maybe the government can set up a internet using tutorial or there could simply just be shuttle buses which transfers people from their house to the polling station.

  5. smeagaleater10

    I think that the government should lower the voting age to 16 because that’s the age when the youth can develop a fully fledged political opinion. If the government lowers the age to 16 than youth can influence the election results.

  6. Amythest

    I think that their should be voting polls very close to all homes, apartments, hospitals, jail, retirement homes, and etc. In apartments, hospitals, jail, and retirement homes there could be polls set up in the lobby of apartments, and big areas in the other places I listed.

  7. Spamlington

    I think that there should be stations on the street that educate people about the election and let them vote so people would be more likely to vote and people who are homeless would get a say.

  8. The Time Traveller

    I’ve said this once before about voting and I’ll say it again it is so hard for homeless people to vote they have to do this big process when their shouldn’t be a big process to vote EVERYONE should have the right to vote and be able to vote free and easily.

  9. Slapshot18

    Everybody has different schedules, so it can be hard to find time to vote on voting day. I believe that if there were multiple voting days, lets say 3 consecutive days, then more people would be able to vote. Some people have events in their lives that they just can’t miss, and this can be tough if this event so happens to take place on voting day. Multiple days to vote would be useful to those who have a lot going on, and I think this would also encourage more people to vote as it gives people more options, and more time to think.

  10. the engineer

    I think that there should be a way where people can vote from home. The reason that this is important is because old people and disabled people sometimes can’t leave their house, but if they can vote from home they won’t have to. Voting in person at home is more secure than online voting. I think that if they would send someone to collect the votes from door to door, it would help people who can’t leave their house. This would also be a good way for poor people to make money, by collecting the votes.

  11. Touchdown

    I think that the Canadian government should work harder on making sure that people who can’t leave the house or need to work all the time feel safe about voting online. Because I know some people that don’t feel safe about voting online because of hackers or people seeing who you voted for or Mabey just a technical glitch that doesn’t allow a vote to go through. So in the end I think that BC and the Canadian government should work on computer security while voting online.

  12. Joaquin

    I think that the government needs to fix voting for disabled people and people with busy jobs like police,fire fighter or paramedics. They should get to vote early so they can make it easy so they don’t have to stress.

  13. AppleJuice-Injury 123ABC

    I think that the government needs to fix the ways of voting for people who are blind because there are a lot of people that are blind and i think that it’s probably a hard struggle to get there and to read the some of the ballots. There should be more volunteers to help people like that.

  14. S.P.E.W

    I think that the government needs to work on accessibility for homeless people because they have a lot of trouble being able to vote. Stephen Harper made it even harder for homeless people to vote and I’m unsure if anyone has changed the law so that it is easier for them to vote. If it is not easy for them to vote then how is this an actual right if they can’t even exercise it properly.

  15. Arcticfox

    Im pretty sure you get the voting ballot in the mail, then you either mail it or go to a polling district. That for one point is inaccessible for homeless people even though i’m sure someone already covered that. Im talking about how voting could be more accessible! homeless people are unable to vote, that actually makes a huge difference. With only people with houses voting, their opinion is much different. For example: they might want the drug overdose problem fixed more than housing. Then the majority of people want what affect them most. The govern wouldn’t do much about housing if that happened. So homeless people don’t get to vote what affects them. leaving them still homeless.

  16. Pink Pickle

    I think that it’s very hard for homeless people to vote because they don’t have an address and they probably don’t have enough money to go online to get a voting card, also, without transportation and having to leave their homes and what they have to vote it’s almost impossible for homeless people to vote.

  17. purple pom-poms

    I noticed that a lot of the kids in our class commented on how we should have polling stations all over, so that anyone can get to one easily. I thought about an issue related to the voting topic that prevents British Columbians to have equality. My idea is to have a truck where secure ballot boxes and trustworthy staff drive around the city to allow voters who aren’t capable of travelling to a polling station to easily vote. At the end of the day the staff deliver the votes to main polling stations to get counted in as the general vote.

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