December 1

Dear Division 16,

Thank you for your excellent effort preparing and executing your recipes today for the Sustainability Cook-Off!  Each one of your groups blew us out of the water with your creativity, teamwork, organization and planning, as well as the deliciousness of your recipes and your efforts to create sustainable, family-friendly meals.

For your blog assignment tonight, please write a reflection that includes each of the following points:

  1. What was the most interesting learning for you about working with recipes and criteria?  Did you follow a strict recipe? Did you improvise? How / Why?
  2. How challenging was it to evaluate food based on its’ sustainability? Give reasons for your answer
  3. What would you recommend your group do differently if you were to do the cook-off again?
  4. What was your overall feeling about the Project Chef experience? Give reasons why.

Make sure your reflection has an interesting hook and a conclusion that brings it all together.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. The Baconator

    Our group had to improvise quite a bit if we didn’t get a measurement correct or didn’t have enough of one ingredient. I personally found that I had to do much more planning so that our dish met the criteria. I think that if we did more of this project that this would be totally normal.
    I thought that it was fairly easy to choose a number. All we did was look at all the pros and cons in our dish and picked a number that we thought reflected our dish best. I found this process efficient and wouldn’t have chosen to do it different if I had the choice.
    If I could choose to have done something different, I would have added milk to the eggs we made. I normally have milk in my eggs and without them I thought they weren’t as smooth and were in pieces rather than one large egg. I also would have liked to have added more spice so that it gave it a bit more bite and flavour. I do think that we did do a lot of things right and I do think we did a great job.
    I have done Project Chef numeral times now and I have loved it every time. I think that teaching kids how to Cook Healthy Edible Food can really help them become more open to trying new food and experiences. I would like to thank Chef Barb and everyone else involved in Project Chef for helping me learn to cook. I would also like to thank the PAC for funding this project and giving me the chance to try this again.

  2. dickensdiv16

    The Baconator, I really thought one of the strengths of your group’s work was your ability to improvise. I saw your group actively making changes when you saw the quantities all together. I thought in every case you made good decisions that showed your clear understanding of the recipe and experience cooking as well! Great work, team!

  3. lordofthepies05

    This week our class did project chef. With a twist. We had to compete against each other for who could cook the best dish, under the criteria.
    The most interesting part about it, was having to work under lots of boundaries, making it very challenging. It seemed as though it was impossible at first, but there were much more possibilities than we all expected.
    Our group did not follow a strict recipe because the dish we chose to make was a type of dish that you really don’t need to measure out all the ingredients and there can be multiple different ingredients or substitutes to ingredients.
    In my opinion it was quite hard to evaluate our food based on sustainability because there are so many things to consider. Also there’s the fact that everyone has to agree on one number. If we could do something different in our group if we ever did this again it would be to be more patient. I found that in our group we rushed a lot of things even though we had lots of time to finish the dish.
    I really enjoyed project chef because it’s so fun and the food is so good. Also knowing that you made the food, really feels (and tastes) great. The judges were really nice and always trying to make everything easier and check to make sure everything is going okay. Not to mention that it’s really heathy, because the judges make sure that as much of the food is local and that there are all four food groups in there meals.

    Thanks Project Chef!

    • dickensdiv16

      crazymemeslol123, this is a really compelling response. I am very glad to hear that it made such an impact on you. I could see how interested you were once the cooking got started! I hope you will make your scramble for your family.

  4. crazymemeslol123

    1# We’ll to be truthful I never worked with recipes before in my whole life not until Thursday because now that I know how to read recipes and sticking with the criteria and know how to use things like tea spoons and tables spoons or whisks and spatulas,no we didn’t have to follow a strict recipe we did a simple one and all of us were having to much fun and also we were working really hard on our food.
    2# It was not as challenging as I thought it was,because our recipe was filled with ingredients that can be made or grown by Canadian farmers like green/red peppers that can be locally grown by anybody or milk that can be produce by cows and be made into Cheddar or butter by farmers.
    3# If we were going to do the cook off again I guess we should do something a bit more time consuming because the food we made was so way to fast so I figured that we should’ve done something more challenging and I sorta hoped we putted a bit more sugar to our cinnamon thing.
    4# I never felt so relaxed after a day of cooking and feeling like a real chef cooking with friends and cutting up vegetables and when to stop the food from being burnt I never made anything out of the ordinary like what I do at my house is that I make rice and toast bread when I’m hungry but I never learned to cook something so out of the ordinary after today but now that project chef is in my life I have learned new ways to use local organic types of food and special advice from the best chefs I’ve ever seen in my life and how to use knives and when the time is right to stop the heat ,I wish we will have this in high school also but maybe not,I love having new informations of just being a good chef you are.

    • dickensdiv16

      Crazymemeslol123, you really did quite a nice job responding to the questions here. I’m so glad that this was such a profound experience for you, and that it has changed the way you will approach food at home. I like your focus on the strengths of Canada to produce so much of the food we eat.
      I find cooking really relaxing too, Crazymemeslol123, and it’s a real pleasure to hear you talking about cooking in this way. Great response!

  5. Flying Mandarin

    Our group found that the project Chef was very interesting.
    I improved that this cook-off was quite easy to do.
    I think that it wasn’t hard for our group to work together.
    It’s easier to work with a group of people ,instead of working on your own.
    If we needed to do something differently then I will probably change how keep the table nice and tidy.

    I experienced many things with Project Chef but this year was AMAZING!!!!!!
    And I also want to thank the PAC for funding for the project.

    • dickensdiv16

      Flying Mandarin, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the experience. I would like to see more of your thinking in your responses to these questions, but I see that you enjoyed both the chance to work with others as well as to work with the challenges of the project!

  6. smeagaleater10

    1# I think that the most interesting learning about working with recipes and criteria is that: it is sometimes necessary to change the recipe to the achieve the desired result. My group, The Super Stickers, had to change a few things such as: adding less salt for better taste and leaving eggplant unpeeled because of shortage of time.
    2# I think that it was fairly challenging to evaluate food based on it’s sustainability because of all the ways of looking at it. My group looked through many different lenses but the one lens that I think that we looked through the most was the food miles lens. I think that food miles is a decent way of looking at a foods sustainability because of it’s preciseness in distance, but it is still challenging because there is no completely accurate way of measuring a foods sustainability by food miles.
    3# I would recommend my group to make a completely different recipe from a different origin because I would like to try to make something completely different. I think that my group would too. I would also recommend my group to stay calm because I have noticed that almost everything works better when you are calm.
    4# My overall Project Chef experience was absolutely awesome. I think that it was awesome mostly because of the quality of all of the chefs who were all very helpful. I think that they were vital because if the chefs weren’t helpful or did not give any tips the experience would be less interesting and exciting.

    • dickensdiv16

      smeagaleater10, you’ve got some great connections here. I agree that often, you do have to modify recipes to meet your goals, and I saw that through practice, you became very efficient with your recipe. I also know that you made a few modifications from the start and that shows a kind of confidence and curiosity that is super important for cooking! Your group took a real risk making a complicated dish. I agree with your analysis of the problems accurately assessing food miles, but I think that we still do have to try to do our best in this area. I hope that you do keep trying new recipes and that your interest in cooking has been sparked!


    #1 My favorite part of making a recipe was if you think a part should change than you can do whatever you want. I think my group was very focused and on the 2 parts we made mistakes, we were able to identify them and correct them. Fortunately, our recipe was the way we wanted it, so we didn’t need to improvise.
    #2 Our issue in deciding our recipes sustainability level was having the upside of bell peppers, carrots and peas versus the vegetable oil and soy sauce. I think any product of Japan Should lower rating to at least a 6, but the vegetables in season gave a boost. Plus tofu is one of the best protein substitutes so it was a win/lose.
    #3 Breakfast all the way. The options are a lot more fun to make, and the possibilities of adding fruit are almost endless. Also, if you think about it, most breakfasts have a lot of calcium in them because of yogurt and milk. I would’ve liked to do a dinner but no meat makes it tough.
    #4 My experience at project chef was great with lots of learning, but I think if a group has no vegan or vegetarians and nobody with religious restriction or allergies then meat should be an option because it adds so much flavor.

    • dickensdiv16

      Kilmanjaro, these are some really insightful responses. I agree that your group was flexible and responded to challenges very effectively. You have some clear ideas about sustainability and the benefits of in-season vegetables. I think your group made great choices in your recipe. I also like your thoughts on the use of meat in different meals!

  8. Amythest

    I thought the criteria was very different, challenging, yet it gave us a lot of freedom with our recipes. Working with the recipes was very simple, you just have to stick with the instructions, just like criteria, even though we always have a lot of freedom with our criteria. I can’t really say I learned much because every project we do is with criteria, except this time it was guiding us with the ingredients and I’ve done Project Chef so many times I’ve learned the main tips for cooking. For just one or two things we improvised just because of little mistakes with the amount of an ingredient or we mixed something we weren’t supposed to. My group was very proud of ourselves that we won the award of “presentation”.
    To evaluate our dish was challenging because you had to think about how far away the ingredients came or how many local ingredients you had. Also you had to evaluate the overall ingredients about if you had to compost most of the ingredients or you used all or most of the ingredients.
    My group practiced before the actual cook off, we peeled and cut everything but for the actual cook off that was already done, which was very helpful. So my group could have thought that through because we weren’t doing something all the time, so sometimes we would have two group members cutting and the other three were just standing there. So we could’ve been more prepared and had more jobs planned out in case.
    Project Chef has always been so enjoyable every single time I’ve done it, considering the first time I did Project Chef I was in grade one. You learn something new every time no matter what age you are, you learn the main things like the claw the first time, but every time you learn little details that help you whenever you’re cooking. I thought this time was such a good experience making, sushi, chile, and a cook-off with our own recipe.

    • dickensdiv16

      Amythest, I like your comparison of the recipe to the criteria in any other project we undertake! I think cooking is a bit of both following recipes and improvisation, because, as you stated, sometimes mistakes happen that end up with happy results! I think your preparation really paid off, as it gave you time to talk about your work and to support each other in really great ways. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the opportunity!

  9. Time Traveler

    What I found interesting about Project Chef was – I had never done cooking projects like this in school – learning how to cook., But I found it really interesting because you usually don’t associate cooking like this and school. Also it gave me a glimpse of what high school Home Ec Classes might be like.

    I found that when my group was cooking Quinoa, we mostly followed the recipe. It was the same thing when cooking chili, but when we all made our own individual sushis, I foun it hard and, one or two of them came unravelled. But it still managed to taste good.
    It was fairly easy to evaluate our food on its sustainability because the quinoa is fairly half and half. A part of the ingredients was imported from other countries but the other half was within a 100 mile radius of Vancouver..

    The project was fun because, like I said before, we got to cook in school – which I’ve never done before. I learn that practise is a good thing. We went over to our of ur groups’ house a few days before and practised cooking the Quinoa, which was really helpful..

    • Time Traveller

      3 . I found that me taking longer then others can be harder for people in my group because sometimes in a cooking competition you have to Just hurry up and finish this one preticuler thing. But I do think that some other people in my group can be a little more patient. But I do believe that the thing that I would do differently next time is learn to go a little faster

      • dickensdiv16

        Time Traveller, I think you did a marvelous job in your participation. I saw you being careful and conscientious with your knife skills and encouraging other people along the way. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the opportunity to cook at school, I also wish that we could do more of that. I wonder if this opportunity helped make you more excited for high school?

  10. Joaquin

    The most interesting learning for me was when we made sushi, it was very cool to learn that making it is easy and they were delicious. Our team followed the recipe exactly as we had never made sushi before, some people just added more or less of each thing- some people kept eating the ingredients and then in the end we didn’t have enough! For our cook-off it was quite hard to evaluate the foods sustainability because as a group we had different opinions about each item, we also didn’t know where all the food came from and this made it hard to evaluate it. If we had the cook-off again we could improve everyone’s knowledge of what their roles were, we would have more practice runs and we would make sure to tell the Chef’s exactly what we need for our recipes (cow vs goat feta). This was my 3rd time doing Project Chef, this was by far my most favorite one yet because we were able to chose our own recipes for the cook-off. It was fun, it felt like being on one of those cooking shows; there were teams, judges and prizes.

    • dickensdiv16

      That’s so great, Joaquin, I’m glad that you found the sushi was accessible and delicious. I’m sorry you didn’t have enough for everyone in the sushi activity – it’s challenging to keep from eating those delicious ingredients! I think your group did an excellent job with your choice of recipe and your teamwork. I’ll certainly be making your recipe at home!

  11. Spamlington

    For the Project Chef sustainability cook-off, my group made Chinese Vegan Pot Stickers and I was blown away by how simple and fun it was to follow and make the recipe. I thought our group was not going to do very well because none of us had very much experience with cooking, but our food turned out pretty good! I think that the most interesting part for me about the recipes and the criteria (which you can find on the curriculum page of the blog) is how much you can change a recipe to make it fit your needs. I say this because while our recipe did already meet the criteria, we had to make some changes to make the recipe and making it in an hour easier, such as switching out noodles for bean sprouts or leaving the skin on the eggplant when it said to peel it. When we had finished our first dry run and we all got to have one, I expected it to taste weird and unnatural because we didn’t quite follow the recipe, but it actually tasted normal and surprisingly good!

    I don’t think that it was hard to get to our conclusion of 6/10 on sustainability because when 90 percent of your ingredients are vegetables that can be grown locally, it really depends on the season, and seeing as its almost winter, I don’t think that anybody’s going to be growing anything on our side of the planet. But, while importing food isn’t something that we should be proud of, it’s not the end of the world either, so decided to put it just over half of the scale, which is where a lot of the other groups put it, too. While the Pot Stickers are not the best, I’m proud to say that it’s not so terrible.

    If our group did the Project Chef sustainability cook-off again, I think I would change how much we met to discuss who was doing what because one of the people in our group wasn’t there for for both of the dry runs (which is something I would also want to change) and I think that it would have been easier in the cook-off if we all had different things to do which we had planned out before hand so that we didn’t have to waste as much time asking each other what we needed to do.

    Overall, Project Chef has given me the chance to have fun, build teamwork skills and make food I didn’t even know I could make. For that, I am thankful that they have come to our school and given us this amazing opportunity.

    • dickensdiv16

      Spamlington, you have written a very thoughtful and in-depth reflection here. I felt like your group came together very quickly and chose a very ambitious recipe. I think you’ve identified the balance between following recipes and a bit of improvisation, and you did a great job of that. It was wonderful to watch the positive attitude in your group and to work together at every stage of the process. You were a well-oiled machine! I think you also understand well the balance between trying to choose local, in-season food and the desire for particular foods. It’s something to be aware of, but probably a longer consideration!

  12. the engineer

    Project chef came to our school these past few weeks. It was really fun to make our own recipes. The fact that we were split up into groups and each group got their own cook station was interesting and cool. Our group did not follow a strict recipe because our recipe was not a one that you can find on the internet. It wasn’t that hard to evaluate food on its sustainability because all you have to do is think about if you can live on it and if what you are using is in season. If I were to do something differently, it would be adding less soy sauce to the tofu we were using. I’m not exactly sure how tofu is supposed to look, but ours was pretty brown. Project chef was useful because making food is something that you’ll need in the future when you live alone. To turn project chef into a competition must have been hard work and I appreciate that.

    • dickensdiv16

      the engineer, I’m so glad you enjoyed the chance to cook at school at your own cook station! Was that one of your first experiences with tofu? I hope you keep trying to get a good balance of sauce on it, because it’s a great protein! Your group did a great job on choosing a recipe, and on working together. Did you feel that you had to compromise on any of your ingredients in order to keep it sustainable?

  13. Soccerboy123ABC

    This year we did a sustainability cook off some thing new for me and something I wish I can do again.

    In our group we didn’t really follow a strict recipe for half of it but the other half we did because we had to be precise in our measurements. When we did our Yogurt Parfait we hadn’t done it before but we drew it up so we knew what it was supposed to look like and we had a picture in our heads.

    When we tried to figure out our sustainability we had a big discussion because half our group wanted one thing and the other half wanted something else so we really had to go into were every single thing came from and not the main items. We had a debate and some of us changed our minds so after a while we gave ours a 7 out of 10.

    I think I would recommend that we present ours differently because ours looked nice but in my mind it didn’t look as good as the quinoa’s group did so I think we should do that but I also think that we should have more experienced people that have cooked a lot doing the French Toast because we could of done it quicker with a bit more experience and butter.

    Overall I really enjoyed the sustainability cook off because for me and probably a lot of people it was a new thing to do and I thought that it was really fun and I really love competing against each other. personally I am a meat person and I think that it would be really fun with ,eat as something you could include in your dish but it was a challenge to make something without it. I really had a lot a lot of fun and I wish I could do it again next year, thank you so much project .
    C ook

    H ealthy
    E dible
    F ood

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice reflection, Soccerboy123ABC, I like your thinking on the recipes you chose as well as the process your group followed. I think you did a really nice job with presentation, and a big part of that came with being prepared and focused during your work time. I hear you about the inclusion of meat, but I wonder how that would impact the sustainability rating if meat were included in your recipes. I’m trying to eat less meat in my life, and it’s challenging too, but an important thing to practice.

  14. purple pom-poms

    1. Our group improvised a bit, for example we added some extra ingredients to our recipe, I’m glad we did because it really helped us with our taste and presentation with the food. I also found it really interesting as my team and I followed the recipe at the beginning, then as we got to know the recipe we just did it on our own.

    2. We struggled finding a number that everyone agreed on for the evaluation, which was reasonable to our recipe and how sustainable and organic it was. In the end we chose a rating that ended up lower than the original one we were going to use. It was higher than everyone else’s teams and I found that surprising because ours wasn’t exactly 100 % healthy. Although it was a bit hard to get our number in the end, I think everyone in our group agreed on it.

    3. I think we did a really good job organizing who was doing what, but I also think we could have been more thoughtful on how much tools we used while making the foods so that we didn’t have stacks of dishes to do afterwords (not that we had stacks and stacks of dishes). I also think we should have made sure everyone got to try cooking, mixing, etc so that no one felt left out at all.

    4. I really enjoyed doing Project Chef this year. I’ve done it a couple of times before but this time it was definitely something I won’t forget. It was a really cool experience to have and I’m so lucky to have been able to participate. I’m very thankful that the PAC funds it and if I’m given the chance to do it again I will definitely say yes. Thank you Jody for getting this organized and thank you PAC and the Project Chef team!

    • dickensdiv16

      purple pom poms, thank you for taking the time to submit a thoughtful reflection on Project Chef. I like your observation about how when you repeat a recipe it becomes your own and you can feel confident making small changes. You’ve hit on an interesting point in your thinking about sustainability, in that healthy food can be similar to sustainable in some ways but there are also some differences!
      Great thinking and clear writing, ppp!

  15. S.P.E.W

    1. When my group made our Yogurt Parfait we didn’t follow a strict recipe at all. We had our ingredients and we would put in some then if it didn’t look like enough we would add more. On the other hand when we made our French toast bites we followed the recipe very precisely we made sure we watched how much of one thing we put in, we levelled it.
    2. It was quite challenging to find a number that our group agreed on. It was either one number or another, one person would have a number then change it to a different number it was a back and forth. Then when we thought we had found a solution it turned out we couldn’t use it so it went back to the back and forth again. Another part that was challenging was that we had different ideas on what was more sustainable than others which made it more difficult.
    3. I think that my group should have worked all together in the beginning when we were doing the French toast then we could have done the Yogurt Parfait after, having little stress near the end.
    4. I had done this eaight years ago in my brothers class and I don’t really remember it too well but the main memory I do have of it is that it was fun. I still think that Project CHEF is fun over all and it taught me so much and gives you great recipes on different food items. I thought how they did the cook off was done really nicely and when they were walking around they would give you tips but they wouldn’t just tell you how to do everything it was just small pieces of advice

  16. GamingPickle84

    #1 Our group followed a strict recipe and we all knew who was doing what and when. It was very fun but stressful when somthing went wrong because we had to be creative on what to do about that problem. For example when we added too much of one ingredient.

    #2 It was very difficult to choose how sustainable it was because you want the food you make to be sustainable but you have to judge it on how many of your ingredeints are sustainable and how many are not. Once you figure that out it is easy.

    #3 If we did the cook off again I would make somthing bigger and better because we had a tonne of time at the end. Another thing I would do is to be more specific about what brand of ingredients we bought because some of the ingredients we used for the challenge weren’t the ones we practiced with and it changed the taste of the whole dish.

    #4 The Project Chef cook-off was a really fun experience and I hope to do it again because we got to be creative about what dishes we got to do. I taught us to be a team instead of one person doing everything and the rest of us doing nothing. The competition was fun because we got to do things that are on TV cooking shows and you don’t usually get to do things like that in elementary school.

  17. Touchdown

    Me and my group mostly did follow the recipe. But some exceptions where how we made are own blueberry sauce and bread instead of doing it the way the recipe told us. Also instead of putting the bread in the egg mixture all at the same time we dipped it in one at a time because me and my mom practiced this recipe the weekend before the cook off and we found that if you do put it in at the same time and Mix it around then the bread will break apart in the bowl. For us the sustainability part was not that hard. Most of are main ingredients we made at home and all the stuff that we did buy was from here. That is why we gave are recipe a 7 in the sustainability mark. If I where to do something differently I would really just check with everyone to make sure they brought there product or if they know what they are doing and they are ok. Also I would make sure that we all got a chance to speak and we all gave our opinion. Overall this was a great project and I am so glad that I got to do this.

  18. flying giraffe

    My group did pretty well for not having to improvise. But the most interesting bit for me was was how other peoples groups experiences matched up to mine and also to see how they cooked their meals differently and to see how all the groups (including mine) meals were sustainable our meals were.
    we evaluated our meal on sustainability 6.5 because we had carrots, red peppers,peas,tofu,onions but in between sustainable or not we had brown rice which is better than white rice and what wasn’t sustainable was the soy sauce.
    If we were to do the cook-off again I think on the day we should do more planning ahead on putting things in and out of the pan and on chopping things.
    I really liked project CHEF because you can learn in groups and you learn techniques and methods and learning different recipes.

  19. random student

    #1 This time the criteria was different but challenging. It was challenging to make a sustainable meal that way it better for the environment. It was very interesting to use local food to make a meal because some ingredients are only grown far away, if you wanted to have a similar flavor, you’d have to find a locally grown substitute for it.
    #2 It wasn’t too challenging to evaluate food based on it’s sustainability because we used a method that was pretty simple. We looked at all of our ingredients, depending how many local ingredients and how many non local ingredients and then you can easily come up with a number.
    #3 If we were doing this cook-off again I would recommend my group not to follow the recipe too strictly because different pots and stove have different timing and heat effect. I suggest the recipe is flexible depending on your preference.
    #4 Overall, I thought Project Chef was really fun to do because I have never done it before. I have learned lots of new cooking skills and make some foods with our Project Chef groups. I’ve never tried chili but I tried it through this project and also, lI have learned how to cook it.

  20. sparkle sloth

    1. My group mostly stuck to our recipe except for once when we found out that the ratio of two ingredients was all weird and we had to completely make it up on the spot.

    2. I thought it was fairly easy to think of a number from 1 to 10 for sustainability because most of the things in our recipe can be grown in BC. There were about two ingredients that were not local (cinnamon and sugar) but overall we were pretty sustainable.

    3. We could have made our schedule a little more detailed because we had an overall idea of how things were going to go but when the time came for us to actually do the cook-off no one actually knew when to do everything.

    4. I really enjoyed Project Chef. I have done it in the past twice or maybe three times, and we always did the same recipes. I thought it was really cool this time that they made it part of our food project and made it more sustainable and that we got to choose our own recipes and wing it, and if we failed, then oh well, we learned for next time.

  21. Sushi Monster

    #1 Trying to find a recipe that you could get most of the ingredients local was real tough because we found that lots of food needs a certain temperature climate. It was Interesting to now all the different foods there are in a recipe and to know what your planing to put in your recipe. For most of the ingredients we had a strict recipe sometimes we wanted to add extra spices now and then though we thought that would make the recipe taste more flavorful. We did a bit of improvising so I would say half strict half improvise.

    #2 I thought it would be pretty easy it turns out though our group is very keen on getting an accurate number. After all the debating we decided that our spices were not local but our fresh produce can come from other places. Lots of food like eggs,milk peppers and broccoli can all come local. All the ingredients are relatively inexpensive and can be easily accessed from grocery stores or farmers markets.

    #3 If our group were to do the cook of again I would probably want to pick a more unique meal something more original and difficult. Maybe we could have everyone practice it at home because only one person in our group new this meal well.Then if we practiced it at home if something didn’t taste right or you thought we should add something that could just make it taste even better.

    #4 Overall even though this is my 3rd time doing project chef you seem to learn lots of new tips every time. I never have done a cook of before I really liked how even though there was lots of criteria it was still a very open idea. It was a great way to get to know people better an work together as a team. If we got mixed up about something or needed help someone there was always someone there to help you.

  22. Arcticfox

    1# Well, it was a little hard and different since i don’t cook often i tend to want to change something in the recipe or do something different. The criteria was a bit difficult in my opinion, it took a while to read it over and over till i had gotten it right. Still My favourite part was the challenge we are intermediate level of skill so we should have more challenges and this was one of them. Are group followed a sort of homemade recipe, I’m not sure if that counts as improvising or not. We decided not to go with a half improvised one because my group wanted to go with something that was familiar to at least one person in the group so we could basically count on that it tasted and looked good.
    2# It was very hard, by doing no research up about where the ingredients had came from or how the’d been grown it was a challenge. Its part of the learning and fun of it to rate your meal. Having knowledge from a year of studying about food and the food project, it was easier. Although i was a bit puzzled by the word of “Sustainability” I heard the word before but never though about in a form of thinking about food. I always thought of it more as if you were building something.
    3# If i could do the cook off again we would have planned better. We also probably would have picked out something with more to it, it was pretty basic but i guess that was the point to have a simple easy cooked meal. Our group might have given the meal a higher rating we just weren’t sure at the time.
    4# Overall i really liked it i have done Project Chef many times and each time i learned something new. I was so lucky to of had so many opportunities to do this wonderful project the team are amazing people and the planing, thought and time that went into the cook off of each persons group was excellent! I had a lot of fun and have so many new recipes to cook for my family at home.

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