December 12

Dear Division 17 and 18,

There are times when the city needs to name a new street, school or park.  They will often ask the citizens of the city to participate in that decision.

Please read this article in the Vancouver Courier about a new street that will be named after a police dog.

Please look at this page on the Vancouver School Board’s website that explains the policy for the naming of a new school.

Please also review this page from the City of Vancouver website about the naming of parks and city buildings.

These both give some insight and ideas about how decisions are made about facilities and streets in Vancouver, and the last two give specific examples of criteria that has been developed for this purpose.

For your homework tonight, imagine that you have been asked to develop criteria for a new building, park or street in Vancouver.  In your post identify guidelines you think should be taken into consideration by the public or the city when naming something that will be around for a long time.  You may include categories or guidelines.

Think about what you would like your city structures, buildings and spaces to reflect!

We look forward to your responses!





  1. Santiago

    I think the criteria should be:
    1. needs to be a well known person and/or somebody who risked and protected others
    2. cannot be similar to a different street/building/place
    3.should be a name non-offsense and not one of promoting violence and discrimination

  2. Snapshot1178

    criteria for a new street

    must not overlap with current names. etc. if there is already a 1st ave. no 1st st.
    name cannot exclude a group of people.
    numbers have to stay in order.
    may not be named after a religious holiday.
    may not be negiative
    will not promote or demote products, companies, food, etc.

  3. electroe05

    Public streets
    For my criteria I picked:
    1. has to by a historical/important figure
    2. Cannot over lap with other street names
    3. cannot be discriminatory
    4. must have a meaning (not random)
    5. grammar must be accurate (spelled correctly)
    6.Cannot be picked by public

    If in the future it causes violence the name must be changed to resolve the issue

  4. black circle

    for all of the options this is my main criteria

    must not be named after animals
    must not be offensive to other cultures
    must not be incredibly similar to other names or product and companies
    must not be named after countries
    preferably named after a famous person from that city/province/country
    must not be ridiculous names for example: duh drive

    • 008rayray800

      I love it but I’m curious as to why it can’t be named after an animal? Did you mean it just can’t be ‘Panda St.’ Or can it be something like ‘Heroic Panda St.’ (That’s just off the top of my head. I don’t really want to name a street that.)

  5. Day Dreamer

    I think some good criteria for buildings, places and streets are:
    1. it should be a name that is easy to pronounce
    2. it should have more than 3 letters
    3. the word or name should have something to do with the places or street or have something to do with where the building is
    4. it should be a positive and welcoming name so every one feels included (no racism)
    5. it should not be similar to another building, street or place name so, no one gets confused

  6. Lightning Bolt

    1. It must have a back story/meaning
    2. it must not overlap any existing names
    3. it must not offend or discriminate any religion, beliefs, group of people, race, etc
    4. it should be named after where its located/environment
    5. it should be taken to a highly respected level, like naming it after a historical figure or a place/thing/person that is important to the Canadian culture

  7. Narwhalz

    I think the criteria should be
    1. It should not have the name of something else
    2.It should have a story to it
    3. It shouldn’t offend anyone
    4. It should be a public decision

  8. Amythest

    I think the criteria should be:
    1. The name of someone/ something who did something that made them memorable or was able to change citizens thinking on something
    2. The name should not have the same name as another building, street, or a park or something that rhymes with the name or is just very very similar
    3. Can’t be something that will offend anyone

  9. Arty-choke

    I think the criteria should be:
    -It can’t be something that is important at the time but won’t be important forever
    -if it’s somebody important’s name, you have to get permission from them (if they are still alive)
    – I can’t to be something thats silly, or something citizens will not want as a name forever

  10. SC30

    It can’t be an offensive word
    It can’t be just a random word it has to be related to something
    It can’t be really violent

  11. Awesomeness

    Criteria for street names
    1 The name can’t be offensive to anyone or anything
    2 It can’t sound close to other street names
    3 If it is numbered it has to be in order
    4 The name has to make sense
    5 If the name for the street is a name of a person, that person had to do something important to have their name a street name
    6 Has to fit with the theme of the neighbourhoodm unless it does not have a theme
    7 It has to be easy to pronounce

  12. Jet

    For naming a public street it should not…
    A. Be religious.
    B. Discriminate against anyone or anything.
    C. Cannot be an ”ist” (racist, sexist, etc).
    And it SHOULD be….
    A. something/one well known.
    B. A person or Canadian related thing.
    C. easy to remember.

  13. the engineer

    It cant be offensive.
    The name has to have something to do with the area.
    It should be named after a important person who lived there if a important person did live there.
    It would be good to have some native peoples names too because they are the first people to be here.(optional but encouraged).
    It cant be a made up name,place or word.

  14. snapshot10101

    it cant be offensive
    it cant promote violence
    it cant be a riligous holiday
    it cant be the same as an existing street in the area
    it cant be random


    Can’t be named already
    Can’t be named something wierd
    Can’t be named after religious things (like Jesus street)

  16. Snort

    Criteria for naming a public street:
    1. It should be a welcoming name ( not racist or religious)
    2. It must not have the same name as other existing streets or country’s
    3. If they name it after a person, a place or a market that they make sure that Canadian citizen should approve with the name
    4. It must be able to be pronounced
    5. It shouldn’t be random and it should have a meaning

  17. David Nixon

    1. take surveys from citizens. cant be offensive to other cultures. cant be offensive to other special events. cant be a funny/inappropriate names

  18. Spirit Heart

    I think the criteria should be…

    • Can’t be something violent.
    • Must be able to pronounce.
    • Shouldn’t be something random.
    • It should have a meaning.
    • May be the name of a person that saved someone’s life, or a person who is a hero.
    • Shouldn’t be something religious.
    • The name has to make sense.
    • Cannot already be the name of a street, building, park, or a school.

  19. mistacheeseman

    Criteria for street names:
    1.Can’t be offensive to cultures.
    2.Can’t be copied from a street close by.
    3.Can’t be a random name.
    4.Can be named after someone that did something good for the city/province/country.
    5.Can’t be a violent word.
    6.Must be inclusive to other cultures.

  20. Do it for da Hwin

    street names
    1. it should be named after something that that is local where the street is.
    2. the name of someone should be a person/other that represents leadership.
    3. should be original.
    4. can’t be offensive.
    5. should have meaning.
    6. can’t sound/overlap to any other streets.

  21. Mr Blog

    street names
    1. the name should not be close to any other street names
    2. should not be offensive to anything
    3. has to have meaning to that area
    4.connot be violant

  22. smeagaleater10

    Criteria for street naming
    Must be something meaningful to Canadians or Vancouverites
    Must not endorse products (for example Coca Cola ave)
    Should be unique (for navigational and creativity’s sake)
    Should be at least 10 options put in by citizens (chosen by the city) and 10 listed from the city
    Citizens vote on the minimum of 20 options

  23. hockey 101

    If I was to develop a group of criteria for naming a street or building, I would like to make sure it is appropriate and not to offend any cultures or religions. In fact, it should reflect a person or thing that has contributed in a positive way to our community or city.
    A few examples would be a war veteran who was passed away or a civil rights pioneer.

  24. lordofthepies05

    My guidelines for naming places in Vancouver would be;

    1) The name choosen must have some historical or present value
    2) Must be named after a person or thing that has contributed to how Vancouver is today or that is contributing to how Vancouver is.
    3) Must be supported and voted on by the citizens of Vancouver
    4) My not be a Racist, Sexist or excluding any type of person/persons

  25. bow tie 12

    If I was to make Guidelines or rules for naming something in the city:

    1- It can not offend any culture of people.
    2- It can not be random there must be a reason.
    3- It can’t be about another place in the world it should be about vancouver.
    4- It can’t be a dictatorship.
    5- There should be a story to why that’s the name.

    I think the name should reflect a story.
    It should not make war, but peace.
    It should be welcoming. (It’s the name of something so people will see it )

  26. Naruto Shippuden Fan boy 1769

    It can not offend any cultures
    Must have historical value
    Can be remembered
    Can easily be pronounced
    Doesn’t offend anyone
    Must be voted by the public
    Anyone can vote on it

  27. The Baconator

    I think that the only rule that there should be is that it cannot offend anyone. This may include cultures, individuals, businesses or teams and clubs. I think having very minimal criteria would allow for very creative street names

  28. Lam

    1. Has to be a figure that showed leader ship and was selfless
    2. Cannot offend other people,race,religion or belief
    3. Voted on by public. (Government has no say in it.)

  29. game-master 2017

    Hears my criteria for naming a street our public place.
    A) It has to be named after in important person or thing.
    B) It cannot be offensive or insensitive to any type of people.
    C) It has to be easy to pronounce.

  30. Timbit

    It can not offend any cultures
    Must have historical value
    Can be remembered
    Can easily be pronounced
    Doesn’t offend anyone
    Must be voted by the public
    Anyone can vote on it

  31. hippodude2005

    My criteria for naming a street or public area is.
    1.must have an historical value/past.
    2. must not offend anybody.
    3. must make sense.
    4. easy to remember.
    5.and everybody gets a say on what it will be.

  32. mouk

    1. The name should have a meaning that is important.
    2. Not mean any offense to anyone.
    3. Everyone can vote on it.
    4. Meaning will stay important forever
    5. Make an effort to be creative.

  33. aqua ant

    1 The name should show that you are safe and protected there.
    2 Be respectful and not offend or make anyone uncomfortable.
    3 Have important meaning to the community.
    4 Be unique, creative and special.

  34. The phantome blade

    1 be thoughtful because this is going to be around for a long time
    2 don’t be silly because everyone will see this
    3 be creative and imaginative

  35. DairyKing07

    I think the criteria should include
    1: To have a creative name
    2: To show some history in the name
    3: To show respect in the name of other peoples (First Nation, other races)

  36. 008rayray800

    My Criteria Thoughts:

    1. It may not be offensive to any race, culture, identity and so on.
    2. It may not be silly, violent, or violent promoting.
    3. It should have meaning.
    4. It should be creative, special, and/or unique.

  37. PUG_LIFE

    I think that the criteria should have in it.
    1:To not have a not a rude name.
    2:To be thoughtful for other races.
    3:To be a not a silly rude place.

  38. Spongebob

    1. Has to have a back story or meaning
    2. Can’t be something that will offend anyone
    3. It should be both the government and the public’s decision

  39. ChickenGod

    1.)It cannot be offensive or insensitive to any type of people.
    2.)It has to be easy to pronounce. Can be remembered.
    3.)It can’t be a dictatorship.
    4.)It cannot be random there must be a reason.
    5.)Has to have a back story or meaning

  40. crum

    1. it cannot be offensive in any way… race, religion, identity, etc
    2. it has to have a meaning or a history that people can remember
    3.must be voted in the public has to be something positive not negative
    5. people must be able to pronounce it
    6. try and be creative

  41. Blue snowflake

    1. It should appropriate
    2. It shouldn’t make others feel uncomfortable
    3. It has to be short enough to be easily remembered
    4. There should be a reason to why the name was chosen
    5. It should be named to honour someone, not to be rude

  42. ThePlatypusLife

    1. Should not be named after anyone who was offensive to any cultures ect.
    2. Must have a meaning that can be easily explained.
    3. Public’s opinions must be taken into consideration.

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