December 12

Dear Division 16,

Check out this link about an architectural organ built into the seaside in Croatia:

For your post tonight, think about our natural world and write about an idea you have about making art from nature.  What would you build / create / install / design in order to highlight nature?

I look forward to your responses!




    To reduce carbon emissions, it would be cool to have a turret camera in national parks that you pay a fair amount of money to take one picture (for example a bird) and submit it to the parks visitors center. Then you can go there and get a 3-D printed version of the bird. The win-win scenario would be that you get a cool nature model and the park gets money to use to upgrade their facilities.

  2. Arcticfox

    I would go into the forrest and find a huge rock. I would get some charcoal, since i’m not an artist there would have to be a drawer/painter to draw a big mural with just charcoal and maybe some natural paints made by plants from that forrest. This isn’t nature doing its own thing its more taking nature and making art.

  3. the engineer

    I would make giant sculptures made from natural things like trees and furs. For example I think it would be really cool to see the modern design of a UFO made from bark trees skins and rocks. If this becomes a popular thing it could go in museums for people to see.

  4. lordofthepies05

    I would have someone make a wind powered piston that grinder and poured natural paints made from leaves and feathers and other natural based objects on to a huge rock or small mountain wall. Eventually you would have a beautiful mural type thing. Not to mention that over time things like leaves, pebbles and twigs would fall onto the mountain making it look more natural even though what made it was nature itself.

  5. Pink Pickle

    I would create an under water tunnel extending under a small river in the forest and I would connect pipes to the tunnel that extend over the water so you could hear everything on land like birds but you would be able to look at all of the creatures that live under water, and as an added benefit the pipes would give the tunnel oxygen so you can breathe.

  6. sparkle sloth

    I think it would be cool to make beehives all over the city in the spring or summer that were neon yellow and eye catching, to highlight bees and all they do for us. Without bees we wouldn’t have fruits or vegetables, or plants. It would also raise awareness for bees because some types of bees are endangered and some people don’t realize that without bees we would be in trouble.

  7. Amythest

    I thought of something that could be the focal point for planes or something flying over Vancouver, probably a smaller plane that flies closer to the land. I thought of having a few acre garden, with all sorts of colourful flowers and other plants. Having this would be homes for animals, a big area for the bees to pollinate, and of corse so helpful for the environment. The garden could be grown right in the city or maybe further outside of the city. Or the garden could be surrounding one of our most popular, buildings that gets the most tourists.

  8. crazymemeslol123

    i want to add some kind of underwater camera near lakes so people could see what fish do under water all day or like a microphone that speaks bird so that people can get a closer look at them and take pictures then when people are done they will have to go give donations to save almost extinct birds.

  9. smeagaleater10

    If I where to make art to highlight nature I would make the trees on hiking trails tell a story. I would start where the trails separate and put signs on nearby trees of the different topics on different trails. After that I would tape signs with sentences on them on trees with a 5 meter between them to make a story on each trail. I would also make the topic of the stories about the waste of environmental resources to raise awareness.

  10. Flying Mandarin

    Few months ago I went to trout lake. Me and my friend found a hollow tree at the field. We made it in to a fort because it was nice and shady under there. It was like a tree house and you did not have to climb it. I think it was fun to make a treehouse with my friend.

  11. random student

    I thought it would be nice to have a bunch if fallen sticks and wood make a bench. Then you can add some color by making paint. I’m not too sure how to make it but I think for example to make a purplish blue color you use blueberries mud and moss then you put the blueberries on top of the moss then you smash it all out then I think you mix mud in it, and finally you can paint it on the bench. I think it would be nice to have some colorful things to brighten the nature up.

  12. super cheese cake

    I would probably make one of those Nunavut stone statues in nature but instead of statue made out of stone, I would make it out of tree barks , leaves, flowers and little pebbles. Or it could be anything else other then human. It could be a house,train or a animal.

  13. Time Traveler

    you know how in movies when ever there,s a talking tree the tree has a big mouth and big eyes well what you could do is you could carve on a big noticeable tree a big mouth and eyes then you could do it on ten other trees and after that you could leave a sign that says you can carve into the trees what you think the trees would say to people. i chose this because you could do it o a maple tree witch symbolizes canada so when people walk they will feel very patreotic

  14. SKOULE

    I have always wanted to to some sort of art on a tree. I would gather up different colours of flowers and leaves. And use honey to glue on the stuff and it will make a picture, I would love to do one of people joining hands for where ever they came from, but between every two people, there would be a start that would light in the day. Oh. Don’t forget the animals on the tree too. So I would also have wooden bird nest, and they would be kinda hidden so if any other creepy crawler come by, they’ll they be “it that something? (Looks closer) Nahh…) to me this means that animal and human can we wherever they want and also be free for who they are.

  15. purple pom-poms

    I would choose a big tree in a forest and collect bark and make bird houses and attach them to the tree in different areas up the trunk, then I would collect twigs and grass and make nests and platforms out of wood, bark, moss, plants, and more. in the end we build a nature friendly bird tree where all kinds of birds can sleep, nest, or eat at. I think that would be really nice to nature and birds because I always notice birds nests full off snow when its snowing or flooded with rain when its raining and I feel really bad for them because some birds don’t go to warmer places in the winter time and they have to live through any whether that comes around. It would also help because when people see this they maybe will wan’t to help making temporary homes for animals who need them and if we help animals out sometimes, maybe they will help us out somehow.

  16. AppleJuice-Injury 123ABC

    I think that it would be really cool if you made sculptures of famous people that beat Olympic world records or just famous people like Mount Rushmore. I would locate it near whistler because I find it a boring drive so I think that it might brighten up the drive and make it more exciting .

  17. Sushi Monster

    I would would make lots of different paints out of different flowers and plants and maybe find some charcoal. Then I would find out all the trees there are on that path and I would give each type of tree its own symbol\design.So that hikers could now the different types of trees there are on the path.

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