December 26

Dear Division 16,

I hope you all are having a fun, relaxing, safe holiday with lots of family, friends, reading and quiet time, depending on your preferences!

In December and as we approach New Year’s Eve, it’s tempting to look back at the events and memories from the year.

For your optional fun assignment today, please write a short sentence or two describing something important from 2016. It could be a song, a news story, a personal experience, a change in the world or your family.

Describe the important thing and say why you think it’s important.

I look forward to your responses!

Happy New Year, when it comes.



  1. Xaxo045

    I thought that the euros in France were really important. The people of France were struck by tragedy in late 2015 so to have a tournament were they make it to the final is I find shows the nation is very strong.

  2. Slapshot18

    Having my design put on this years graduation hoodie really meant a lot to me. It started out with me being a bit disappointed with the choice of options for the hoodie logo. I wanted something more original, and something that represented our school. I started on a design, and gave it in. To my surprise, the logo made it onto the hoodie!! This was important to me because it showed me that if I took a chance to do something I believed in, or something that meant a great deal to me, the outcomes can only benefit. I continue to design as much as I can, and it was from that experience that I found this to be a new hobby.

    • dickensdiv16

      Slapshot18, this is a really nice post. It’s great to hear how this moment affected you. Taking risks, especially in areas of your passion is super important and it’s wonderful to get this kind of feedback! Thanks for sharing your skills with the school!

  3. Amythest

    My most memorable moment was during spring break, when me and my family when to New York City. New York City is such an amazing place with so many amazing buildings, and to actually go there and be an inch away from the Empire State Building, seeing the Statue of Liberty, seeing all of the names of the people who couldn’t make it threw the 9/11, plus so much more everything was all so amazing to see. I thought that it was a very important ten days getting the opportunity to see so many landmarks, it was important for me to explore NYC because I traveled some where so far away and saw how all New Yorkers live their life everyday.

  4. the engineer

    One of my best experiences in 2016 happened quite recently. It was Christmas eve. I was so excited because the next day I would open my presents. My grandma was there and we all watched a Christmas movie together. The next morning I opened my presents along with the rest of the family and then one of my uncles came and I played chess with him. It was a great two days because I spent it with my family and I got some loot.

  5. Touchdown

    One of the most important things that happened to me this year is that Payton Manning won a Super Bowl. This is really important to me because Payton Manning has been one of my favorite players since I started liking football. And this year Payton Manning has been criticized for his playing and people telling him that he is too old to play in the NFL. So by winning the super bowl that would have been a great experience for him and it was for me


    2016 has been a very rough year. Inspirational, great people died, (Prince, Bowie, Ali, Glenn,Fischer …); Climate change is more threatening than ever; viscous politics, terrorism and shooting, world wide refugee crisis, evil acts based on identity. That’s why in my opinion the small but happy memories are what kept 2016 from being a year no one wants to remember but we will never forget.

  7. Sushi Monster

    One of my best experience of 2016 was when I made the C1 hockey team. I was not sure if i would make it i was playing with girls a year older than me I knew it would be extra difficult. I always tried my best and worked 100%. Sometimes you felt nerves when you knew the judges were watching you but you just had to work through the stress. In the end I think it was a great challenge to play with girls a year older than me to also learn from them.

  8. purple pom-poms

    One of my great experiences was in spring break when me and my family went to Mexico for 2 weeks and spend so many fun times at the beach and exploring. I also got to be with my grandparents who live in Vancouver, and cousins, and aunt & uncle who live in Chicago. I felt like I got to spend more time with all of them because usually I only get to see my cousins once or sometimes twice a year. It was also a great experience with my grandparents (evan though they live close) because I got to see a traveler side of them and I find that was really cool to experience with them. I also LOVE the ocean so I had lots of fun times in the water. My second week was also very fun, it was just my family though so we traveled more around then when we did my first week. I got to see, experience, and do many many fun things and what I found really interesting was that I got to be with my bigger family and my own family in a short period of time and had so much fun so I definitely think they had as much fun as I had and I’m sure that I will never forget that trip we had.

  9. Time Traveller

    An important part of 2016 for my family was when my sister my mom and I went to Hawaii we went to the island of Kauai which was really cool partly because there were thousands of chickens on the island. this was important to my family because this was the first fancy trip my mom my sister and I took together

  10. crazymemeslol123

    my big fear of heights are almost gone by going into the beast in playland it was really fun but most of the time.

  11. The Baconator

    An important and exciting event in 2016 for me was going to Las Vegas for a baseball tournament. I loved this experience because of the amazing journey and the great things I got to see and do. I was coached by some of the best in the world and got to play in ridiculous climate.
    This was a huge highlight of the year but I have many more in 2016.

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