December 3, 2015

Dear Division 16,

For this week’s assignment, please read these two articles about the Site C dam in North Eastern British Columbia.

These articles give two perspectives about the need for the dam and the effects on the communities that live around the proposed dam – especially those of the Aboriginal communities.

Please consider the different perspectives represented in the articles and answer the following question:

Thinking about the Site C dam, explain one effect you think it will have on ONE of the following:

  1. The Carbon Cycle
  2. The Water Cycle
  3. The habitat of animals around the dam

Please use full sentences and explain your thinking.  Be sure to make connections between the articles and the learning we have done in class.

I look forward to your responses!





  1. dancing porcupine

    3. I think this will have an effect on the habitat of animals living around the dam because if it floods 5,000 acres of land it will destroy the homes of animals that live underground or on top of the ground. It could also knock down trees causing birds and squirrels to lose their homes as well.

  2. Amythest

    I think it affects the Carbon Cycle the most because in the second article they were talking about them cutting down trees. Which is bad for the Carbon Cycle because for the Carbon Cycle there NEEDS to be trees because if there isn’t any trees then there isn’t any carbon dioxide in the air (which the trees are releasing in to the air) which is important for humans and animals. It’s so important that there is carbon dioxide because when people or animals eat plants there is carbon dioxide in the plants which helps us and the animals to grow and become strong so if there was no trees or plants everybody wouldn’t grow ( maybe they would grow but mostly every food is from plants) and wouldn’t become strong. But it’s also important that there are trees because trees are just very important everyday in everyone’s life. Eventually there is going to be hardly any trees on the world because people cut them down to use for stuff and that stuff could be for paper, houses, furniture, wooden beads or supplies for something.

  3. The Baconator

    I think that it will affect the carbon cycle the most because if the fish can’t make it across the dam then the fish will be stuck there to die which would mean that they would let out even more carbon into the world. This point also links into the effect on wildlife because ALL animals won’t be able to pass or find material to make shelter and play their very important job in the environment.
    The dam has its pros and cons but in this situation I think that the cons overpower the pros and that is why I think that this is a good idea.

  4. The Dude

    I think this will effect the community because around that particular area, thee is a lot of wildlife. Because most of the animals will either drown or get scared away. As for the indigenous peoples that live there, they will most likely have to move and it will have a big effect on their lifestyles. It will be completely flooded. Also, the thing about building that Dam is that t will destroy a lot of the eco system. I think we should find another way to get power. I think we should be doing all these things to get more power, but without such a big cost to the environment.

  5. den10@sea43

    #3 Well it said that there has been deforestation in this project witch is bad for lots of reasons like loss of habitat, loss of wood that can be used for other things, and in the pictures it looked like it was could there so you can use it as heat. Also there is more carbon in the atmosphere witch is terrible. Also this dam is taking up lots of space witch can be used for habitats.

  6. Rouge

    I think that this dam will effect the water cycle a lot. Because the dam will be taking up a good amount of room in the Peace River. Which may result in less run off water that flows into the river, because it has trouble finding and entering the big body of water that is partially blocked off from the dam. If less run off water comes into the river, then there may eventually be less water in the river, which would create less power for the dam (as you need a lot of water to make energy from a dam), and less water for marine life and Aboriginals to hunt and live in. Also to build the dam the workers will have to cut down and take away lots of trees to make space to build and work at the dam. Which would result in less and even hardly any transpiration, which is when moisture is carried through plants and trees which eventually creates oxygen and clean air for us to breath in. Without the transpiration there isn’t any condensation and without any condensation there isn’t any clouds, then there is no precipitation which provides water for us to grow crops and drink. So if you add up all these problems and issues there will definitely be lots of protests and disagreement on whether to build, or not to build the Peace River dam.

  7. Crazychicken lover

    I thinl that the wildlife will be most affected because when they here the sound of drills and other types of machinery they will be scared and run away leaving the forest to rot by itself and actually the forest needs the animals that help the dirt and soil replenish and keeping them healthy like manure that actually helps the soil and especically the life cycle for those animals. Like maybe most of the mice and small mammals runaway leading to the meduim sized animals to starve and die while the biggest starve except for grizzley bears because they can eat food. It will also affect the water cycle because those waters molecules will be trapped in the dam and being used over and over again because of the dam.

  8. super cheese cake

    #3 I think it will cause a big problem because the animals around the dam won’t be able to get water and they will die. And if there were salmons running back for spawning and that could cause the number of salmon decreasing a lot. Or when it rains the dam could overflow and will destroy the animals’ home or when drought comes, the animals won’t be able to get water at down stream.

  9. THEMANGO404 mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

    #1 I think that the dam will have a large effect on the fish living in the body of water will have to deal with dam a try not to get killed. I think that since the fish in the area will have a tough time surviving, then it will effect the other animals in the environment. Like for example, if the salmon in the body of water mostly died, then most of the animals in the environment will not do well and probably die out because, salmon have so many ways they can help the ecosystem that they live in like they provide food for bears and eagles. Because of the dam, more animals are dying because lack of a good ecosystem and the carbon they emit contributes to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  10. Pandatush

    I think that the habitat of animals will be the most affected because their homes are getting flooded or destroyed. Fish will have a hard time getting home and beavers dams will probably get knocked down in the process. Trees might get knocked down sending birds, squirrels and all others fleeing their homes too. No one likes to be homeless.

  11. smeagaleater10

    3# Overall I think that Site C is a bad idea mostly because it will drastically affect the animals. For example the increased traffic will disturb them. After more investigating I found out that that the places where they will be building will be flooded so that means many animals will die and lose their habitats from the floods.
    On one hand the aboriginals are completely against the whole idea hoping to beat the provincial government in legal means. On the other hand the provincial government is trying to maintain one step ahead of the aboriginals so that they can make one of British Columbia’s biggest power sources.

  12. crazymemeslol123

    #3 I think it will hurt the animals living near theses dams because some animals might lose there homes because of the project dam thing coming the Beavers will have no where else to live and the birds will lose there nests because they will be cutting down the trees for the dam.#2 I think it will affect the water because they r building dams around rivers it will block the salmon from coming back to the rivers they were borned in in it might be very hard for them to pass the dams ad the sun might not evaporate the water and it might like clog up the whole water cycle and the it might not rain anymore if these dams are covering up the rivers.#1 if they keep cutting trees around the rivers it will produce more carbon which will maybe destroy the atmosphere and we might not be able to breath anymore and they said that they were gonna burn the trees which will produce more carbon then anything in this world and we do not want that to happen at all so we need to tell the people who are building dams to stop there work.

  13. A.ayewthelegend10

    2 I think this will have a negative effect on the Water cycle because the water will be stopped from moving or just slowed down. We need the water to move so that the communities along the river won’t have as much fresh and running water. Also the water cycle will be unbalanced so the aquifers in that area won’t have much water and neither would the streams, lakes, rivers etc nearby. The industry’s that catch fish and the communities that also catch fish won’t be able to catch them at all. That might not sound that bad but what if fish is the only thing they eat or it’s the way they earn money. This damn will have many negative consequences so why are the government still building it?

  14. Joaquin

    With all the construction what will happen to the animals that live at the dam? What if the electricity cords break and fall and all the animals that were in the water or drinking water could be electrocuted which will kill a lot of the animals and I think there could be flooding that would destroy a lot of forest which is not good.

  15. baconguy

    The Carbon Cycle
    In one of the articles it said that there were still quite a few more trees in the way of the place that they are going to build their dam. Also in that article it said that they might burn some, which affects the carbon cycle and adds on to all the other deforestation that has been going on in B.C.

  16. Ginger

    I think that this dam will have a very big effect on the habitat of animals around the dam. One of the articles mentioned that they have already cut down over one million cubic meters of trees. Even though they are sending these trees to paper mills, it is still taking down trees and removing the habitats of birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Living near a river is a luxury for animals; good vegetation, great habitats, and a sustainable water resource, but when the dam starts to flood, the riverbanks will be unliveable. The animals’ homes will be engulfed in water and all of their food sources will be destroyed. Even though the dam will create energy I think that it would be safer and more sustainable to find other ways of energy that will not harm animals and their habitat, such as wind and solar power.

  17. iron lanturn

    #3. If the Dam were there the fish wouldn’t be able to get down the river so there will be more birds trying to eat them which will mean more dead fish which would turn into fossil fuels eventually. So a factory would probably get those fossil fuels and burn them so that would turn into more Carbon which means that the temperature of the water would rise because of that Carbon which would mean more dead fish. The factory would use the water that the dam blocked to cool down their factory and they would release the water again which would be warmer and polluted causing more dead fish and that cycle would repeat.
    So that’s why it would be a bad idea to build this dam.

  18. Koshka2

    Yes we could be hurting the habait of animal. I mean the dam is taking up a ton of space, that space could be used for other thing like for animals. If i would of jave been a fish i would’t like this, needer you would like this u would be like : What has happed to my home.. When u think about it lets say that : You are some kind of anmail livivg near the dam, (bang bang bang) There is a dam be building. We have lost a ton of space and a ton of wood, trees.

    What if this was you. How would you

    Think about this ._.

  19. Soccerboy123ABC

    3 I think this will have an affect on the habitat of animals around the dam because if the dam floods 5,000 acres it can cause a lot of damage because if the dam is there and the fish aren’t able to get past the dam it will be a lot easier for bears and birds of prey to catch them which will mean that less fish will be able to lay there eggs and if they aren’t able to lay there eggs there might be less and less fish every year .it takes quite a bite of time for dams to be built and in that period of time there will be a lot of loud noises,trees getting cut down and animal habitat getting destroyed.

  20. Arctic owl

    3# I think this project will have a large impact on the animals and there habitat . I think that building a dam will be great for the environment but as it mentioned in the articles that they had to cut down or burn the trees . One problem is that by cutting down the trees they might be harming animals that live in trees . The other problem is when they burn trees they might start a forest fire burning down all the animals habitats the won’t have anywhere to go on the other hand there will be a ton of carbon in the air . If they change that mistake they can stop all of this from happening .

  21. Sr.Fruitcake

    I think this construction site will effect the habitats of animals around it a lot. I think that it will particularly effect the animals living underground because there home will be flooded. Also having to find to find a home will become more difficult to find a home because there will be so many animals finding new homes at once. I feel that the fact that they have already cut down almost a million cubic metres of trees, this disturbs me because I find the fact that we are going ahead with this without (apparently) thinking about the implications. I think it will put a dent in the population of animals in the area and even humans because for all the animals who will have to leave there are also humans living there. I do wonder what people in that area think and what opinion the aboriginal people of that area have and how much that will effect the outcome. This is a debatable construction and that every one’s opinion must be taken into account before we really undergo such a huge project.

  22. The Bean

    I think that this dam could be very dangerous for all of those parts of the environment but definitely more so for the Carbon cycle. In the first article they mentioned two power lines traveling 60-30km, each was about 500,000 volts of electricity which if even slightly damaged could start huge fires. But they’re already burning down trees to make space any way which are probably contained, but there’s always risk. All the construction could affect the water quality around the dam and cause fish and other aquatic animals to die which would release more carbon. Also if they are flooding some areas around the dam it’s destroying more animals home’s and causing more carbon release. A lot of forrest gets cut down in BC but we’re over 60 percent covered by forrest, but if over a million cubic meters are cut that’s going to boost up the years foresting by a lot.


    #3 I think that this will be pretty bad for all the animals who have there habitats around the area of the site C dam. This could lead to multiple deaths of animals and lose of homes for any that that live in trees, underground and in bushes. This also might lead to some extinction for any rare species of animals that might be living in that area.

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