February 1, 2016

Dear Division 16,

I found this image that shows the migratory pattern of 118 species of birds over North, Central and South America.

You can view it here:


I can’t stop watching this video.  I think it’s super interesting.


For your assignment this week, please post a response to BOTH of these questions:

  1. What animated graphic would you like to see that shows movement over time.  Specify what the map would show and what the movement would be
  2. Describe what pattern you would expect to see

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amythest

    I think it would be really cool to see the movement of cars because cars move so much. The map would show one block or two blocks of cars moving it would probably be a busy street so it could actually show cars moving around and where they’re parked. So as I said it would be cars or trucks driving around and where they stop at a stop sign or a red light or they’re just parking. It would be like the birds but instead of dots they would be stars and the stars would be colored by where the cars are from, even though most of the cars would probably be from British Columbia.

  2. den10@sea43

    for me I would like to see movement of glaciers and how fast each and everyone of those things go. Also something that I would like to see is tourist destinations and where most of them go. For me on the tourist one I would expect to see people going to places like Mexico or Brazil during the winter and New York and Vancouver in the summer. Also for me I would expect some of the same for the glacier one because in the winter it snows more and so the glaciers would be advancing more and in the some the snow would melt so the glacier would retreat.

  3. The Bean

    #1 I think it would be super cool to randomly pick out a hundred random coins all around the world and then over the span of time see all the different places they would go. Some coins would stay in the same place the whole time, and some could move daily, but it would be neat to see all the places the coins would travel. I’ve always wondered about all the different people and places a coin has gone through to get to me, so this could be a neat way to learn about it.
    #2 I would expect to see very random patterns, since the coins could change bearers any time, it would be impossible to predict where the coin would end up next. The place the coin is could have an affect on where it moves though, if it were in a wealthier country where people spend lots it would move around lots. As were in a poorer country, people may try and save money, so it wouldn’t move much.

  4. 14A dinosaur

    I would be interested to see a map that showed particular types of cars and where they were. You would choose a city, and the map would come up with all the cars of a certain type, and where they are.

    I expect to see a regular pattern of people going to work, coming home, and heading to their favorite restaurant or bar. I think that more expensive cars might come from more expensive neighborhoods in the city, like West Van. You could where dealerships are on the map, and if there was an old car meetup, or a certain type of car meet up. This app would be invitation only, so that criminals wanting to use it wouldn’t be able to know the exact location of expensive cars. I would expect that the most popular car would be a Honda civic.

  5. super cheese cake

    I think what I’d like to see is all those flights around the word you can just click one of the country and it will pop up. The arrow pointing at the direction of their destination and each have different colors like red for Canada and blue for USA. I think that maybe Asia, north America or Europe will have the most flights because they got the most people and they have state-of-art technology. If there are delays there will be a cone on that flight. What I expect to see that the most delayed country would be Europe and China because they are always so busy.

  6. Purple Pickle

    An animated graphic I would like to see over time would be movement of certain herds of elk or deer, I think the movement wouldn’t be very huge because they don’t have wings so they won’t be able to move very fast without getting extremely tired.
    I don’t think all of the movements will be the same because different herds won’t migrate or go the same way as other herds,
    deer might not even migrate at all but I think at least some deer will migrate or go someplace else for the winter. if they do migrate I would expect to see a pattern placed in the same forest or living space and at most one living space over because as I said, deer don’t have wings like the birds and get tired easily. but I do expect to see a little bit of home movement over a year.

  7. Crazychicken lover

    I would want o know more about the movement of planes and how many flyer day and how many land and I would like to know alot about planes because we use them alot for overseas travel and we are depemding on them alot

  8. Crazychicken lover

    And we use them alot and they should make a map of where all planes in vancouver go or in canada so we can check for patterns in the map. We depend on them alot since their are only two other options for oversea travel and what if the plane traffic suddenly stop? Then we could use that map to see where and when a plane arrives from that plane. If we kept track on the movement on planes then if a plane crashlanded we could have a chance of locating it better so that we can find it in a specific place and other tracks that can be found in other mysterious crashes.

  9. Sr.Fruitcake

    #1 I would like to see a moving map like that one for the movement of the places immigrants go to from the various countries. I would like to look at those patterns to see weather we could learn what kind of cultures immigrants from specific countries prefer.
    I wonder if we could also learn ways for immigrants to feel more welcome after examining weather the places they go have certain things in common and adapting to what appears to be the most attractive and welcoming.
    #2 I would expect to see all sorts of different patterns but I really have no idea on what this would look like or what it would reveal. I think that we would see people from areas of the globe moving more or less to the same location. I have very little knowledge on the topic but think the possibility is very interesting

  10. PandaTush

    #1 I would want to see an animated graphic of mail. Mail may seem a bit dull to some people, but I think it’s pretty interesting. It doesn’t exactly matter what the letter is, but the journey it goes through. I’m kind of jealous a piece of paper has been to more places than me. It would also show where mailing stuff is used the most.
    #2 I think the patterns are pretty unpredictable because of the event where you would send a letter. One thing I can say, it could be very slow considering how long it takes to get a package shipped somewhere. I think the letters would be flying all over the map because of how we use mail. I would say, mostly mail these days are junk mail and stuff about taxes and all that other stuff. It kind of suprises me of how people use this form of contact. It could be so much more then just wanting someone to know about your business and sending coupons to places. I think it will evolve within the next few years, but I guess we just have to wait for that letter to arrive which will be a long time unless we have it shipped overnight.

  11. crazymemeslol123

    #1 I would do highways and cars because it shows a pattern of cars moving up and down like the birds that are migrating in the north then to the south it was interesting to watch them go up they are almost like cars that go on highways but they fly instead.#2i would’ve thought the pattern would be zig zags of lines but no instead of lines it’s dots I never knew there was 118 kinds of birds in our plant we might discover more new types of birds but maybe they will do different things then normal birds.

  12. ginger

    I would like to see a map of the migrations of pacific cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). The map would show what time of year it is, where the whales are and if I were to hold my cursor on a specific dot, it would tell me what species of cetacean it is. In the winter, I would expect to see the whales in warmer places near Hawaii and Mexico, where they give birth to calves. In the summer I would expect to see them near Alaska and northern Russia due to algae blooms. Krill and small fish feed on algae, and algae blooms in the summer, so when the algae blooms there are more krill, causing more food in colder waters for whales and other cetaceans. Every year, baleen whales (such as blue, grey and humpback whales) make amazing migrations just to give birth in the safe lagoons of Mexico and Hawaii, where their babies are safe from predators such as Orca whales.

  13. the Dude

    My idea is for a video of bikers every month in Vancouver and which direction they go in. How many people bike during a particular period of time? How fast do they go? Where do they go (which direction)? I guess that if this video existed, the mornings and the late afternoons for 3:00 to 5:00 would be busiest. In the morning most people would be headed into the city and in the afternoon most people would be headed out of the city.

  14. DancingPorcupine

    1. I would like to see the movement of salmon. The map would show the salmon traveling through the river to go on their lifetime journey.
    2. I would expect to see the journey that the salmon take from the spawning grounds where they are born, through the river and into the ocean and then back through the river to the place where they were born to lay their eggs.

  15. A.ayewthelegend

    I would like to see a map of mined metals once they were dug out of the ground because there is so many things that they could be turned into such as copper being turned into coins for example. The map would show what the materials where made into and where it goes. I think the movement would be completely wild and random because the possibilities go on and on and on.

    To be fair I honestly do not know what countries they would go to but I expect there to be a lot going to each country in the world. Because every country needs metal as a resource to use.

  16. The Baconator

    I think that it would be cool to see a chart that showed a bird’s eye view of Vancouver and shows all the movement of each person. To make this work you would have to set up a camera maybe 150 ft. above the ground and let it run for a couple days then take it down and put the video in time laps.
    Would expect to see no patterns at all. People have places to go and not every human being is the same and we do what we want.

  17. baconguy

    #1. I think that showing the routes of planes flying over Canada and the U.S. would be a good topic for a map like the one on the website. Because there are so many planes flying everywhere I think that it would be better if the map showed a smaller time span.
    #2. I don’t know what to expect with the map. The planes would be flying everywhere. It’s not something that someone can predict.

  18. Rouge

    #1 I think that it would be fascinating to see a moving map of Coyotes. The map would show where in British Columbia the Coyotes go during the day and night. The moving dots would be the different Coyotes and it would show where they are at all times in the span of six months. Even though this is interesting the map can actually help us, it can show us where the Coyotes go. So from this maps information we can stay clear of the Coyotes so we are not in danger, and Coyote researchers can learn more about them and they can have a better understanding about Coyotes from up close.
    #2 I think that the Coyotes would mostly stay in rural areas that way they aren’t seen or disturbed. Probably in the day they will go into other habitat to look for food and maybe come into our city looking for new shelter or source of water. I can’t fully predict what the patterns of the Coyotes will be, but I’m excited to find out.

  19. arcticowl

    1# I think that animated graphic i would like to see is polar bears .Such as the movement of them / where they are going . The map would be around the arctic . Doing this can help people track polar bears and make sure they are safe.I cant picture a pattern of them though it will be sad watching them because due to climate change the polar bears will float away from their home. That was in the project i did by the way.

  20. Joaquin

    #1 I would like to see a building in the making from beginning to the end of the construction
    #2 I would expect to see layers and layers applied to the foundation

  21. smeagaleater10

    I think a cool animated graphic idea would be if they scattered around 300 meteor rocks around the globe and see where they would go. I would predict that some will stay in place for a long time before being discovered and some will be tossed along in the meteor market and some would be found but stay in the same spot with the same owner.


    I would like to see the movement patterern of Wolves. The map would be of Canada and it would show how far wolves travel in a year and when they travel do they come back to there original spot? What I would expect to see is when they travel in there year is that they would not go back to there original spot they would just keep going.

  23. iron lanturn

    #1 I would like a map showing the movement of planes with all the different airlines it would be quite useful to the government because they can see who’s going/coming to their country or the different countries
    #2 I think because all of the Syrian refugees coming to Canada it will show a lot of planes flying to Canada and from other places because Canada is a great place to live:] :] :] :]

  24. THE MANGO404


  25. TechNerd

    I would really like to see the pollution growth or pollution levels coming down, since my project I have become very interested in pollution. The map would show the pollution levels over the years, and how the pollution has decreased or grown, and also what kinds of pollution is in the river now. I would really expect to see in a couple of years, pollution levels decreasing. I would be really happy yo see that because I would know, that I pitched in to this and I did a project on this and defined the pollution to lots of people. I would really expect to see the pollution levels coming down in the coming years but I wouldn’t expect that much of a change, the community’s first need to find a proper place to dump their garbage, and then I can expect to see a huge decrease of pollution.

  26. Soccerboy123ABC

    I would like to see the movement of the individual soccer players and the team themselves both sides in a 90 minute game.Then I would compare different games so you can see the different movement of different teams and individual players in the same position .I wouldn’t just compare them in a year i would compare them over different years and the the different coaches in there time coaching. Them when you put your cursor on one of the dots you would be able to see which player it is,how far they ran in total ,there average speed over the course of the game , what percentage of ball possession they had and how accurate they were with passes and shots .I think that I would see that different people get different kinds of things depending on there position like how much they had the ball, how far they moved and how long they had the ball .

  27. balloongirl123

    I would like to see the movement of cars because cars move so much like a pattern like up and down which is cool because everybody goes to different places so it looks like a pattern.

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