February 10

Dear Division 17 and 18,

We’ve just finished our Read Aloud “Paper Things” that focused in on the experiences of a pair of siblings who faced homelessness.

For your assignment this week, please consider the things in your life that are made possible or made easier by having a consistent place to call home.

In your post, please list 5-10 activities or experiences that would be more challenging if you no longer had a home.

Be specific, try to be original.  Think deeply.



  1. hockey 101

    I think my skateboarding is made easier, my hockey is made easier, my school work is made easier, my time to hang out with friends is longer and easier, and in general my life is easier and a place to call home is very special, so I try to embrace it. To me, a home makes all this possible and I am thankful for that.

  2. Day Dreamer

    #1 privacy\peace and quiet
    #2 washing cloths\taking a shower
    #3 friends coming over
    #4 pets
    #5 getting food
    #6 naps
    #7 putting away your stuff
    #8 the feeling of coming home to some were warm and safe
    #9 being able to come home after a hard long day
    #10 cold winter nigh

  3. electroe05

    #1 sleepovers with friends
    #2 traveling with family
    #3 having a warm and cozy bed at night
    #4 making lunch every day
    #5 storing my bike
    #6 being able to relax and feel comfortable
    #7 somewhere to store your belongings
    #8 eating healthy every day
    #9 happiness
    #10 working on homework

  4. Blue Snowflake

    1. have a place to go back to
    2. sleep peacefully
    3. Be able to be alone
    4. Do the hobbies I don’t want others knowing about
    5. homework without distractions
    6. Talk to my family at dinner time
    7. Think deeply in the middle of the night
    8. Lie on my bed to relax

  5. Snort

    1. No Privacy
    2. Food/water
    3. Cold especially in the winter
    4. Taking showers
    5. Store important things
    6. Bathroom/changing
    7. It’s Loud
    8. Needs new clothes
    9. Can’t focus on homework cause its to loud
    10. Can’t relax

  6. Arty-choke

    1)Feeling safe
    2)Not being hungry
    3)Sleeping properly
    4)Doing crafts
    5)Eating artichokes
    6)Feeling free to do things
    7)Curling up on my bed and reading
    8)Inviting friends over
    10)Making art

  7. black circle

    1.having enough food
    2.comfort of bed
    4.getting supplies to do things
    5.a clean private bathroom
    9.going to school

  8. Smeagaleater10

    1) Sitting on a nice couch and watching your choice of show
    2) Eating a snack from your fridge
    3) Filling out forms that require an address
    4) Feeling comfortable easily
    5) Security
    6) Having no distractions
    7) Doing arts and crafts projects
    8) Having showers
    9) Storing belongings

  9. Amythest

    1. Privacy
    2. No heating
    3. Hanging out with friends outside of school
    4. Having clean drinking water
    5. Not having places to put groceries
    6. Taking showers
    7. Not being able to relax
    8. Storing bikes/scooters/skate boards
    9. Not being protected from rain or snow
    10. Not being able to proberly taking care of pets

  10. mistacheeseman

    1. Homework
    2. A place to sleep
    3. Having friends over
    4. Still having friends
    5. Keeping warm
    6. Going to the bathroom (privately)
    7. washing
    8. Having a birthday party
    9. Doing your blog
    10. Relaxing

  11. 008rayray800

    1) Getting a good sleep.
    2) Staying clean.
    3) Having friends over.
    4) Homework.
    5) Relaxing.
    6) Getting to school.
    7) Getting online.
    8) Privacy.
    9) Going to the washroom
    10) Staying warm.

  12. Awesomeness

    1》The happiness of sleeping in your own bed.
    2》Having a nice warm shower/bath.
    3》Hanging your own pictures on your own wall.
    4》Having a place to call home.
    5》Inviting your friends over.
    6》Not being stressed about where you’re going to sleep.
    7》A place to put your stuff.
    8》Doing landary at your own home.
    9》A bedroom to go into to be alone.
    10》Your happy place.

  13. DairyKing07

    1. Having a place to sleep
    2. Only having so many things on your mind
    3. Making projects
    4. Enough food or water
    5. Lying to your friends about not owning a home
    6. Enough heat
    7. Suddenly getting sick
    8. Suddenly having to move somewhere else

    Pay attention to the first word of the activity.

  14. game master 2017

    1. Comfortable sleeping
    2. Staying clean
    3. Staying healthy
    4. Getting clean water
    5. Open space
    6. Staying warm
    7. Personal safety
    8. Taking care of other people
    9. Having a clean place to sleep
    10. Having good food to eat

  15. the engineer

    #1 I wouldn’t be able to take showers
    #2 I wouldn’t be able to sleep in a bed
    #3 I wouldn’t be able to do as well in school because I would not have a place to do work
    #4 I wouldn’t be warm in winter
    #5 I wouldn’t have belongings
    #6 I wouldn’t have good food
    #7 I couldn’t use clean bathrooms
    #8 I wouldn’t have clean clothes
    #9 I wouldn’t have as much fun
    #10 I would have to be on the street and do nothing all day

  16. Spirit Heart

    1.It would be hard to get food or water
    2.Were would you find clothes!
    3.It wouldn’t be fun
    4.You don’t have any friends
    5.You can’t clean your clothes
    6.You would have to sleep outside on the ground with no pillow or blanket
    8.Can’t buy anything
    9.Can’t take a shower
    10.No privacy!

  17. Do it for da Hwin

    1. privacy and personal space
    2. video games
    3. play baseball
    4. couldn’t have baths or showers
    5. would be loud
    6. clean bed
    7. food and water
    8. bad grades because of no place to do homework
    9. bathroom
    10. shelter

  18. ThePlatypusLife

    1. being able to know that there is going to be a consistency in where you sleep
    2. privacy
    3. peace and quiet
    4. being able to do what you need to (homework, ect.)
    5. comfort
    6. where you put your belongings
    7. practicing music
    8. having friends over
    9. staying clean (showering)
    10. eating/drinking

  19. chiefblobfish

    1. have a private washroom.
    2. sleep naked.
    3. taking a shower.
    4. being alone whenever you want.
    5. having a place for friends to come over.
    6. have food.
    7. have clean clothes.
    8. money to buy stuff.
    9. have clean water.

  20. The phantome blade

    1 organising things with friends
    2 getting clean water
    3 privacy
    4 food
    5 homework
    6 keeping clean
    7 having fun
    8 buying things
    9 doing sports
    10 having friends over

  21. Lightning Bolt

    1) having privacy
    2) having knowledge of having a good supply of good condition foods
    3) having friends over
    4) getting schoolwork/homework done
    5) have clean water
    6) having to travel a lot
    7) being social
    8) proper hygiene

  22. Flying pinguin

    1. No proper place to sleep
    2. No electricity
    3. No heat to stay warm
    4. No clean running water
    5. No clean clothes
    6. Not have friends over
    7. No privacy

  23. crum

    1. sleeping/a place to sleep
    2. being comfortable
    3. privacy
    4. food
    5. social skills
    6. keeping clean
    7. heat
    8. lie down and cry
    9. water
    10. homework


    Feb 10
    1.No privacy😳
    2.No proper shelter🏠
    3.Not that much money 💵
    4.No heat🔥,electricity⚡️,water💧
    5.No clean clothes👗
    6. Being Comfortable😴

  25. Lam

    1. No address for a high school application.
    2. Wouldn’t have a good sleep.
    3. Couldn’t have friends over.
    4. Hard to finish homework on time.
    5. Couldn’t wash your self.
    6. Privacy.
    7. Hard to get a job when older.
    8. always on the road.
    9. Food.
    10. Water.

  26. Snapshot1178

    1) having free clean water
    2) food
    3) sleeping without distractions
    4) keeping warm in the cold
    5) having a place to store things

  27. what the what!

    #1 taking a shower and having clean clothes
    #2 having a place for everything
    #3 keeping warm in the winter
    #4 having food whenever your hungry
    #5 having privacy
    #6 siting down in a cosy area and watching you favourite movie
    #7 going places with friends/family
    #8 the company of a pet
    #9 being healthy
    #10 knowing that you have somewhere to call home

  28. narutoshippudenfanboy1769

    1.having privacy

    2.rest when you want to

    3. being able to study better

    4. feeling safe

    5. not worrying about life

    6. feeling comfortable

    7. sleep

    8. be happy

    9. belongings not stolen

    10. Playing basketball

  29. Jet

    1. Pride
    2, Safety
    3. Warmth
    4. Traveling places (even to school)
    5. Having personal belongings
    6. Discriminated against
    7. Earning money
    8. Having a steady job
    9 Security
    10. Comfort

  30. Catzrule

    1. No privacy
    2. No job
    3. No proper bed and bedding
    4. No pet
    5. No specific bedtime (but I dunno if that would actually be that bad)
    6. No TV and no time to watch it anyway
    7. No showers or baths
    8. No heater or AC
    9. No clean or new clothes
    10. No place to do your homework

  31. bow tie 12

    1- feeling safe
    2- leaving valuables in my house when I go out
    3- having privacy (like a room)
    4- friends coming over
    5- somewhere safe for pets
    6- to be warm and dry when it’s cold or cool when it’s hot
    7- I know my way around and I know wear every thing is
    8- being happy and positive
    9- having food
    10- a place I can come home to and forget about my problems

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