February 11, 2016

Dear Division 16,

It is said that Ernest Hemingway once bet a dinner party that he could tell a whole story in just 6 words.

Your assignment today is to write a 6 word short story.

Some call this genre “flash fiction” or “sudden fiction”.

Here are a couple of examples from your teachers:

“Eating candy, the dentist silently wept”

“Winning ticket, back pocket, laundry day”

Your response must be exactly 6 words long and tell a story.  It must hint at a larger story that lies behind the words, or give clues to a bigger picture.  It should leave your audience satisfied yet wondering.

Remember that you need to write a 6 word story, not just write a 6 word sentence.

I look forward to your responses!




  1. super cheese cake

    #1 Thief spotted, too slow, got caught.
    #2 movie star, too cocky, hit wall
    #3 fat chicken, too greedy, got eaten


    #1 Mountain freeway, icy crash 4 dead.
    #2 Tuna fish boycott, Subway in trouble.
    #3 “I’m not allowed on Halloween” “why”
    #4 “Game is finally downloaded!” “dinnertime” “NOOOOOOOOO”
    #5 Baby chicks, busy crosswalk, green light.
    #6 Riding bikes, trampled lawn, angry neighbor.
    #7 Never gives up, wins it all.
    #8 Big dream, small town, escape needed.
    #9 Cooking pasta, splashed boiling water. “YAAAAAAAGH”
    #10 Police inspection, back-door slam “all clear”
    #11 “Four aces” “Me too” bang! bang!
    #12 “Taxes have 6 digits” “Tylenol please”
    #13 Plans for fun, chores instead. Boooooring.
    #14 Age 35, still can’t find job.
    #15 He kneels down, she falls backward
    #16 “I do……Do I?…….I don’t.”
    #17 I’m on a date…..”YOUR boyfriend?!”

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