February 13

Dear Division 17 and 18

Please check out the article found at the link here.  There is text, images and also a video.  Please take a look at all three features in this article.

For your homework this week, please respond to ONE of the following questions.

  1. Think back to our work with the Engineers without Borders when we thought about systemic solutions, which looked at the source of the problem, rather than a “band-aid” solution that just covers it up.  If a “band-aid” solution for the garbage in our harbours is to pick up the garbage that is currently on the ocean floor, what systemic solution would you propose?  Explain what steps you would take and the impact you expect your plan to have on the harbours and coastlines of Canada.
  2. Do some further research on one of the items that the article and/or the video describes having been found on the ocean floor.  In your post, identify what impact that item may have on the ocean floor and on its role as a habitat.  Be specific!

We look forward to your responses!



  1. The Baconator

    I think that scientists could create a robot that dives down to the ocean floor and walks along it, sifting through the soil and picking out garbage. the robot would have to be flat and wide so it could search the ocean floor quickly.

  2. black circle

    I think with barbecues being found in Newfoundlands harbors may be very disastrous if they are propane barbecues because propane is toxic and if the fish get it stuck in their gills they will most likely die. with the currents in the ocean the barbecues lid/cover could close trapping fish and other marine animals inside.

  3. Santiago

    for question 1 I think that they should 1, have more garbage and recycling areas because some people may dump because theres nowhere to put the garbage. 2, spread the word that this is affecting everyone including themselves! people might be doing it
    because they think thats its ok to do it. They might think “Its fine! I’m the only one how is doing it!”. Last of all, They should hold a scavenger hunt for garage. most garbage collected wins a prize (money?) and spread the word of this event.

  4. Flying pinguin

    The amount of garbage that I saw on the video, I thought it was not good for the marine life. It effects all the animals that live near the ocean floor, because the garbage is not for eating and it is not a good way to recycle or throw away stuff in the ocean that will be there for hundreds of years.

    • Cheryl

      Thanks Flying Penguin. Yes, plastic does not break down for hundreds or even thousands of years. What would be a systemic solution to reduce the amount of plastic going into our oceans?


    I think that scientists could have people see if people are throwing garbage in to the sea and tell not and if they don’t they could be fined and the scientists could make like a boat that has a scupper that could gab the garbage and the garbage is very bad for the animals that live in the ocean and a fish or something else and they could get stuck in the nets that were thrown into the ocean and it could kill the animal by hunger and the plastic bags look like jellyfish for the sea turtles and when they eat it they die and that is very bad because if all the turtles die then something will happen like what eats the sea turtles as a normal food could eat endangered animals and they would die and if everyone always keep throwing garbage into the ocean and it would be varying
    dirty and all the animals that live in the ocean would die.

  6. game master 2017

    It is true that picking up the trash would only be a temporary solution more people are just going to throw stuff down there. What I would do is create boats with claw like mechanisms which would go along the seaboard picking up the trash. It cleans up most of the trash and provides jobs. However the idea would take time and resources to apply. Maybe someday we will but for now we all have to be a little more responsible with our garbage. This of course doesn’t completely stop the problem it keeps it from getting out of hand and from what I have seen the problem is very out of hand.

  7. Amythest

    1. I think that a systemic solution would be to have a lot of garbage and recycling bins, along the beach or just near by the ocean, so that people will not just throw all of their garbage and recycling into the ocean. Having the garbage and recycleing bins near the water would help this issue because hopefully nobody would still be having to throw their garbage and recycling into the water when there are garbage and recycling bins in sight when you’re about to throw something in the ocean. Also just having garbage and recycling bins on boats may help because people probably assume that nobody will really see them throwing garbage into the ocean from a boat because the only people who will see are going to be the people on that boat.

  8. lordofthepies05

    I think that an obvious solution that’s affordable is to have more garbage, recycling and green bins, and that will at least stop some of the pollution. My real idea for an easy cheap way to help garbage on the sea floor is this; we should analyze where the most pollution in the harbors, and then put a giant net on the floor of the sea. Every six months or so the lifeguards or ‘beachworkers’ or whoever is responsible for looking after the harbors, maybe the trash people, would close the beach for the day, take the net out, and put it in the dump. Then they would simply lay a new net down, and, wallah! the floor is clean again. This routine would take little money, but mostly time. Oh, and the city would pay for it.

  9. hippodude2005

    1. I think that a systemic solution would be to alert the people in the city and put up lots of extra trash and recycling bins to remind people DON’T PUT IT IN THE OCEAN.
    But if i know people half of them will not listen to all those things so i think we should also put a fine on throwing trash away in the ocean (if they get caught of course) and also they should get a coast guard clean up crew and they will dive down with machines to clean up the ocean floor along with maybe some things that you could attach to a boat to clean up the ocean as well.

  10. mistacheeseman

    1. I think that people who care could start a “Don’t Throw Your Trash in the ocean” committee. Then they could raise awareness through posters in the community that it is bad to throw trash in the ocean and that its affecting sea life. On the posters there could be pictures of the ocean floor so people can see what there doing. After that the people could start a fund to buy scuba gear and take turns going under water and picking up garbage until there isn’t any garbage left. It would take a couple months but eventually it would be done.

  11. Snapshot1178

    1. I think it is tearable that people are just trowing carelessly garbage in to the water. so I propose that for my solution they but 3 or 4 dumpsters by the dock so when people come to trow stuff in the water the can just dispose of it properly.

  12. the engineer

    I think that there should be a fine for throwing things in the garbage. The fine should be $1000 because even if it is a lot of money people have to get the message somehow. To clean up the garbage the city could buy some submarines designed for that type of thing.

  13. Smeagaleater10

    #1 The first part of my systematic solution is to make dumping trash in the water punishable with jail time. The time wouldn’t be too long, the city would develop a ratio for pounds to weeks, for example 20 pounds=1 week. If the pollution is anything under 20 pounds there would be another ratio for a fine, the ratio would be $500 per pound. There would also be jobs that would spot anyone who try to get sneaky. I hope that the severe consequences would deter everyone who try’s to pollute Canadas oceans. The second part of my plan is to simply get the government (and possibly some volunteers) to clean up the ocean floor.

  14. Awesomeness

    My systematic solution is to have cameras near the harbours and a fine if people do put garbage in the harbour. So if people put garbage in the harbour without people knowing, the camera could catch the person and they would have to pay a fine. Also they would have to help clean some of the garbage in the water.

  15. Spirit Heart

    I agree with Awesomeness that there should be a fine and cameras but I would have a different way of doing it. I would add a scanner into the camera so that the next time they come, the camera would scan them again to see if it is the right person to pay the fine.

  16. Narwhalz

    An extreme solution would be to prevent people from getting to the ocean at all. This would ruin fishers but would also help with over fishing and if we keep dumping garbage into the ocean it could become a reality.

  17. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that we need a long term solution like restricting barbecues for different seasons and have something like litter monitors to notice if you are throwing your trash and other items in the harbor. The people that do endanger the environment should pay a fine and do community service like helping to clean that harbor. The litter monitors wouldn’t be staring at you when you are having a good time, its more like they monitor the harbor!!!

  18. Day Dreamer

    I think if people throw their garbage in the harbour that means theres no were close to then to through it away, they don’t care or their to lazy to take it to a actual garage. I think they should make a fine, make signs, put some more garbage cans near the harbour or they could make people who have community service hours clean as much as they can.

  19. Blue Snowflake

    I think that a good systemic solution for the problem could be to first raise awareness about the situation, what’s happening underwater could be shown on television screens, flyers, and newspapers. The next step would be to set up rules at harbours, such as, at what times are you allowed to be there, what you can and cant bring there, or how many things can you take there. The third step would be to have more garbage and recycling bins, some cameras, and monitors to watch and avoid litter being put into the harbours. And as the last step, try to convince a celebrity to spend the day with the person who wins the draw. The draw is where a bunch of people have to buy tickets to win a day with a celebrity, and the money from the tickets would go to the people who would go underwater to the harbours and pick up garbage and trash.

  20. electroe05

    I think the systematic solution would be to start off by creating garbage bins and recycle bins along our shorelines. Now that that’s done we need to let people know about them so we would have a group of vollenteers for about a month letting people know about the new garbage and recycling bins. Now we can’t expect to see it just disappear so I think we should also have PADI start garbage collection dive to go collect old or new garbage from the ocean floor. After around a year the city’s on the coastline should start strictly regulating the amount of garbage entering the ocean then creating a law with a very large fine connected to it. I think over time this could lead to a cleaner earth as well as a safe environment to swim and dive in.

  21. 008rayray800

    The glass bottles, of wine of beer or pop, etc. Are dangerous to fish and other marine life because if they break animals could get cut or even swallow some glass. Smaller fish could swim inside and not be able to get out. Also glass takes roughly 1 million years to decompose.

  22. Snort

    I think that the people who do throw garbage in the harbour is just lazy people because they could just store it in their bag and put it in the garbage when they find one. Or as awesomeness said they could just set up cameras around the harbour to catch the people whose been causing this and give them a fine.

  23. Arty-choke

    Although there is many, many “Band Aid” solutions to this issue, there is not quite so many for long term/systemic solutions. I noticed a lot of other students solution was to put garbage, recycling, and compost bins on shores of beaches and waterfront areas. I like this idea, but there is also garbage bins all throughout the city, but still people toss their trash to the ground or spit there gum out of their car as there driving past. So that technique most likely won’t work on waterfront areas as well. Almost everybody has littered at some point, but they all think the same thing, that it won’t matter if they just throw that ONE can into the bushes, or toss their ONE piece of garbage into the ocean. But if everyone is throwing ONE piece of garbage to places that it doesn’t belong, then that equals to a lot of unwanted garbage littered all over the place. So I think that if we were to show people how it actually effects the people, animals, and nature around them, then they will think twice about dropping there wrapper, cans, or even washer machines and dryers onto & into both land and water. I personally would make big, permanent signs along shorelines showing just how much garbage is being created by US. They would make people aware of what WE are doing to our Planet, ocean and land. Meanwhile (although its a band-aid solution) a massive underwater cleanup could be done to get the current trash off the ocean floor and hopefully people would slowly recognize their mistakes and not refill our ocean floor with trash again.

  24. sleepingsquirrel64

    1 I think that a couple under water drones attached to a weighted net that sweeps along the ocean floor but it would be about 1 inch thick so to not to disturb fishes and it would have to be programmed to not destroy under water plants

  25. DairyKing07

    2. In the article, it tells you that fish gear ends up on the ocean floor which totally makes sense. One a lot of fishers can drop there gear by when trying to catch a fish the fish might have exercised a lot because it talks your rod with you. And they could have dropped there gear while riding a boat.

  26. ThePlatypusLife

    you could create a large boat with a net that skims the surface of the water, picking up floating trash. It could also have something that drives sea life away to keep the animals away from the boat, keeping the amount fish that get caught in those kinds of nets minimal

  27. Lightning Bolt

    In the article bags of garbage have been found. The garbage inside will open up at some point and via water movement or sea animals the garbage will end up scattered around the ocean floor. It is also a death trap to fishes where fish can get trapped and could probably suffocate.

  28. crum

    I think we should all be more aware about what we are throwing into the ocean and not throw anything in the first place. I also feel like if people realized how important this is and realized how many people are doing this they would stop doing it too so I think we should all raise some awareness about this. I also think there should be a national garage sale day.


    Feb 13: Does shipwrecks count as garbage? Maybe not but I maybe think that people can build a space where we put all our garbage. Maybe a abandoned island 🌴 ? Because putting garbage in the ocean 🌊 is not a good idea BECAUSE… guess how many sea creatures are there in the ocean🐙🐠🐟🐬? If we keep throwing garbage in the ocean those cute animals would be in DANGER! So these “smart” people should know how to find a way to do this so my idea is “abandoned island dump”.

  30. Lam

    #1. I think that there should be law if your caught littering you will be finned a lot of money (I think this is already a thing but I’m not sure). Also there should be surveillance cameras around the harbour so they could catch people littering. They could let people know that the ocean life is being effected and that its a big problem. In the video I saw a net. This could effect a fish if one swam into it, it could get trapped.

  31. Jet

    1# I believe that they should make it illegal to dispose of your waste. Of course there’s the bigger problem here, who will and won’t listen to this rule? If there is no one to watch them in the action of disposing into the ocean who can really stop them? I started to think more and i thought maybe its due inefficiencies in the area they live in. What if there were signs persuading them to drop it into a landfill instead of the ocean. What if we made it more efficient to dispose of waste instead of dumping it somewhere. Or possibly they are uneducated on the problem here. Or they “don’t care”. I think if we educated more people on what effect their actions are causing, How they are destroying their own environment by simply throwing waste into the ocean.

  32. domoking101

    #2. I think the most affecting garbage could be the pieces that can be closed like stoves, fridges, barbeques and more because fish can get stuck inside and die. some washing machines may still have bleach in them to and it would be released into the ocean.

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