February 20

Dear Division 16,

Tami found this article and shared it with me.  It’s super interesting, and as we start thinking about our upcoming election and the ways that government can make decisions that affect our lives, let’s take a look at education.

Please read the following article and answer one of the following questions:


  1. Be a decision-maker: Would  you support this kind of a change to schools here in Canada?  Why or why not? Be specific in your response.
  2. Be a teacher: Give an example of a study you would like to explore at school using this format and which subject areas you think it would cover and tell why you think it would be a good choice for student learning.

I look forward to your responses.



  1. Pink Pickle

    I would like to see these changes here in Canada because you can get a better bond with your teacher over it by talking about a certain historic event rather than talking about social studies or geography in itself, students could also be encouraged to take their school more seriously and could enjoy school more because they can choose a certain event that really speaks to them and maybe they wouldn’t think of it as school work as much and could be subconsciously learning instead of knowing that there learning about something that they don’t typically care about and being resentful to learn about it.

  2. The Baconator

    I would support this idea because it could go really well or really bad but a lot of times risks pay off and in this case I feel it would go really well. I do see why some people might lean toward not. It would cost more money to buy materials and skilled educators that excel in this area of work but I think that it would help kids gain plenty of knowledge.

  3. GamingPickle84

    1. I would definitely agree with doing this it would make learning a lot more fun. It wouldn’t be 100+200, it would be how many medics were from Japan and USA combined and how many calories were given in the rations for the soldiers in the USA in WWII. It would take less time to teach because it would teach multiple subjects at the same time. also if you did this you would learn about the world around you at the same time at the basics.

  4. crazymemeslol123

    #1 I think this is a bad idea because it removes most education from schools and especially gym if they did it then there would be no exercise except recess and lunch but that would be very bad you some times have to use math to help you in times of need and so my choice is that we shouldn’t have this in Canada at all.

  5. S.P.E.W

    1. I think that this would be an excellent change because you are always doing some sort of group activity and then you are strengthening that area for every student. I also think that if we had this change in Canada there would be less stress for homework because you are working in a group you could alternate the type of work you are doing at home. I also think that since they are mixing the things together it would make things a lot more diverse in the way we think and work.

  6. Amythest

    #1 I would support this kind of change in school curriculum because I feel that students and teachers would learn more having every subject in one project, so that you’re learning everything at once. If this were to happen I think that this kind of curriculum should start at grade 3 because then for kindergarten, grade 1, 2, and 3 you can learn how to do all of these subjects and all of the school basics.

  7. super cheese cake

    #1 I agree with both of the ideas there are pros and cons about this idea.

    1 student could learn in a really fun way and learn pragmatic knowledge.
    2 if they could learn in a way they want they would learn hard.
    3 they could learn interesting stuff from reality, which they have knowledge base, they could learn fast and effectively.
    4 its more easily for students to learn how to solve problems in reality
    1 if they have a question or certain interest on something, they would spend a lot of time discussing about it, and shift away from those core knowledge they are supposed to learn.
    2 I think no matter how hard the teachers try, there will still be some core skills not covered.

  8. Flying Mandarin

    #[2] I would choose to learn about different countries. I think that this would be interesting to learn. This will fit the learning of Geography and History. You could learn about the language and the culture of the place that you want to learn. You will also know what is currently happening around the world more than anyone else.

  9. purple pom-poms

    #2 If I ever got the chance to suggest a project idea to a school, mine would probably be to teach about unhealthy food and what people actually put in food to make it look good, taste good etc. I think that, that would make a positive difference on many, many kids rest of their lives. It would not only help keep them fit and healthy, but it would also take back some of the reasons of people dying from health issues. I know for one that there is some really unhealthy foods out there and if kids at young age realize how gross or unhealthy some foods are then they will hopefully avoid them as much as they can and in my opinion that will make a big impression on so many lives.

  10. Joaquin

    I think its a grate idea to have it here in Canada we could start it in one province and see how it go’s to know if it’s good for Canada. Its a interesting idea having no subject it will all fit in one i guess. Kids can learn a lot about the whole project not just one thing at a time it’s like what we do at school.

  11. The Time Traveller

    1. I would support this change for schools in Canada because its a bit more relaxed then what they do at other schools also it’s a great way to learn things we do this at dickens and it works well here so why wouldn’t it work well in all the other schools in Canada.
    2. If I were a teacher at a school like this then one thing I would want to study would be film study’s because it could incorporate creative writing and you could get to learn about a very famous art form also I personally chose this because I really care about movies and want to be a movie director.

  12. Spamlington

    #1. I support the new curriculum that is in Finland because it teaches people more than just the subject. It teaches them life skills that they would usually learn at home. This along with how they are learning multiple subjects and how they build teamwork skills convinced me that the change in Finland was for the better.

  13. the engineer

    I would support these changes because this way kids don’t spent time learning things that they will not use in their life. Also teachers won’t waste their time teaching things that kids will not use. Another reason why I support these changes is because in our class we already do some of these things, like working in groups on projects that combine different subjects and it’s been working out just fine.

  14. smeagaleater10

    1.I do support this idea but since Canada is much bigger than Finland the transition will probably be less smooth than theirs. Also this will effect the students understanding of the system so it will take about a week or 2 for everyone to adjust. Also there could be some hidden costs in the transitions. Even though there is heavy cons I believe that the pros vastly outweigh them. First of all the change in system will change the way some students look at the schools and world, this change to multi-subject perspective might make them enjoy school even more, also this perspective might inspire students to create new inventions and come up with new ideas. Second, the way that some schools are now they don’t help the students develop as many team building skills so the new system can help them learn how to cooperate and work better with different people. Team working skills are an important part of any job and many real life situation scenarios.

  15. Apple juice-Injury

    I support this kind of change because the teachers get paid more and I think that without subjects kids get learn it in a real life situation like in something that covers home economics.I also think that you can be more creative with how you cover each subject and how you represent it.

  16. Touchdown

    1. I definitely support this change because that way you can fully in body a topic and learn about all the sides of it.


    #1 I would be against these changes in Canada because I find that everyone should know all their subjects and then later they can chose the ones they like and have their own categories of the professions they want. Also if someone with the current kind of education got fired from their job they would have other knowledge to still use.

  18. Arcticfox

    1# I agree. These changes are excellent and i support them. My reason for why is you should not have to stop and think, will this actually help me after school? There are a few problems i find in the schools education system myself. Although you learn so much you really don’t learn what you must. School doesn’t teach you how to pay taxes or get a job, it just guides to witch field you would like to go into.

  19. Sushi Monster

    #1 I support theses changes because I think that they are teaching kids things you wouldn’t normally learn in school like which jobs are good for you and life lessons that you can use in life. I like the fact that they solve things in groups because when your older you have to learn to work together with other people.

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