February 18, 2016

Dear Division 16,

We had some Division 16 alumni visit us this week during a late start at their school.  One of our alumni, reader, suggested that the video “Dear Future Generations, Sorry” would make a good blog assignment.  I agree!

In order to respond, please watch the following video:

In your response, please comment on the effect this video had on you.  It’s OK if you have seen it before. Your post can be:

  • a question this video raised for you,
  • a connection to something you have seen before (including a link would be great!)
  • a comment on whether this way of getting a message out is effective for you
  • or any other response that engages with the content in the video

I look forward to your responses!



  1. crazymemeslol123

    I think it’s effective to me because he’s right about saving trees from making them into money I mean trees are what is making us live I think they should stop making dollar bills instead so they can make something really useful like bikes and wind powered vehicles it’s great that we should stand up for ourselves and our trees will soon be what they used to be big gigantic trees like in the dinosaur age there where enormous amount of trees we had no pollution in the age at all but when we came in we made the pollution worse so we should tell the government to stop his tree cutting Crew to stop bulldozing trees.

  2. Amythest

    I think that the video was really evective for me because he was saying that we need to care about the environment more. Some people do, but it’s not enough for all of the trees on the world. I also think that it was evective because he was saying sorry to the next generation but I feel like it was just for everyone who watches this video. I think that living is more important than having money like he said because I want to live as long as I can and I don’t care if I’m rich or not but if they’re were no trees there would be absolutely no life on earth. I just think that this video is very effective for me at least, and it really makes you relise that we’ve kind of lost a lot of animals and plants and we still could have those animals that got instinct or the trees that we cut or burnt down.

  3. Crazychicken lover

    I think that this was very effective for me because the person that was speaking really cares about the environment to make a video is quite difficult. I think that what the wise man said really spoke out to me because it really showed how greedy us humans are and you really can’t eat money and you can see how important trees are because they give they take. They give life and they are so plentiful until now and you can see how some people dont care about the enviroment and there are no excuses because if the first nations people can live for centuries and we can even survive only a few decades than we have no excuses to say we had so less time . To the people who don’t know what trees are and you are reading this I truly say I am sorry for what we have done to the environment. I am sorry.

  4. super cheese cake

    I think we really should stop cutting or burning down what is feeding us and giving us air. Money maybe can give us some thing but not for long. What trees give us is infinite sources, lives and air. In the past we thought we had all the trees to chop down and made money but now I have discovered that those trees were limited and within a thousand year if we keep chopping down these threes there will be none left. And we could be extinct. I didn’t know how fast people were chopping down trees until I watched this video.
    This way is very effective. People are using internet quit often. So if one person find this very interesting he’ll post it on the internet and other people can see it and past it on. Then the massage will become infectious and powerful. More and more people know about how important the trees are. It will influence their behaviours. That can gradually change the world.

  5. Shadow145

    This video effected me a lot because people of cutting down trees down to make money. The video said that the desert he was in was the amazon desert it used to be the rain forest and now there’s no more trees anymore because of people cutting down trees just to make money. Trees are more important then money because it provides us air it also takes carbon from the atmosphere Trees support us in any kind of way and it is possible that trees could be extinct and then we could be extinct. I did not know people take this much trees but when I saw this video it shows how much people have been cutting trees down. But we can still help change the environment from getting too many trees chopped down until none is left.


    #3 This message effects me in a super powerful way, and I couldn’t stop staring at this video and I kept agreeing to everything that the guy said because it really is true that some people put things like greed before need. Also I agree with prince ea that all people should do whatever they can to fight climate change because, I also hold firm agreement with the fact that everyone should try to stand for trees because Quoting the old wise guy and prince ea “when all the rivers are dry and all the trees are cut down, man will only realize that you cant eat money.”

  7. Rouge

    I thought that this video was a very frightening reality that will happen if we don’t change things. I think that the video was really powerful and a great way to get the message about our environment across. I never thought about how we are destroying and polluting our surroundings to earn just plain money, in the end I think our earth is more important than wealth. In the video they said that the place he was standing in used to be the Amazon Rainforest, now it’s the Amazon Desert because of climate change. I think that we all take our earth for granted and we don’t know how lucky we are to have this amazing, green, healthy place for us to live in and sometimes we don’t give back to it and take good care of it after it has taken such good care of us. But I also think that this video was very hopeful and inspirational, because they said that our earth can be re-directed if we clean it up and take care of it and if we all work together we can minimize climate change and stop fossil fuels from being burned. This is our only home and we have to preserve it for many people and animals to come.

  8. baconguy

    This was very effective for me because of the way he does it all, putting it in the perspective of someone in future generations, were there are barely any trees left and the earth is a complete waste. This really makes me sad and now want to help the future of the world. Hopefully this video will be shared so they understand, too.

  9. The Dude

    I think this poem was really powerful. Because it kind of explained all the kind of mixed up things we;ve done over the past fifty years and how we can take back what we did.
    The poem also really talked about how the people of the past couple of generations really do feel bad about doing these things. Cos we are finally having those problems with oxygen and stuff now. I think this was a pretty good way to put the message out – a video poem that everyone can see around the world.world. One thing that really spike to me was when the guy quoted Sarah Palin saying “I love the smell of fossil fuels”. I think that really explained jut how much our society has become bent on money.

  10. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think this poem&song was really powerful to me and it really got to me because I really love being in trees and I love being outside so it’s a really big thing for me ,once we got started with cutting down trees and making our habitat and environment not so safe it will be so much harder to stop and then we willface extinction of human race eventually ,our earth is so much more valuable than anything we have more than money more than family because ewithout it we can’t have all the things we want the part that really got to me was when we put greed onerous need and the kids had to wear masks just to go to school which is really sad .he should try toget on the radio so that he can alert more people .

  11. iron lanturn

    I think this video was very effective/powerful especially because he was in a dried out place.
    it showed how we are killing the earth and how to stop that.
    that video made me realize that we are going to destroying everything now I think what earth
    will be in 1000 years? a deserted desert?

  12. PandaTush

    This video was very sad to watch for me because of seeing what our world has become. We think money is more important than humans. The video hit me like I was punched in the face. It’s just that powerful. He stood in a place that once carried life within but now it’s just a place where things die. I get the purpose of money, but I’m really surprised on how people superior put humans , our world aside for paper. That paper that we trust our life in used to be something that was alive and it’s purpose in this world was to help. It’s like every tree that is cut down, a little more air is pulled out of your lungs. But what the saddest thing is to me, is not what he’s talking about, but the words that describe our cruel reality. He was inspired to make this video, which to me, has inspired not only me, but many others to make a change. Our world.

  13. The Baconator

    I thought that this was very powerful and persuasive. I thought this was powerful because I was engaged the whole time and really got his message and I already know that this is happening and I feel that he gave me more knowledge. I thought it was persuasive because he really pulled his emotions together and put them in this video. After watching this video I am wondering what other countries suffer the consequences of our horrific choices. I feel that this is kind of like the persuasive writing about animals. They both had a main point to share and they both only said bad things about what is happening.

  14. smeagaleater10

    The message that the artist sent was very powerful for me. The animation that he used painted a clear message and amplified the effectiveness. His message was effective because the content of his lyrics worried me about a lot of environmental problems such as deforestation, extinction for both humans and plenty of other life forms and the ice melting. The video made me also feel hopeful because at the end of the song he said that “An error becomes a mistake because you choose not choose to correct it” then he named a good solution to the problem. Another verse in the song that really inspired me was “we must realize that we are a part of nature not apart from nature so to betray nature is to betray us and to save nature is to save us” this verse made me really realize how reliant and connected to nature we are. Overall, I thought that the song was good and the lyrics were very special.

  15. Joaquin

    I think the video is an effective way to get the message out because it incorporates things that this generation like. For example the use of spoken word, the use of music, the images detailing what the was talking about. All of these things together plus the importance of his message make this video effective. I think that using all of these creative ways in one video grabs your attention about what is happening in the world, it gives you information that maybe isn’t new- but is way more interesting. He talks about the reality of people’s attitudes towards the Earth and the harsh truths about the corruption in governments.When he says, “You don’t know much about trees” talking to the future generations, it made me think I hope this doesn’t really happen. We are so used to seeing trees everywhere in the city, we take them for granted. Thinking about the future and knowing that one day they may actually be extinct is scary- we will become extinct, just like he says in this video. It made me think about what we do about the Earth’s destruction when he says that as a child he read that the Native Americans felt responsible for how they left the land for the next SEVEN GENERATIONS- yet most people nowadays, only think about themselves. We need to really reverse all the mistakes that we have made, we need to save trees-bodies of water-animals for the future generations. One day when I have my own kids, I want them to be able to see forests and hike through them. I want them to be able to see animals in nature not just in books and pictures because they no longer exist. I want them to be able to swim in the oceans and lakes, and not just be surrounded by deserts.

  16. ArcticOwl

    I found this video very inspiring i watched it three times and loved each time.I thought this video had a very good connection with the world and makes you really want to help as much as you can.If president Trudeau watched this he would make action eminently and get this problem fixed as fast a possible.I was wondering from the start of the video was he rapping or is it supposed to just be a video about telling people what the world is gonna be if we don’t help soon.I thought it was both though i’m not so sure.

  17. DancingPorcupine

    This video made me realize that if we don’t stop cutting down trees and hurting the environment, there will be no environment for futeure generations to appreciate and help to save. This video made me wonder what we, as a society and as a country can do to help to save the environment for future generations. I thought that this was a very effective way of getting his point across because lots of people are on the internet so millions of people can see this and be effected by it and hopefully do something to help.


    I thought that this was a really effective way of getting the word out. Because it made me want to watch more of his videos to find out more of things he wants to take action in.

  19. Ginger

    Wow, this video was so powerful! It showed me how our world might actually be coming to an end, due to human ignorance and greed. The video covered so much ground, from Columbia to Bangladesh, deforestation to Sarah Palin, and it really showed how much Prince Ea (the creator of the video) cared about the planet, and how much he wanted citizens, like us, to care too. This video reminded me of a video I watched last year, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8YQIaOldDU8, narrated by Morgan Freeman. Instead of showing the negative effects of climate change and deforestation, it showed what good the future can bring, such as sustainable energy and better housing. These two videos show opposite ends of the spectrum – the good that can come out of helping the environment and the terrible things which could happen if we don’t.

  20. Sr.Fruitcake

    I think this was a very powerful way of getting things across and his wording was very expressive. It raises the question for me, will he be right about all of that in a few hundred years? We think he’s exaggerating but really he might be more accurate than all of us think. We really could be wondering what trees looked like in a couple of centuries. And how he rounded off about that we can always save the planet and that it is not to late was very inspiring to get up and do something about it.

  21. Den10@Sea43

    I think that all that he said was true and that there is more then just today and I like the quote at the end. I think that we can all benefit from working towards a better future then a better today

  22. A.ayewthelegend

    I thought that it was very powerful because the statistics were just shocking and quite horrific. When he was taking about the First Nations respecting the Earth I was asking myself why are we not living like that today. There is no reason we can’t just give up on most machines. Sure we need some of them but many are sucking up our resources and in 500 years how will there even be any trees left. We must change our philosophy from focusing on development of our countries to slowing that process down so we can give our planet some breathing time and flourish without axes chopping it back down.

  23. TechNerd

    When I watched this video, I thought that “He is right, we can correct this error. If can be done” and I totally agree with him. If we don’t stop cutting down our world’s trees, what will happen? What will happen to our world? Will our normal life’s change without trees? Of course they will. And that is why I totally agree with him, we are cutting down so many trees, at such a high rate. We can stop and correct this error of ours, bring back these beautiful trees for many generations to come. I think that people and company’s who cut down trees need to understand, they need to stop cutting down so many trees. I’m not telling them to stop cutting down all trees, but stop that high rate of tree cutting. We can still cut down a little bit of treed but not that much, an amount that will not bring our tree levels close to extinction. What will happen if there’s an extinction of trees in the future? That will mean almost no air. You can just say that we’ll be dead without trees and the air they produce.

  24. balloongirl123

    I think that this video was affective to the world because that guy really really cared for the environment/earth he also cared about the amazing nature. I think that they need to stop cutting done the trees because they are apart of earth and trees are really important to the whole world what would happen to the world if there are no nature in the world that’s probably not great.

  25. Purple Pickle

    I think this is a very great way of getting a problem heard of because millions of people go on youtube everyday and I bet more than half of them are people who want to protect the environment and being that that video is extremely powerful I think it would push people to try to do something or support something to help that cause.

  26. 14A Dinosaur

    my question is how long will it take for the human race to go extinct how long will i take for the animals to go extinct how long will it take for the whole world to go extinct

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