February 23

Dear Division 16,

Today we heard from Naomi about her experience talking to a grocery store manager on the changing culture of food waste within the industry.  Think back to her main points and answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. What factors do you think contributed to the reduction in food waste that Naomi described?
  2. Do you think that this response is typical for all grocery stores? Why or why not?

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Touchdown

    2. I don’t think that many stores cared about there waste until the public saw it and then they started to make changes.

  2. crazymemeslol123

    #2 I think it’s typical to all grocery stores but they won’t do it because they rather save there economy then help others like Naomi’s sisters husband/boyfriend the manager of the managers in a superstore wasted a lot less then most of the other superstores there superstore is considered the most the least most wasted amount of food in (I forgot where) and I would think this should be in all of the Canadian stores but it might reduce the economy of Canada by a lot but it’s better then wasting.

  3. Flying Mandarin

    #1 Naomi told us that the manager tried to reduce food waste from the grocery store. At first he was not successful. He kept trying to reduce food waste until he succeeded. He was able to save about two million in food waste.

  4. Spamlington

    #1. I think what caused the reduction in food waste was the buyers. The supermarkets know how much people care about food waste in modern days, and seeing how bad the problem of supermarkets wasting food is with their own eyes would not be good for the sales of supermarkets.

  5. smeagaleater10

    #1 I think that one the factors is the public. The public could reduce the amount of food wasted by rallying against food waste or putting up posters against food waste. I’m not sure if the public was doing that in the store’s area but they are legitimate factor. I think another factor is the government. The government can have an influence on the amount grocery stores waste by setting up incentives to reduce their food waste. I’m not sure that the government had incentives at the time but they are a legitimate factor.

  6. the engineer

    I think that this is a typical response with all grocery stores because they want to make sure people want to buy products at their stores. They say that their stores are the best at reducing food waste in Canada. For example would you rather shop at a store that wastes food all the time or shop at a store that doesn’t waste at all? It’s an obvious decision. But that means every store but one is not telling the full truth.

  7. GamingPickle84

    #2 I think what motivated them to reduce food waste is when the public saw it all because they are there, customers and they wouldn’t buy food from them anymore.

  8. Amythest

    2. Some grocery stores really care about reducing food waste, just on their own, but there are some that don’t care until they know that the public knows about how much food is being watsed. Plus I think grocery stores in general, even if the store try’s to reduce food waste on their own will still try harder when the public knows.


    In the videos we saw for our food project, there were videos how people went inside the dumpster looking at all of the good food. the food was not bad yet. the date was you couldn’t eat it anymore, it was about a week till the date ended. The people who went in the dumpsters kept trying, to talk to the people inside who owned the store, asking a question why perfectly good food was being wasted. The stores didn’t say anything. the store owner finally talked to them. after the talk, the store didn’t take action at first, the people who were in the dumpsters posted a video on the media and the media took action saying “why are the stores wasting perfectly good food?” the stores finally took action after the media and promised to everyone… They would stop wasting food. they may still waste some food. but at least it is half of what they wasted.

    there were many more videos, why this was my favorite one.

  10. Soccerboy123ABC

    1 I think some factors to the reduction of food waste is the media because they may not really care and if the media gives it attention they 2ill start to recognize what they are doing.I also think another factor is that people want change and they have to start some where and so they started here and they stuck to there priorities.My last one is politicians and movement people because they stand for what they belive in and what they think is right.

  11. purple pom-poms

    #1 – Many times at large food stores, the company workers only pay attention to the money they make and their jobs but in this situation the store is taking on the difficult task of avoiding food waste. They did this because of news stories showing the food waste that stores had always hidden. Once the consumers realized how much food was being wasted, they wanted it to stop and they would avoid certain stores that continued to waste food. The store Naomi talked about worked hard finding many ways to reduce waste and in the end people chose that store over others because they proved they cared about food waste. The company saved around $2 million dollars which means it also made good business sense.


    #2 I getting exposed to the world that your store wastes food can cause a major dent in buisness so most grocery stores would change their ways to maintain profit

  13. Arcticfox

    2# I suppose that typically grocery stores do whats best for their customers. They saw their customers doubting the stores sustainability when everyone started thinking about reducing waste. So they, themselves decided to change or not change the system of importing more food than needed. Also wasting it.

  14. Sushi Monster

    #2 i think the stores just through out food because donating it takes to much effort for them. When the public say it they tried to do something so this doesn’t make there store look bad.

  15. S.P.E.W

    2. I think that most stores are greedy and don’t think that much of the environment. I think that as soon as people find out how the stores actually are, they appear to change but don’t actually do much at all.

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