February 27

Dear Division 17 and 18,

Thank you for your thoughtful and interesting responses to last week’s question, which was a reflection on the themes in “Paper Things”, our last Read Aloud novel.

For this week’s assignment, please go back to your post from last week and review your response. (If you have not yet completed last week’s post, yes, that means you have to do it now)

After thinking on them, please identify (choose) one of the ten ways your life would be impacted by homelessness that you think would have the greatest effect on you.  Give reasons for your choice and explain how you think it would be different.

We look forward to your responses!



  1. Smeagaleater10

    I think that not having a sense of security because of homelessness would have a big impact on me. If I didn’t have a sense of security I wouldn’t be able to relax, sleep easily, or trust people quicker. This would probably lead to not having as many friends and sleepless nights. Overall I think that feeling secure is a very important thing and that my life would be much more different without it.

  2. The phantome blade

    I think that privacy would be the hardest because if you were living on the streets you would not have privacy to sleep and eat or even go to to the washroom.I think that not having privacy would ruin my concentration while I’m doing homework and I would almost defiantly not have an electronic device to do my blog homework on.

  3. 008rayray800

    I think getting to school would be impacted greatly by being homeless. Who knows where I would be sleeping and how far it would be from school. Also if your homeless there’s a pretty good chance you don’t have a car and that would impact things for me to because often I drive to school.

  4. Santiago

    I think that homework would impact you the greatest because lets say you need to do some math homework but you can’t, because you are to busy going to different places, which can 1, make it so you don’t have time to do it because your to busy going from point A to point B. 2, you can lose your work that you worked so hard on and 3, what if have something like a blog homework? homeless usually don’t have devices.

  5. lordofthepies05

    I think if I was homeless not having peace and quiet would probably affect me the most because I’m usually around lots of people and outside meaning I hear loud stuff a lot and because of that I really need time on most day where it’s just quiet. I think not having quiet would also affect my sleep after awhile because I’d wake up in the night almost every night, therefore I’d get much less sleep.

  6. Lightning Bolt

    I think having to travel a lot would affect me the most because I get really stressed when I don’t know where to go next and if I end up finding nowhere to rest for the night I also get really stressed because I want a place to rest and know where I can be safe for a bit. Also, the thought of having no home scares me cause I don’t have a place where I can really feel like I’m safe and a place where I can call home.

  7. Narwhalz

    I think what would affect me most would be socially. I need a place to hang out with my friends and play. Also It would be hard to tell my friends.

  8. Flying pinguin

    I think that having no electricity effect me because, when I do my homework I need electricity to turn on the light and to post my blog homework. Also you need electricity to make or cook food to eat. When your tablet gets low battery you need electricity to charge it.

  9. crum

    I think that being comfortable would affect me the most because I will never have somewhere I can relax and it would not be fun to always be on the roll. I also would probably get no sleep because I was not comfortable and sleep can affect many things.

  10. domoking101

    I think the problem of not being able to sleep is the most important to me because sleeping affects everything we do.
    focus, learning, sports, you need to have slept well for almost everything. that’s why I think sleep’s so important.

  11. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that personal space and privacy is important to me because if you are homeless in Vancouver down town you have no place that makes you feel safe and at night there’s a lot mental health and drug addiction problems down there and its not a safe place for people to wandering around.

  12. Lam

    I think the biggest problem would be the sleepless nights because the next day you would be exhausted and the next night you would have a bad sleep so you would always be tired and its not healthy to not get a good sleep.

  13. Day Dreamer

    I think not being able to have privacy/peace and quiet would affect me the most because like in the book Paper Things I would not be able to get much don like my homework then I would get in trouble at school for not doing my homework. Another reason why not having privacy/peace and quiet would affect me the most is I am a very light sleeper so I would not be able to sleep and that means I would be very grumpy and tired during the day.


    I Think Privacy is pretty important because you need privacy to take a shower 🚿 or do your homework 📚 like who’d want to do their homework I’m front of everyone?. Or take a shower the same way? Of course we would all feel embarrassed 😳 about that.

  15. Amythest

    I think that having no privacy would be the hardest part of being homeless, because you are just sitting outside for quite a long time with everyone walking by and looking at you. Having no privacy kind of connects to no guarantee that when you wake up from your nap or something, that you will still have everything you had when you went to sleep. If anybody who is homeless has any valuables, and no privacy, most likely has nowhere to store them where somebody could just grab something and run away.

  16. game master 2018

    Personally, I think what would impact me the most if I was homeless is not being able to stay healthy. Without our health it doesn’t really matter how our social life is going our how our homework is going along. For example if you got a life threatening disease it wouldn’t really matter how your math homework is going along. Self care is harder when you don’t have access to affordable food, water, or other things you need to stay healthy.

  17. the engineer

    I think that the worst for me would be that I couldn’t sleep in a bed because that basically brings you back to the whole homelessness genre. Without a bed you don’t have privacy and you would be cold at night. Also you would have to sleep in an old sleeping bag or something like that.

  18. chiefblobfish

    I think not having clean clothes would be a horror for me because sometimes you get water on them and if you don’t dry them they get soggy. Also if you just went to the beach or played in mud if you were homeless you would not clean your clothes but if you weren’t homeless then you would clean your clothes because of all the gunk on them.If you sweat and don’t change your outfit then they’ll become crusty.

  19. Blue snowflake

    Not being able to be alone when I’m at home would greatly affect me. I wouldnt be able to think about yesterday, today, or tomorrow, or just have more privacy. I would probably always have a short temper to whatever’s happening, I probably wouldn’t want friends so then I could be alone. I wouldn’t always be excited for a new day, or try to be positive and motivated at all. Because when I’m alone, I don’t feel like someone expects something from me. I don’t have to do this for someone else, I can just be me. And that calms me down, being alone makes me think that everything’s okay and I can start again. But when I have that taken away from me, I feel like I don’t have to try or do anything, that everything is easier if I just give up.

  20. Snapshot1178

    I think not having a place to sleep without distraction wold be really hard for me because I love my sleep, and without proper sleep it wares anybody down. A distraction when you sleep will wake you up and give you sleep depression.

  21. Snort

    I think that having privacy would be the biggest impact on me because if you’re are doing your homework other people around are just staring at you. Also you wouldn’t be able to do anything without someone there walking right across from you. When you’re going to sleep random people walking by could just take your belongings without you knowing.

  22. Spirit Heart

    I think that privacy is pretty important because you would have to seep in front of the public and your on the ground. Wait! I’m not done! You can’t really take a shower and you would have to change your clothes in front of a crowd if you have another pair of clothes.🙀

  23. what the what!

    I think that having a place to call home is important because when you are homeless, you don’t have the opportunity to have clean clothes or have a place to sleep at night.

  24. electroe05

    I think that having somewhere to store your belongings would be the worst part because someone could sneak right in and take my items. If you had a necklace someone could technically come right in and take your lovely necklace.

  25. narutoshippudenfanboy1769

    Privacy because I’m not the type of person to instantly mesh with a stranger and so I feel scared and embarrassed. Also, I would probably be afraid to do the things I would like since I think they would mock me for my hobbies or criticize me. The next reason is the thought of having a guest in your house and if they will steal your belongings, for an example they might steal your best YUGIOH deck. Lastly, I can’t celebrate the Toronto Raptors winning if the person is a Golden State fan.

  26. Jet

    Comfort. Not only in the sense that i would be uncomfortable sleeping on the street, but also that having to tell people you are homeless. That you cannot afford what others can. Comfort knowing that you are safe and healthy and well. That all of your family needs comfort but nobody can be comforted.

  27. Catzrule

    Privacy. As far as i know, everyone in our class has a home and somewhere to call their own. Maybe a room, a part of a room, who knows. But if we didn’t have that, we would probably have to change, go to the washroom, and sleep in front of the public. And I know that i can’t do any of those things in front of anyone else, not even my cat! Plus, you would have to deal with strangers and might even get caught in the middle of street fights that could injure you, but remember, you can’t afford treatment. Hard life, yeah?

  28. [vilepickle123]

    I think that doing my blog would by really hard because I would need to use a device and it might be hard to access one. Doing my blog is already hard enough because sometimes the question will seem hard and i get stressed about it.

  29. Awesomeness

    The hardest thing for me is, not being stressed out about not knowing where you are going to sleep. That would be the hardest for me because if you are stressed out all day then you would be thinking about where you are going to sleep instead of doing your homework, writing a test, and listening to the teachers. When you’re stressed out you could take your anger out on friends and/or family, if that happens they would be upset with you, and you don’t want to upset anyone. Also the day is better with nothing to worry about.

  30. DairyKing07

    If I were homeless the thing that would affect me most is where to sleep and to clean your body. These are two important to keeping your body healthy. I like taking baths and sleeping so that’s another reason why.

  31. black circle

    I think that privacy would have the biggest effect because there would be a bunch of random people staring at you and it would be creepe. also when you are sleeping who knows what someone could do to you.

  32. bow tie 12

    There is so many but I think privacy and the comfort of a home is a big thing. If you lived on the street you would be in the public. All these people would walk by you when your trying to sleep or trying to have your own space. Even if you stayed in a shelter for a night you still would not have the comfort of you home. You would not know wear stuff is.

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