February 27

Dear Division 16,

I found this article that is in the centre of the Venn Diagram between our last project and our current one.  Please read it and then answer the question below:


When you read this article about Dyana Aljizawi, what identities do you identify in how she is described?  Which identities do you think are the most important to her? Why do you think that?

I look forward to your responses,



  1. purple pom-poms

    I think that she sounds like a very interesting person and I identify that she is really brave because she not only came from a place of war but that she is still fighting for what she thinks is right. Another one is defiantly True to her culture. A reason for that is that it sounds like she is no matter what is sticking to her cultures food. This might be important to her because whenever she cooks, it would remind her of home. Which would probably bring her both good and bad memories. Good because it would remind her of her home and family, so its probably special to her and bad because Syria is where a pretty bad war is happening which relates back to her being so brave and knowing and having such harsh memories. She sounds like a super brave and passionate person and anyone who meets her must think so too.

  2. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that Diana Aljizawi is really brave because she is protesting against a man who has a lot of power and she does it everyday I don’t think she is just protesting I think she is also doing it because she wants to and enjoys it,it might make her think of family and the food they ate at Ramadan and at the end of the Islamic holy month of fasting in Syria .Another one is poor because she describes her house and how much money they are making and I feel bad for her and I don’t think that anybody should have to live that way. Hopefully is another one because she is doing this and hoping that something will change and make it so people from Syria can come to the U.S.A.

  3. smeagaleater10

    I found that Dyana Aljizawi is brave because not only is she from a war torn country but she also made a brave decision to stay in her Syrian Supper Club when Trump was elected. Another trait that I identified was that she is determined, she is determined because she fights a powerful man and the only thing that keeps her going is her determination to set things right in the relationship between Americans and Syrians. I think that Dyana Aljizawi would think that courage and determination are some of her most important identities because that is what helps her in her everyday life.

  4. super cheese cake

    I think that she is a very brave and smart person because she used a very creative and clever way to protest instead of just screaming at Donald Trump that’s in side her TV. She protests in a fun yet unviolated way, it is good for her because she could connect back to her family back in where she came from. She is trying really hard to blend in and let people accept Syrians.

  5. Spamlington

    I think that Dyana Aljizawi has identified many amazing traits such as strength, skill, and bravery, but the two that I think were probably most important are perseverance and optimism. In a sense they go hand in hand as play a similar role when going through a tough time, but they can also be very different when you look at some situations. I think that perseverance played in to Dyana’s story before she immigrated to the U.S. because she was going through difficult times in a war torn country and she kept on going. I think that optimism was most important after she immigrated, as she was optimistic for a good future, even with Trump as president.

  6. Amythest

    Dyana Aljizawi is such a hard worker. I think identifies her in this article was that she was very brave in imagrating to America, due to her country being in war, she was a hard working chef every single day, and strength to do all of this. I think her most important identity was her being a chef, because it’s what she is passionate about and it’s allowing her husband, and her to get some money for their groceries. Plus the money that the club makes goes to women buying groceries, which benifits her. Overall I think she is a very good person, for being so determined, in life.

  7. The Time Traveller

    One thing that I identified her by was her identity as a cook I also identified that she was an immigrant She was female I also identified her as being Syrian. I think that the identities that would be most important to her would be her ability to cook because that’s obviously a way she can help people . I also think her immigrant status would be important to her because she moved from a whole other country and made her life completely different and that’s important that would be a big part of her life

  8. The Baconator

    I think that Dyana could identify as a very skilled cook but is modest about it. This is so important because it is probably one of the only things she can still do that came from her hometown. She probably feels ashamed about her culture and who she is. People might feel uncomfortable around someone that appears different so she hides herself

  9. the engineer

    Dyana Aljizawi has been displaced from Syria, a war-torn country. She has lost her home. All she wants to do is cook for her family and have a safe life. She is happy to be in America but she didn’t always feel welcome. And with Trump as president things are even harder. She is afraid that she can’t stay in America and must go back to Syria. At the Syria supper club she feels more relaxed, she gets compliments for the food she makes and she can help other refugees. By cooking food she shows Trump how wrong he is about not letting refugees into the country.


    I think the characteristics that describe her are brave, generous, energetic and welcoming. I like how she says she likes America. But the way she expresses her fondness of the country is by welcoming others into it. Unlike some people from America who express their fondness of America by hating non Americans, (cough, cough Trump)

  11. crazymemeslol123

    Dyana Ajizawi well what i know about her from reading the article that she many things that she loved in her life that she couldn’t take it anymore so she went to America so she could cook for her family and live a normal life and its also about the travel ban that Donald trump made when he was president of America which made he feel like she doesn’t belong there anymore and it just doesn’t feel like home and the war that is going on in Syria must of been really scary for her because she lost quite a lot of family like her father,brother, and 3 cousins in war but she made herself feel more comfortable by cooking food and she gets lots of love when she cooks for her costumers and she can maybe one of the best syria chefs (if the world if that is a real thing of course).

  12. Flying mandren

    She is trying to connect with other people by cooking and sharing traditional food to local people in U.S and Canada.She is trying to show that by serving food to people they can learn the culture of there country.

  13. Arcticfox

    Her identity was partly from Syria which at the moment is taking part in civil war. She was also from New Jersey where she is living now with her husband.(as said in the article) She is making food from her home country to show the United States Of America a little bit about her culture. She was also having troubles. She described how she was scared to go outside because of Trump being president. She said how she was scared he was going to send her back to her war torn country.

  14. Sushi Monster

    Dyana Aljizaw seems to be a strong and brave female who understand what people are going through and is contributing to making there lives easier. Inside she is scared of Donald trump who is making it hard to feel like she fits in he is not looking at the inside of people just the outside of there identify. She is hard working cooking all those dishes to help people. I also think she is generous to be doing all those kind things to help make peoples lives much easier.

  15. sparkle sloth

    I think she’s empathetic and caring and likes to take care of people, and I think the things that are most important to her are being thankful and gracious. I think she’s caring because she’s against Islamophobia and she seems to be very helpful with helping other people cook. I think she cares about people being thankful because she’s an immigrant and she has probably experienced more things than other people do when they are in their 20s.

  16. S.P.E.W

    I think that Dyana AljizawI is strong, powerful, kind, true to her family and courageous. I think that her most important identities are that she is powerful, she is powerful because she was living in a terrible place and still isn’t quite as comfortable in her new home as she would like to be. She is powerful because she doesn’t feeling comfortable leaving her but she does and supports her family. She is also true to her family because Evan though she lost some she still is honouring them and is helping out her husband by working while he looks for a job. I think that because she betrays it very clearly in the article talking about them even though they might hurt and living in place that still doesn’t feel safe and feeling like she still has to fight.

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