February 29, 2016

Dear Division 16,

In the past, we have done a photo project for blog homework. I think with all of the discussions about interconnectedness through your Itadakimasu project with Dylan and your thinking around Pink Shirt Day, it’s a good time to do another one.

A newspaper in the UK called The Guardian has an ongoing project called “Guardian Witness” where readers submit photos that they believe represent a certain theme.

You can look at some examples here:


For your homework this week (and you will have a full week to complete this), please email me an original photo that you think represents the concept of “Interconnectedness” It can be a photo you have already taken or one you take just for this project, but it must be an original photo.

Take a look at the contributions from Division 16 last year on the concept of “community”:


I look forward to your responses!