February 6

Dear Division 17 and 18,

Today’s blog assignment is guest written by ThePlatypusLife.

Go back to the Baconator’s assignment two weeks ago where we made up words. Here is the link.

Choose three or more of your favourite made up words from the posts and write them out in a few short sentences that make sense together.

We look forward to your responses,



    • ThePlatypusLife

      I needed to read this several times, but I managed to figure out what it meant (I think) without going back to the previous week!

  1. The phantome blade

    Scientists used epicology to discover more about the Ginormous Lethal Lizards by the end of it they were caughing


    When a Profetional chef went to the pet shop because his pet died he look he saw a cukie a marble color insect and said i get this one

  3. Santiago

    the chef was preparing a cantamelon to put in his E&C backpack but he could not because he was caughing to hard.

  4. ThePlatypusLife

    I was ralking down the street when I walked into a totally random ΡΟΖPOULIΚΥΡΙΑ, just standing in the street! Well, this is odd, I thought, but I looked more closely I realized it was sleeping! I thought it must be moil, but then I realized it was plastic! I caughthinged (not sure what the plural), but then quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen what had happened. but no one had, so I walked away, this time not ralking, so I wouldn’t ralk into any more ΡΟΖPOULIΚΥΡΙΑs.

  5. aqua ant

    Today I was cupkiemelon because my parents finally after a long time of begging let me try a cantamelon and a cupkie.

  6. Lightning Bolt

    I had an sinatic attack earlier but then I had a stahav moment right after, it was a long silence until we both started caughthing

  7. Awesomeness

    I just finished school, and I am walking to my house feeling hapvous, mainly because it was finally snizzling, and I love when is is snizzling. I am super excited that it is, so I can finally use my new E&C backpack. But at school today, I fell down, it was pretty funny so I started caughthing, when that happened I tore a super expensive shirt, so I am hapvous when I walk in my house and tell my family that I fell and tore my shirt, also that it is snizzling!

  8. Snort

    At home while I was doing my homework I got really Moil, the next thing I knew I was talking to my mom and I had a real sanatic.

  9. Amythest

    I’m just hanging out at home, I’m very moil. I think I’m a bit hungry I better eat a cupkie, now I’m moil again I’m having a sanatic.

  10. Blue Snowflake

    I felt so awkward when I was just going to the kitchen to grab a few cupkies as a snack, but I caught my little brother caughthing, he just looked like he was going crazy since he was trying to stop.

  11. Narwhalz

    “Its such a moil day” Jake complained. “Why don’t we play with the dogaters” said Jack “Nahhhhh I like dogs” Jake said back. “UGG” Jack said “I’m having a sinatic”

  12. mistacheeseman

    A screenwalker was looking at his phone and accidentally stepped on a dogs tail, the owner of the dog was like hey jeez what are you a dogater. The screenwalker was feeling sad so he went home and had a cantamelon.

  13. Snapshot1178

    sorry teacher I can’t come to school. I’m coming down with a bad case of yeathatboi. I can only come if you get the school to buy some Urban Ink pens.

  14. Joaquin

    I started to think about epicology and for some random reason it gave me a spine chill and my friend found it so funny that they started caughthing.

  15. Naruto Shippuden 1769

    The dogater was sad so she went out in the snizzling weather and bought a can of huge dill pickles from the Yellow Company.

  16. game master 2017

    It was a nice Saturday afternoon. I was all nice and MOIL lounging on my beanbag chair playing video games when I heard my dad CAUGHTHING in the other room. I went over and saw him lying on the floor.” What’s the problem?” I asked.” “This cough,” he said, “it feels so weird it’s making me giggle. It’s impossible to describe it’s… SINATIC.” “OK,” I said as I left the room… “but what does sinatic mean?

  17. lordofthepies05

    I really wanted to play sockey, but unfortunately it was snizzling outside. I guesstimated that it would take about the time it would take to do my work at home, as it would to stop snizzling, so I did my work at home and then went out to play sockey.

  18. hippodude2005

    Jim was sitting on the couch eating chipcorn but he was very hapvyious because his new boss was coming over and he had to make a good impression but then it started snizzling so his boss could not come.


    Feb 6: My Cog🐶🐱 is caughthing😂😭 while baking Cupkies🍰🍪
    (PS its been a long time since I checked on the blog)

  20. Catzrule

    Once there was a catatomic feline. It liked to look at the window, but like anything else, this got moil after a while. So the feline pondered… should it eat a cupkie? Or maybe a chipcorn? It peeked out of the window again, and saw that it was snizzling outside. This sight made the cat happy. Until some COG came along and ruined the view. The feline was very mad at this, but lost it’s anger when a few dogaters came into the yard and started playing sockey. The feline LOVED sockey, so it ran outside and played sockey too. Then it was very happy.

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