February 6

Dear Division 16,

After thinking about all of your wonderful solutions to issues of food inequality around the world,  I came across this article and it seems we are not alone in trying to consider ways to reduce food waste!

Please read the article below about 10 apps that are aimed at reducing food waste, then answer the following question:

Which app do you think would be the most effective in reducing food waste and why?  Make sure to give reasons for your answers.


I look forward to your responses!



  1. crazymemeslol123

    I say the app called foodcloud because it uses leftovers to donate to 1200 businesses and more then 3600 charities this is an amazing app that can help lots of people and we can waste less and donate and share the food that we have around us to other people that need it more then us.They collect the food from us and donate it to other people from 1-2 hours and it will be donated very cool app but too bad it is not here in Vancouver.

  2. The Baconator

    I think that the most effective app in reducing food waste is #2, NoFoodWasted. I think that this is a great idea to remind people to eat the food before it is wasted and if they actually see how much food they are wasting it could make them change their mind about food waste and take action.


    I find the most effective one to be #2 nofoodwasted because in plans for you and helps consumers buy the foods that will soon go to waste. I think its great because it also shows you whats on sale. I think a good website like this should offer rewards to people who only buy foods close to the expiry date.

    • dickensdiv16

      Do you think this will reduce waste in the long run? I wonder if people will go more frequently to the store if they are reminded to shop! Interesting idea about rewards – what would the reward be?

  4. super cheese cake

    I think that all of them are useful, but if I had to chose one I would chose the “11HOURS” one because most of the food are wasted in restaurant. Either they didn’t order it, they didn’t like it or they didn’t finish it and all of it ended up in the trash can or the compost bin. I like the app because it shows how much food are wasted restaurant so people would notice next time when they’re ordering food, they will see if they’re actually that hungry to order an extra large meal or just a small one they can finish.

    • dickensdiv16

      Good point, super cheese cake, restaurants are a huge source of food waste. It’s always good to get in the habit of checking with yourself how hungry you actually are before ordering!

  5. SoccerBoyabc123

    I think that all of the apps are useful but i think the most useful one is #3 because it shows charities that they can pick up food and they can book a date to pick it up and with all the grocery stores donating it can make more food for more people.They can also donate to homeless shelters and to the food bank.

  6. Spamlington

    I think that the most effective app would be No Food Waste. I think this because it deals with more then one problem. Not only does it deal with food waste, it deals with poverty and hunger, too. I believe that if it was more than just India using this app, the world would have less food waste and poverty.

  7. The Time Traveller

    I think the most affective food waste app would be the no food waste app in India because it not only gets rid of wasted food but it gives that food to the homeless.it also gets rid of the food you don’t need for instance if you had a big wedding they could come and take the leftovers and bring it to the homeless.

  8. the engineer

    I think that the cheetah app is the most important because it shows people where to find markets. For example a lot of the apps were showing discounts on different items and what to buy, but if you can’t get to the markets then it doesn’t matter if you know what to buy. Another reason why I think this is the best app is because it shows you where are the road blocks and the best routes.

  9. GamingPickle84

    I think the most important app is the NoFoodWaste app because makes so much less waste if they do that everywhere I guarantee that we will make a big change.

  10. smeagaleater10

    I think that all of the Apps were great ideas but the one that shouted my name was number 3, Food Cloud. I like how the organizations can see the exact type and volume of the food being offered and that it goes a step further by arranging the pick-up. Food Cloud seems to be one of the biggest organizations because on their website they said they had donated 11,180,319 meals and redistributed 5,081 tonnes of food. Those stats make it convincing for me that Food Cloud is the most effective in reducing food.

  11. Flying Mandarin

    I think that the most effective app is No Food Waste. I choose this one because I thought it was a great idea to not waste so much food in hotels and restaurants. I think it’s a great idea because you can tell the costumers how much they have not used food.

  12. Joaquin

    I think the most effect app is no food waste i’d like to see in Canada. It will reduce the amount of food waste by a lot and its will stave a lot of people in Canada

  13. lordofthepies05

    I think foodcloud would be the most effective because it donates food to lots of different charity’s in an easy way. Also because so many businesses already use it it would not be hard to advertise.

  14. Amythest

    6. No Food Waste (India). I think that the idea of donating food through an app could be very affective because now mostly everybody has a device, and for the app to highlight hunger areas, and for restaurants and hotels to reduce food waste. It sounds like a very good app to help reduce, and bring awareness about food waste.

  15. purple pom-poms

    For mine I chose the “Cheetah App” it stops food from getting spoiled during transportation which is really helpful for us. If we could make this app more popular in places other then west Africa, way less food will be wasted. Transportation is in my opinion, a main source of food waste. If this app gets more and more popular more people will want to see the app or have it, so that their companies can be known for few food waste problems. It apparently shows the driver of the transportation source where the bumps, rocks and things that keep food from getting spoiled from being tossed around are. I thought hard about what could be a downside to this app and I came up with a couple answers e.g. It could cause drivers to loose focus on the road or whatever they are driving on and that could cause accidents which could both hurt the driver and/or extra people in the car, plane, or other vehicles and spoil the food thats getting imported.I thought of a solution for this, it is that we could make a attachment onto the app the “dings” when it senses a light turning green so that the driver knows that he/she should look up, it would also sense the cars slowing down to a stop and “ding” again telling the driver that he/she can go back to the app to check for the next problem,hole,rocks etc. If this app actually dose work, then it will defiantly improve our world.

  16. Touchdown

    I really like the Mint Scraps app where the app tells you how much food you are throwing way and I think thins is really good because in some stores they might think that they don’t need to cut down on there food waste because they are not throwing out that much but in actuality they are throwing out a lot of food and not doing anything about it.

  17. Pink Pickle

    I think nofoodwasted is the most effective app because it can really bring down food waste by a huge percent because nobody really likes to see food go to waste and evrybody likes discounts so if they see that an almost expired food item is going to go soon and it is half off then the would be tempted to buy it and use it right when they buy it because it won’t last long so it solves two problems in one app!

  18. Arcticfox

    My thinking is that 7# Winnow is the best. Its because we mostly talk about food waste in a sense of thinking what wastes the most food consumers, grocery stores ( the last blog ) and restaurants. Witch they do, they waste tons of food. But this app helps them reduce they amount of food being wasted, its not even the customers that are wasting. Its the cooks! The app helps them to track and monitor their food waste. It reduces wastes and saves money. So thats why I personally think Winnow is the best app for reducing food waste.

  19. Sparkle sloth

    I think #5 mint scraps is the most useful because it would tell restaurants when they were wasting food and then they could change their habits and hopefully spread the word that everyone can do their part to stop food waste.

  20. Sushi Monster

    #6 (no food waste in India) because India has a lot of poverty and I think its important for organizations to step up and take a stab at this poverty problem. It may not be a solution but its a start and every part helps I like the fact that there combing food waste and poverty because by using the left overs from big events this makes less waste too. I think all of these problems are connected and we can hopefully solve all them together one day.

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