February 9

Dear Division 16,

As we discussed yesterday in class, February is Black History Month, where we take some time to consider the history of Black Canadians and to learn more about the greater history of Canada as a whole.

In our discussion today, we talked about Viola Desmond and the fact that segregation happened in Canada as well as the United States, and that there are people whose struggle may be unfamiliar to us despite their importance.

I found this great resource called Black History Awareness Society that tells the stories of Black British Columbians.  Please take a moment to read through at least four of the historical (and sometimes contemporary) people highlighted on this website.

For your post, please choose ONE of the people whose stories you read and briefly write a summary of their life and contributions to BC history.

  • Choose at least three important details to share
  • Make sure your summary uses full sentences
  • Use an interesting hook
  • Write your summary in your own words
  • Be creative, but most importantly, be accurate

I look forward to your responses!



  1. crazymemeslol123

    Leon Bibb is a singer but died in Vancouver when he was 93.he earned the Honorary degree Doctor of Letters.And he was the founder of the “Step-Ahead” program for the youth and earned the honour of being a member of the order of BC.
    Someone who was born in USA is such an important person in Canada
    He was a huge musical genius who did so many great things he writes his own music and doesn’t any other instrument except his vocals.
    He was interviewed in television and was in 2 films called for love of ivy and lost man.In November 1993, Mr. Bibb began a series of concerts and discussions designed to combat racism in the schools.He is an amazing man as he did good things in his life time but he died in October 23 2015 (sad music):(.

  2. Flying Mandarin

    Rosmery Brown was born in June 7 1939 . In 1956 she helped in the founding of the British Columbia Association of coloured people. She also held the position of commissioner of the Ontario rights. On February 2 2009 she was featured on a Canadian postage stamped.

  3. smeagaleater10

    Harry Jerome
    Harry Jerome was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1940, but nobody knew what he would eventually become. Even though he was mostly known for his athletic prowess he was also a enduring promoter of sports for young people. His family moved to Vancouver when he was a young age. Here his teachers encouraged sports, so he joined the local track team and success quickly followed. At the age of 18, he broke a 31 year old record in the 220 yard sprint (I’m sure that people were in awe of him). The next year he broke a 100 yard record with a time under 9.6 seconds. It was obvious these two records got him a scholarship to University of Oregon. University allowed him to get a higher education while continuing his athletic training at the same time. At a meet in Saskatoon in 1959, when he was 19, he ran 100 metres in exactly 10 seconds. Later, it was confirmed a world record. Three years later at the British Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia, he was injured and got sidelined for about a year. After the injury many of his detractors expected he would never run again. In the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, he made a comeback by wining the bronze medal in the 100 meters (I suspect that a ton of his detractors opinions were changed). But that was not the end of the comeback, in Edmonton at 1966 he ran a 100 yard dash in 9.1 second straight! Sadly, this world record only stood until early 1974. In 1966 at the British Empire and Commonwealth games he won his first gold medal (personally I think a gold medal is better than a record because you might not always have it). Because of his passion for running Harry Jerome had become a physical education teacher at Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver. He also wanted to provide better facilities for the young in Canada for them to compete better against other countries. He retired in 1968 only to become an activist promoting track and field to youngsters. In 1971, Jerome was awarded the Order of Canada, one of Canada’s greatest symbols of national recognition. In the same year he got BC’s athlete or the century (which I think is his largest achievement). Sadly Jerome died of a brain aneurysm in 1982 at age 42. Even though he had a short life I think he achieved enough for lifetimes.

  4. super cheese cake

    The person I chose and read about is James Douglas. He was the guy who sent an invitation to California that he needed some settlers on Vancouver Island, Most of the people that had come because of James Douglas’s invitation were mostly not miners. Mostly they were Methodists, and they were looking for land and farm to own, and a place where they could build their houses, churches and schools. James Douglas also recommended George Simpson, that HBC could move its headquarters to the southern tip of Vancouver Island because he realized that the headquarters of the HBC in Vancouver, Washington was in danger of being annexed by the Americans. There was concern at headquarter in London. George agreed, so in 1843, James Douglas supervised the construction of Fort Victoria himself.

  5. GamingPickle84

    Harry Jerome

    Harry was born 1940 in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. He is a very great athlete and accomplished many great feats when it comes to running but then why am I writing about him for black history month? Well, first he has been a huge success for the Canadian track team. He broke 5 world records and won many golds and silvers for team Canada, but that’s not all. He has encouraged lots of kids of all colours to try sports. Soon after Harry sadly died of a brain aneurysm in 1982 at only 42 years old. Let’s hope that Canada remembers him forever. 😦

  6. Touchdown

    Henry “Harry” William Jerome

    Jerome was on of the first outstand running Canadians at the Olympics. He broke 5 world records in the 60’s and won gold twice and bronze twice during his time as a professional runner. Although sadly he was an injury magnet! Twice he pulled a muscle and he also ruptured his leg muscle too.
    Harry was born in 1970 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan then later moved to Vancouver to become a PE teacher at Templeton Secondary School and encouraged many to be athletic.

  7. Soccerboy123ABC

    Sylvia Stark
    Sylvia Estes was born in clay country Missouri and was born a slave to Charles Leopold . Sylvia rarely left the property because of hearing stories about people kidnapping young black people and selling them in the east.
    Charles made her look after there children and learned to read because she helped them with their studys which was illegal at this time. Then in 1948 Tom Estes who lived in California offered them there freedom for 1000 dollars but when Howard Sylvia’s father sent the money Tom went back on his promise and Howard offered another 1000. Howard then took Tom to a court battle and won which made Tom give back his “free papers” but Tom kept most of the second 1000. When Howard got back to Missouri his daughter Agnes had died and Sylvia had bearly survived and Howard was able to buy there freedom 1000 for wife,son and 900 for Sylvia.Realizing that Missouri wasn’t a safe place for free black people they decided to go to California in a covered wagon. At the age of 16 while living in Placerville she met and married Louis Stark a dairy farmer that lived not far away from them. The Starks and Estes family joined the black immigration to Vancover island. Sylvia lived in her first house which was an unfinished log cabin which she was expected to help make comfortablevery while Louis established an orchard. Sylvia and Louis also had 7 children Emma 1857, Willis 1858 accompanied them to Salt Spring and John Edmond,Abraham Lincoln Stark 1863 ,Hannah Serena 1866, Marie albertina 1868 and Louis 1879 were all born on Salt Spring.Sylvia lived to 106 and was buried beside to her father at the pioneer cemetery.

  8. the engineer

    Leon Bibb was a singer and actor born in 1922. Did you know that Leon Bibb’s versatile singing style has taken him to coffee houses, folk clubs and supper clubs in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Vancouver? In Canada Mr. Bibb was sponsored by Via Rail to produce a version of his choral cantata “One More Stop on the Freedom Train” Freedom and overcoming racial differences was very important to Mr. Bibb which is why in 1993 he began a series of concerts designed to combat racism in B.C. schools. Mr. Bibb was an amazing singer, a great musician and he helped to stop racism.

  9. Amythes

    Sylvia Stark lived in fear, due to stories of men kidnapping black kids, to sell them in the South. Sylvia Stark was born in 1839, Clay Counrty, Missouri. She passed away in 1945, Salt Spring Island. In Sylvia’s lifetime she and her family joined the Black Emigration on Vancouver Island in 1858, was a true pioneer, and was born to be
    a slave of Charles Leopold. However her parents were slaves too. Sylvia grew up to be the wife of Louis Stark, Sylvia and Louis Stark had 7 kids, Sylvia happily lived in an unfinished log cabin in the wilderness, isolated from others. In 1849 Howard, Sylvia’s father promised Tom Estes to buy his freedom for $1000 dollars, plus he agreed to let Howard work for another $1000 dollars in California, Howard sent another $1000 dollars to buy his freedom. After a court battle Howard won and got his family’s freedom. Once Howard returned home his daughter Anges passed away from scarlet fever and Sylvia barley survived .Sylvia Starks was a legend to lived to be 106 years old, and will be forever remembered for her contribution for black individuals.

  10. purple pom-poms

    In 1839, Sylvia Stark sadly was born into a family of slaves owned by a german baker in Clay County, Missouri, USA. She rarely left the property because of fear of being kidnapped by men to be sold to people in the south. It was her job to clean, work, help etc. even when she was ill herself 😦 Her father, Howard Estes was given the chance to be free for $1000 and he went to California to work and earn it. When he got more then enough, he sent the $1000 as agreed to his master but no “freedom papers” arrived. So he sent another $1000 and finally he got his papers after a court battle but still his master unfairly kept most of the second $1000. When Howard finally returned home his son Agnes had died of scarlet fever and Sylvia had barley survived. He bought his family freedom and moved to California after realizing Missouri was not a safe place for free Blacks. Sylvia was then 12 years of age and after 4 more years, at age of 16, she met a man called Louis Stark and married him. The Estes & Starks joined the Black Emigration to Vancouver island. Her parents settled in Saanich and she and Louis moved to Salt Spring in 1860 and had 7 children there. She lived up to 106 years old!! and died in 1945. Sylvia Stark’s life was a good representation that people of colour, despite the troubles they’ve been through, can rise above and show that everyone should be equal.

  11. The Time Time Traveller

    My mom used to be a lifeguard and so did this guy. His name was Joe fort and he was the first lifeguard in Stanley Park he saved 29 people from drowning he also was famous for teaching three generations of children how to swim after a while the parks board recognized his importance and they made him Guardian of English Bay letting him even Carrie a revolver. when he died more than 10,000 people came to his funeral and schools across Vancouver took a moment of silence to commemorate Joseph forte also when he died to respect his memory they placed a drinking fountain in his name in English Bay also when he died the national film board made a short animated film about him.

  12. Spamlington

    For my post, I will be summarizing the life of Emery Barnes. He was born on December 15th, 1929 in New Orleans, Louisiana. When Emery was 12, he moved to Oragan, where he would later earn a Batchalor .of Science Degree at the University of Organ. He moved again at 28 years of age to Victoria, BC, where he would achieve a Batchalor of Social Work at UBC and be elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia as the first member in the riding of Vancouver Center. Emery Barnes was also very successful with sport when he was living in the U.S. He was good at football, basketball and track and field, even going as far as being a reserve for the American Olympic high jump team and playing briefly for the Green Bay Packers before moving to Canada and playing for the BC Lions. Emery Barnes then died on July 1, 1998 in Vancouver, BC.

  13. Joaquin

    She was not always Canadian, Rosemary brown was born in Jamaica, W.I. on June 17, 1930. She was a co creator of the British Columbia Association for the Advancement of Colored People (BCAACP) and she also was the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. She won meany awards like Woman of Distinction Award. honorary doctorates of Law from a lot of schools and the order of Canada from the queen.

  14. Pink Pickle

    who knew he would be the first dentist in British Columbia? his gold mining partners/brothers certainly didn’t!

    William Allen Jones graduated from an Ohio college named Oberlin in 1857 and moved to BC Canada as they were waiting out the American civil war, And as they were in Canada they went out to a gold rush site to gain some money, while they were there he became the town dentist and was known as “painless Jones” he enjoyed his profiting profession and when his brothers moved back to the United States after the war he stayed in Canada and started pursuing to obtain a dentists licence, he was granted his dentists licence June 26, 1886 and was the first licensed dentist in BC, Jones died of pneumonia 11 years later.


    The Victoria Pioneer rifle company
    The Victoria Pioneer rifle company was a all black army corps which was supplied with drill seargeants weapons and was sworn in to the army. Even though The corps was part of the army the recieved low quality weapons and uniforms and were mostly disregarded by the governor. And, they were not allowed to go to any cerimonies because the white divisions refused to march behind them

  16. Sushi Monster

    I chose Harry Jerome because my mom knows his sister really well and I think its really powerful that he broke 5 world records.
    Harry Jerome grew up in Prince Albert and his family moved to Vancouver when he was 12. Back then most white people hated black people they thought they had some sort of disease I can imagine how much of struggle it must have been to fit in and make new friends. Jerome died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in 1982 at age 42. In 1988 the people of British Columbia commemorated his personal accomplishment and social contribution by erecting a nine-foot statue in Stanley Park. I think that’s a really a touching thing for people to have done to appreciate the contributions he made to this world.

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