January 11

Dear Division 16,

As we get underway in our Hydrosphere project research, more and more we are making connections between government decisions, law, policy, industry, technology and the water all around us.

For your assignment this week, please read the following article and answer ONE of the questions below.


If you would like to read another article that gives more information about the new bridge, you can find one here:


1. How do you think the BC government ought to balance the transportation needs of a growing city with the need to protect our environment?  Name at least two things that our city needs (from the article or from your own experience)

2. What is one factor the government should consider when building this bridge to protect the environment? Be specific and describe how this factor could be addressed.

3. Besides a bridge, what alternative solution could the government use to address the aging Massey tunnel? Explain your thinking.


  1. den10@sea43

    I think that they could have more roads or more skytrains. But I think that in order to do that they have to destroy more wildlife or habitats. so I think that they could redirect the attention of instead of coming to Vancouver for the city you could go for the out doors so that way you could be saving money and protecting the environment at the same time! Or you could build bigger busses for the city if you want to keep the city big or even make more local trains that people could go on!

    • dickensdiv16

      I like the idea of considering alternatives aside from coming to the city – there is a lot to do out of doors, you are right! And public transit is a great alternative to more roads. Do you think that the alternatives you’ve proposed would address people who travel to the city for work, or do you think that they would just help with recreational activities?

  2. PG Dinosaur

    The tunnel itself could be replaced, or repaired. To renew the tunnel the government could open a discussion inviting architects, scientists and engineers to design something that would not impact the environment negatively. This would be better than building a bridge because a lot of people are complaining that a bridge might not be environmentally friendly, and if you replace the tunnel then the impact might be lessened. A tunnel doesn’t block your view and it will keep our city beautiful. The government should invest money in renewing the tunnel.

    • dickensdiv16

      PG Dinosaur, in the second article, the article points out that renewing the tunnel is not feasible. Do you think that the tunnel should be renewed at any cost, rather than the other options?

  3. Amythest

    3. The first thing that I thought I of was just a road with nothing just a road because it would be a lot easier to put there and it might not cost as much money as the bridge which is good because they could use the money for something else really important. (not like the bridge isn’t important) I also think that it would be good to have just a road because it might be easier for the drivers who drive there all the time because it might be faster to just make it in to a road do they won’t have to wait like a year or two to drive there again.

  4. Rouge

    #2 I think that one of the factors that should impact the building of the bridge and protect the local environment should be protected area. When the workers are planning the bridge and it’s area I think that there should be designated wildlife spots and some protected ground that has to be left untouched by the workers. For example like a certain grassy vegetation forest that is home to white tailed deer should be protected so that the workers aren’t allowed to drive through there or have contruction in that animal habitat. This factor could be addressed by the fraser river wildlife centre or group. They could plot out ground that is home to animals and vegetation and then give their plans to the government to be approved. The construction workers would have to agree to the contract and to stick with it as they build the bridge.

  5. crazymemeslol123

    #1 I think it’s better to build more kinds of high tech like floating cars or something like that so it doesn’t contaminate the river and turn it brown and people don’t use it like a garbage dump like Nepal and I think we should build more sky trains and less roads because nature can’t grow on cementing you know what I mean I’m say that we should not build more bridges on near by rivers,creeks,and streams from turning fresh water into dirty water it shall cause lots of damage to nature life.

    • dickensdiv16

      Now that is some forward thinking, crazymemeslol123. Thank you for making a connection to “Flood of Change”, the video on water quality in Nepal. I agree with you that public transit is a great way to change the focus of our transportation needs.

  6. Ginger

    #3 There could be many different options and alternatives for a new bridge replacing the George Massey tunnel. One alternative is for the government to create a ferry that travels back and forth across the Fraser River where the Massey tunnel stands today. People could drive their cars and bikes onto the boat but they would also be able to walk on, or take transit. I think that this ferry might promote more active travel such as biking, rollerblading, walking and skateboarding, because commuters wouldn’t have the risk of the tunnel and dangerously busy traffic. When I was in Amsterdam, one of the main things I remember is all the boats and ferries which were used instead of bridges and tunnels across the many canals in the Netherlands. I think that if Vancouver were more like the Netherlands, we would have a much greener, healthier and less stressed society.

    • dickensdiv16

      The ferry is an interesting alternative, Ginger! You’re right, the ferry would be more accessible for bicycles and other non-vehicle transportation than the tunnel currently is. I like how you made a connection to another city you have visited and found a way for it to apply here!

  7. Soccerboy123ABC

    #3 i think that they don’t need to replace the tunnel they could just do better and more repairs so they don’t have to use a whole bunch of money for something that can be resolved with a solution much more simple . it would not have as big an pact on the wildlife surrounding the tunnel .It would be really sad if the river got polluted and got all dirt like in Nepal.I don’t even think that they need to replace the tunnel just yet because its not there biggest concern right know so they could wait a couple of years till the tunnel needs dealing with so that they get a better idea in what they need more so if they need something off the ground to stop erosion.

    • dickensdiv16

      Soccerboy123ABC, the second, optional article indicates that a renovating of the current tunnel is not feasible. Do you think that we should just repair it anyway no matter what the cost?

    • Soccerboy123ABC

      I do think they should report the tunnel no matter what the cost is because the repairment might do a better job than replacing the whole thing.

  8. super cheese cake

    #1 From my experiment there are lots of traffic jam so I think we need to build more ways of transportation such as increasing sky trains lines or stations. however if we do this it will damage the animals habitat and change the environment of Fraser river. So we should carefully evaluate the impact of any construction on the river and the animals’ habitat. If we can fix the problems and also find another place that the animals can move there without dying and adapting problems then we can build bridges. Also if we can build up more sky train lines it is a much more efficient way of transportation.

    • dickensdiv16

      super cheese cake, you’re right, all new construction affects habitat and the environment. It is good to have a plan to address the needs of animals before construction begins.

  9. Shadow145

    3. What they should do is is replace or repair the tunnel But what i think that they should do is that they should repair the tunnel because it may not cost alot more then replacing the tunnel And it would be more faster then building the tunnel.

      • Shadow145

        3.Sorry What I mean is that they should repair the tunnel instead of replacing it because replacing a tunnel would cost more then repairing it. I also think that alternative solution would be making another bridge near the tunnels to cross through if they don’t want the tunnels to be repaired.

  10. Crazychicken lover

    Sorry pressed the wrong button anyway they should suggest the idea of an underground tunnel even though it isnt a an option because if you make a bridge, then the pillars might affect the river and it isnt really an option to make a tunnel because they
    said that in the article it could not be done.an underground tunnel would be more complicated to build but it would not really damage the river because it wouldnt have to be very wide or big. But a good suggestion would be making a small ferry that could ferry the cars across water and it could be electrically run and wouldnt waste the enviroment and cause less of a carbon foot.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thanks for following up, Crazychicken lover. Thank you for taking your opinion one step further and explaining what you think would work. The electric ferry is a good idea to address the environmental concerns.

  11. TechNerd

    #3 I do not think that a new bridge is necessary to replace the Massey Tunnel. I think we don’t need to spend so much money that could be used on other important things. We could spend so much less to renew and renovate the current tunnel. If we re ew and renovate the current tunnel, we will have more money to spend on other important things. And besides, a bridge and a tunnel is almost the same thing. They both get you to the other side safely and basically have the same job. That is why we could save money and build almost the same thing.

  12. smeagaleater10

    3# I think that the government should leave it to the scientists to create an eco-friendly craft that hovers over water. The hovercraft would also help other problems such as crossing water challenges around the world. The hovercraft could also create problems, for example, a crash in a river. That’s why the government would include a floatation device that acts like an air-bag for passengers’ safety.


    #2 By building a ten lane bridge instead of a four lane tunnel, the government is increasing the number of cars that go across the bridge and that causes more pollution. A ten lane bridge sends a message, ‘Let’s have more cars!’. Cars cause pollution with their exhaust burning fossil fuel and exhaust puts carbon dioxide in the air and creates global warming. Warmer air means warmer water thus affecting the salmon of the Fraser River. And salmon is an ecosystem engineer providing food for many species and strengthening the trees. The chain of effects goes farther, because of the fact that global warming impacts all ecosystems. Building the bridge has lots of downsides, even though it makes commuters’ lives easier.

  14. the DUDE

    I have an answer for number three. I think they could rebuild the Massey Tunnel in a new and safer way. It would be a lot like the old one, but more earthquake proof. You could build the new tunnel right next to the old one so that traffic can still get through while the building is happening. If we don’t build a bridge, we don’t have to eat up a bunch of good farmland. The tunnel should just be copied.

  15. A.ayewthelegend

    1 We really depend heavily on cars and also we depend heavily on the port in downtown . I think that the government should focus more on the environment and not on the city’s needs. One thing that they could do to protect the environment would to get rid of single cars and replace them with more busses so that there is more people per a vehicle. Also the port is how our city makes most of it’s money so we could get rid of it entirely. What we would need to do is create a new port. It would be completed with the environment at mind. One change would be to power it with solar power. There would also be a limit on how many ships come in a day.

  16. The Baconator

    The government should consider making a very safe animal centre. The animals would be moved somewhere that they can’t be harmed. They would be given much care and lots of space. They would not be part of something where they can be observed daily because that might scare them. The people working there would replicate the things in their normal lives. The animals would be allowed their natural things such as having offspring and hunting. It would also benefit us too because the bridge would be able to be built

  17. Purple Pickle

    #1 The first thing the BC government can do to cut down on transportation would be to create roads with less lanes so traffic would get more compact which would encourage people to ride there bikes use the sky train ect. Another way the government can cut down on traffic would be to enforce a law that would only let you drive a certain mileage in your own city so people would drive less so they won’t get fined. If you put the two together it would almost definitely cut down on traffic.

  18. baconguy

    #3. I think that an alternative to the bridge could be another tunnel next to the one they have right now because then it would be like the one they had before and since the tunnel would be right next to the other one they would only have to put a bend in the road and the road to the tunnel would be complete! 😎

  19. iron lanturn

    #3 I think they could build a ferry across the bog to increase people going there and increase money to help burns bogs infrastructure [ benches parks by the bog]
    that might anger commuters but that way people won’t harm burns bog

  20. Sr.Fruitcake

    #3 I think that the way they could do this is so much more simple than they think it is, I f the Massey tunnel really does need replacement than I think an upgrade on the Massey tunnel itself would be a good idea. There is the problem of transportation while the construction is going on, I think that something to the nature of a temporary ferry system could be used. If the government would be against the idea of a temporary ferry than I think perhaps a more permanent one could solve our problems it would bee of a fairly small size but still hopefully large enough to carry the amount of people it has to in order to keep piece with many people around Vancouver. The bridge is an interesting idea but I think that effects on the wildlife there would be to great to risk. I am interested to see what the governments final decision is.


    #2 I think that one factor that the government should consider is that`they should be very careful of deer crossing. What they could do to prevent deer getting killed is that they could put up some signs around the time the massy tunnel bridge is being opened just to be cautious of deer crossing. Soon after when they have some deer sightings they could put up different signs where the sightings were that said to be extra slow.

  22. Joaquin

    1# This city needs better transit and i know that we are are getting new sky trains.But we should have all electric buses.And this city also needs cheaper transit it is sow expensive 1.75 to go on the bus for what an 30 min to an 1:00.

  23. balloongirl123

    1 I think that they can get new sky trains because I think that people can afford more cheaper sky train trips because sometimes it can be expensive for just going on one ride from the sky train.

  24. arcticowl

    13# I think that they could get more bike trails . because if they got more bike trails more and more people would want to bike making us a greener community . Though of course there is flaws like what if you need to get grocery’s and you don’t have enough space on your bike . Also what if you need to get somewhere really fast . I have solutions for them the first one is to just bring your car or go on the sky train . For the second one bikes can go fast if you have good wells

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