January 16

Dear Division 16,

Today we watched Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I have a Dream”.  We discussed a little bit about the context of the US during the Civil Rights Movement.  At the time of this speech, in the US and also in Canada, laws and policies segregated, or separated people according to their racial identity.

It was through the efforts of people who were committed to raising awareness, standing up for their beliefs and fighting back against unjust laws that these laws and policies were eventually changed.  In many places, even though no law existed, the actions and behavior of people ensured that equality could not be achieved.

For your post today, please answer one of the following questions:

  1. Give an example that you are aware of where equality does not yet exist.  It may be as a result of a law or people’s perceptions.  Explain with enough information for readers to understand.
  2. What is a “dream” that you have for our world? Please share an idea using as much detail as possible.

I look forward to your responses,




    I have a dream that violence is only used to stop itself and that no one gets physically or mentally injured.

  2. Xaxo045

    One place where equality is not as strong as elsewhere is the immigrating refugees as they are not let into some countries or if they are with only a few thousand which isn’t enough.

  3. Flying Mandarin

    #2 I have a dream that everyone has the same amount of money so they could buy food. No one will go hungry.

  4. purple pom-poms

    #1/#2 I believe that inequality is still strong in North America. I am worried for the US that with the new president that some rights for humans could be lost. A friend of mine is a part of a march, and the people doing participating are hoping to send a strong message to the new president. It will also show the world how important all the rights and equalities are. So many people are getting together to focus on improving human rights. If more people keep that up then my hope is that the world will be a better place for all people no matter what their gender, beliefs, religion and race are and no one will feel less or more then others.

  5. super cheese cake

    #1 In Canada LGBTQ people gets equality in many ways. But its not the case in most of the world. For example currently in Taiwan people are arguing about allowing same gender marriage. The government wants to pass the marriage equality law, but some people in Taiwan disagreed with it because they stick with traditions and being conservative. #2 I have a dream that all of the world could pass the marriage equality law because it is everybody’s freedom and rights.

  6. the engineer

    A dream I have is for the world to not have any wars. Millions of people would not get killed and the money that people would be spending on tanks and equipment could go to food in poor countries instead. The hassle in the airports would decrease a lot because there would be fewer security checks. There would not be any bad influences on certain countries such as Syria. So it’s pretty clear that life would be better without wars.

  7. Spamlington

    #2. I have a dream that racism was gone from the world, all the stereotypes of the different races banished and we we’re left with a community where everyone was treated as an equal.

  8. The Time Traveler

    2. I have a dream that people with disabilities mental and physical can live in a world where they arent made fun of and they arent called names like retard free to live in a world where they are treated equal to everyone else

  9. Pink Pickle

    #2 I have a dream of a world where stereotypes aren’t taken so literally and that you can be whatever you want without people thinking bad things about you because of a certain stereotype.

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