January 14, 2016

Dear Division 16,

This assignment was co-written by PG Dinosaur.

For your blog assignment this week, please read the following article:


In your response, please answer the following question:

Describe what your dream chair would look like and where, in the house, you would use it.  Be specific.  Describe what room it would be in, what purpose it would have, the colour, texture, size, what materials you would use.

Bonus if you can make it somehow sustainable!

We look forward to your responses,

PG Dinosaur and Jody


  1. Amythest

    I would use mine in my room at my desk and replace my old chair and put that one there. I would want it to be like the size of a normal chair so about medium and it would look like a couch, black leather and have little white polka dots. It would be like that on both parts where you lean back and where you sit on. On the back of the chair like there’s where you sit and lean on but the back of that it would be ombré pastel colors of the rainbow. The legs of the chair in the front would be the ombré pastel rainbow and the back legs would be the black leather with white polka dots. I would use the kind of leather that was on one of the photos in the article, white paint for the polka dots, pastel colors and the kind of spray that makes the pastel colors not come off. That’s my dream chair!!

  2. den10@sea43

    Mine would about football (surprise surprise) and different football players. It would also show games live and highlights. It would be in my room because my dad always takes my chair to the table when we have guests over and he never brings them back up.

  3. Crazychicken lover

    Mine would be water proof and stain resistent and very relaxing so then after my daily run i would immediatley fall into it and it would have a small toilet inside just an case i really need to go but i could just relieve myself:-). It would be quite a small chair but more likely look like a recliner with a built an tv. It would be neon green and it would be very comfortable with velvety skin and heat cushions on it just in case it was cold. It would be nice if it had a jet pack attached to it so i could fly and one of its cushions would have a rock hopper penguin on it.

  4. Rouge

    My chair would be in my bedroom and I would use it as my reading chair (because everyone needs a reading chair) and it would go right next to my bookshelf. It would have a soft material for the cushion, but have a base of wood. On the wood would be shelfs for storing lots of books and magazines. It would be a medium sized chair and the cushion would be black and have hot pink polka dots covering it. I think that this would make the perfect chair for a person that has a passion for reading, so this would make an amazing chair for me.


    I would have my dream chair replacing the old chair in the computer area. The size would be long and bit wide. The colour for the whole chair would be darkish blue (except the legs) . On the cushion part of the chair would be blotchy pink on top of the darkish blue. The chair legs would be a rose gold colour. The back part of the chair that you sit back on would be splattered in a lavender purple colour on top of the darkish blue. On the very back of the chair there would be a swirly coraly color on top of the darkish black.

  6. The Dude

    I first got this idea for a chair from a Simpsons book! But my chair is slightly different than the one in the book. Basically, it would be like an ordinary, comfy sitting chair that you use in the living room when you’re watching TV or talking to friends. So on the side it would have two cup-holders, a pocket for your phone,another pocket to keep your TV remote in and a little box-cupboard that you can keep your computer in. Again, this would go in the living-room. I can’t think of anything sustainable about it though – maybe just made out of natural fibers.

  7. balloongirl123

    mine would be a nice really relaxing chair that can have pockets for drinks just like a beach chair but I would use that chair for doing my important homework sit with my friends on it and also it could be made out of leather.

  8. TechNerd

    My dream chair would a really comfortable black or red leather reclining chair. It would be like a office chair except way more Comfortable and I would use it almost all the time. I wouldn’t really have any particular design, just leather and a extremely comfortable design and I would want it to recline. I would also put in a seat warmer. So whenever I wanted if I was cold, I oils just click a button and a seat warmer would turn on and the chair would be really warm. My chair would go right at my desk and I would have it right behind my desktop. I would play all my video games on my desktop sitting there and I wouldn’t have to move!

  9. Soccerboy123ABC

    My dream chair would be a chair that would grow with you when you get older so as you lost some of your abilities like walking or using different tools the chair would do that stuff for you.It would be a chair like in despicable me in gru”s house the big chair in the corner accept that my chair would have little small individual cushions they would be able to heat the seat it would also be able to teleport things so that you wouldn”t have to move so far and it doesn’t have to move it would also be like a hover board accept you can program the chair to float on a certain thing or every thing it goes above. I would keep the chair in my room so that I could get in and out of it and be able to access all my stuff . The chair would have little panels inside that change color when my feelings or emotions change so that it wouldn”t just be one color.It would also be made out of squishy fabric so that your body would just sink into the chair .what would be sustain able about this chair is that it would change when you change so the chair can keep going and going .there would also be little compartments in the side and arm rests of the chair so you can store things in them.

  10. Purple Pickle

    My dream chair would be a very comfy living room chair for watching TV and reading this chair would have two small heaters under the squishy cushions with a remote so you could control how warm you chair is, it would be an electronic recliner with another remote to control your incline it would also have a massage setting which would vibrate the chair. The chair would be extremely energy efficient and would be completely made out of recycled materials so it wouldn’t be completely hurting the environment and it would be waterproof so if any of it’s mechanical parts get wet for any reason the chair won’t get wrecked.

  11. PandaTush

    If I could design a chair, I would make the seat infused with air. The seat cushion would be a water proof pouch with a smooth touch. The pouch would be filled with air with the built in pump that is concealed under the chair. The amount of air you incorporate is up to you. The pouch would be made out of biodegradable material to help the environment. It would be the perfect shade of blue all around with cloud designs. I choose this because sitting on air is like sitting on a cloud. The seat would be on wheels and it would spin! The place to put it would be my room. I would use it to do my homework, read, and to sit in to relax. It would be 3.5 feet tall including the back of the chair, 1.2 feet wide and armrests that open to a secret storage. The entire chair would be made of biodegradable plastic because worn out chairs are thrown out everyday and most aren’t environmental friendly. I think this chair is a great way to help the environment and a comfortable way to sit.

  12. smeagaleater10

    My chair would have an action picture of all my favourite soccer players all over it. It would be in my bedroom so when I wake up, I can do that happily. It would have a wooden frame to make it durable and it would have leather on the seat so it is easy to clean. It would be a perfect fitting recliner chair so that I can relax peacefully.

    • smeagaleater10

      My chair would also have a built in plasma TV with surround sound speakers connected to an X-BOX (with my favourite games) and fly swatter (just in case my brother gets annoying). In the chair there would be a built in giant Aquarium with turtles and sharks Ect. You’re probably wondering how that would fit in the chair, it would be magically enhanced to create more space, like the car in Harry Potter. It would also have a teleportation device so I can travel places without paying for the airplane ticket.

  13. Shadow145

    My dream chair would be a leather chair reclining that’s coloured black with and armrest a cup holder and a small storage to keep my stuff in it. It would also have a TV facing in front of me and a seat warmer.

  14. Ginger

    I would place this new chair in my room as a reading chair. It would be a round loveseat, somewhat large so that when I am reading I have lots of room to be cozy and comfortable. It would be made out of a fabric called “minke” which is super soft, and made from recycled baby blankets; its colour would be a light shade of hazy purple. It would have many decorative pillows so that when I am not using it, it looks nice and neat in my room, the pillows would be contrasting colours so that my room is not all one colour. Because the chair is relatively big I would have room to put translucent tables on either side so that I could have snacks and keep necessities nearby while I am reading without the risk of drinks being tipped and food being spilled. The legs would be made of sustainably harvested wood, like bamboo and the filling would be recycled cotton. If I got the chance to create my dream chair, this would be it!

  15. crazymemeslol123

    I would wonder some day they could make a lazy mans chair by that I meant like cup holders automatic popcorn a and drinks and other goodies and big flat HD TV with something in the chair powerful enough to hold even a whole plane and I would like to put in a time machine inside the chair and I would need something to wear super strong metal glass helmet that I can see with out getting hurt and I would place it in my living room so my family cAn sit on it and I think I would put in a air conditioner behind the inside of the chair and a heater to when like I get to cold areas and hot areas like deserts the Arctic someplaces like those or when time traveling and I would put super large container but it’s a size of a backpack so that would keep everything nice and warm mostly food and water that would be it for my dream chair

  16. A.ayewthelegend

    My chair would be tall, painted black and quite thin. It would be in the back of the house. The room would have a large circular window with a horizontal piece of wood and a vertical piece of wood. There would also be a flight of stairs in the room going up to the roof. On the walls there would be ideas that I came up with while I was in that chair.I would have the chair sitting in front of the window so I could look into my garden.

  17. super cheese cake

    My dream chair would be like a chair facing the window, that’s where I can put my pencils in the little box on my chair and also a mini book case where I keep my books and stuff. That’s only the working side of my chair, on the other side (my chair is double sided ) is facing the TV, there would be a cup stand a remote control and maybe a massager that can give you a good massaging. Also my chair would have a rolled up blanket and a seat warmer to keep myself worm in winter and a mini fan for summer.

  18. Joaquin

    I would have a chair that will recline, have different massage settings and have seat warmers. It will be a leather chair the colour would be black it would the size of a table standing up.It would be located in my living room.

  19. baconguy

    For my chair I would make it reclinable and make it have a foot rest so if you want to sleep in your chair it’s really easy. I would make my chair very big with lots of coushining so it wold be really comfortable. I would put in a fridge where I would store all my snacks in case I got hungry. Of course, I would need somewhere to put the snacks when I’m eating them so I would make it where a tray comes out of the chair with a cup holder on it. Two arms would be on the side of the chair so if I was reading than I wouldn’t have to hold the book. The last thing to complete my chair would be a built in tablet.

    The chair’s colours would be neon orange and neon green because those are my favourite colours. I would put it in my room so no one can steal it and I would feel the most comfortable when using it. I don’t know what fabric I would use, but it would have to be fluffy.

  20. iron lanturn

    a chair for reading would have book shelf on one side and a heated leather seat on the other i would store snacks and books on the bookshelf because i know how annoying it is getting out of a perfect position to get your book
    on the sides it would be plain old wood but it would have comfy memory foam arms up to a certain point so
    i can still have a drinks

  21. The Bean

    My chair would be very special because I would use it everywhere. My dream chair would be able to collapse down so that you could use it where ever you want whenever. It would be plastic, but it would also have cushions that come with it incase you need more support. It would be moveable, but it could also lock in place so you don’t roll away. It would have regular chair functions as well like reclining and hight adjustment. Anytime you felt tired or uncomfortable you could bring it out and be the envy of your friends and family. It might even come with a small motor so you can drive around instead of walking if your feeling lazy, and it would make so much more of daily life relaxing.

  22. Koshka2

    My chair would be in my room, The dream chair I would have it would be a rainbow :3 Whenever I would get off the chair is would make Nyan cat noises 😁 It would be fluffy like a cat, the reason why I would have it because I don’t find my room that colorful, also I love rainbows :3 The chair would also be made out of memory foam so, when you would sit of it the shape of you would be very comfortable. I love the way my room is now, but I don’t very color. I am a fan of: Black, grey, white and blue. I would in enjoy if there was something colorful in my room.

  23. arcticowl

    My chair would look like a rose . It would be in my bedroom and its purpose would be to be a chair for my desk . Also it would have just enough space to put a computer inside of it . Its colour would be red and a bit of pink . It would be really soft like the petal of rose and would be medium sized . The materials i would use would be a actual rose and it would use a lot of roses because it would have to layered so that it would not break . Petals beak easily you know .

  24. The Baconator

    My dream chair would be placed in front of the TV. I chose this spot because I am very particular about where I sit and to have a chair that suits me perfectly would be just great. I would choose a bright colour like gold or neon green. I would want it to stand out from all of the other things in the house so that it seems better than it actually is. It would be fluffy but not too much I would like some substance. It would be smooth and it would feel like you were petting the softest dog in the world. For the legs I would have them some kind of crystal so that if I wanted to sell it I could still get good money.

  25. DancingPorcupine

    My dream chair would be in my room at my desk. It would be a white, furry spinny chair. It would be to do my homework in because right now my chair is boring and not very comfortable. It would be the size of the chair at Jody’s desk. It would be made of the material that shearling rugs are made of. I would make it by getting a spinny chair and a really big shearling rug and attaching the rug to it.

  26. Sr.Fruitcake

    My dream chair would be a leaned back one on the very highest part of my roof. Because anyone who has ever been on a roof knows it is the best feeling in the world to be up high on your rafters on a sunny day. I would like to have a television rigged up but it would not be absolutely necessary the most important think about my chair is that it be able to remotely fly over the edge of the building and strap me in then flip me over so I could glide around above the rooftops. I think that storage that sealed up on my right side would be ideal with drink holders. just in case of malfunctions I would have a parachute rip chord above my left shoulder. That would be the perfect chair for me.


    My dream chair would be almost like a small room. First off it would be in my room. I would have to open it with a 5 digit code and step through a tinted bullet-proof glass hatch. And then the motion-sensor-lights would turn on. I’d step in and the sit down on the mode-of-your-choice chair with features like a massage or bed style that change type just by you typing in what kind. (The chair would also have a cup holder). Then there would be a machine that looked like a bowl on top of a microwave with no buttons, but instead the bowl ( which is actually a telepathic dish), would read your mind. Seconds later, the food/drink makers door would pop open and the exact food/drink that you were thinking of would appear on a plate/cup.The interior walls would be all speckled green and black while the outside is silver. For fitness, (in case you were wondering) , you could press a blue button and then the chair would turn into your choice of a treadmill, a weight set or dumbbells. Also if your someone who likes watching sunsets or other spectacular views, then the chair could (only if you were on the top floor like me) rise up in the air on a hover system and go through a hatch on the roof, then everything would lock into place. Next you press a button and the tinted hatch would go back up so you were in the perfect place to maybe watch the sunset. Plus the chair/room would have all the music I like on one playlist with wall speakers. A concern for this spectacular chair is human waste, a need for a washroom would be already done because of the mode of your choice chair which could turn into a place where you can unload with plumbing connected. Also for garbage or recycling there would be a chute connecting to my houses downstairs garbage and recycling. Another addition to my chair is a giant bookshelf with all my favorite books on it. My Immense magic card collection would be in there. Also there would be a giant TV with every channel and that could connect to the internet and Youtube. Another part of the TV would be that it had every movie ever made plus every rerun for TV and with an Xbox and PS4 with all my favorite video games. Not to mention the chair would be equipped with all my favorite board games.The final addition to this amazing chair is a teleporter so then you could go anywhere you want and then get back by using a mini trampoline that with one bounce teleports you and the trampoline back to the awesome chair. The only thing bad is that it wouldn’t be good for the environment. Also I don’t really know how to make a chair like this but some materials would be metal cotton plutonium and mercury.


      I would also have a built in Ipad with every good game and to robot arms that did what I want by voice control.

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