January 17

Dear Division 17 and 18,

In Vancouver, a company called Postmedia owns both the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province, the two provincial newspapers, as well as the National Post, which is one of two Canada-wide newspapers.

How do you think this fact fits in with our discussions about our right to Freedom of Expression?

We look forward to your responses,




    Our rights of freedom of expression is important because we need to show each other how we feel. I did not know that post media owns Vancouver sun and Vancouver province I think they still go with the fact.

  2. Snapshot1178

    If on company own all the paper for Vancouver this is bad because that means that they have the say on what Vancouverites learn from the paper. If they are wrong or post fake news their is no substitution, this wold make all people in Vancouver be consuming fake news.

  3. electroe05

    Wow I did not know that. The amount of prints owned by one company is honestly a smart move. I mean it does mean they can get there ideas out to every one much much faster, not to mention the thought that if they gave us false news it would seem so realistic because it says the same thing on three different newspapers or three different websites. The point is it would be hard to recover if they were caught. I liked how this blog subject was different from the others. thanks JST!

    • dickensdiv16

      I really like how deeply you went in your thinking, electroe05! You looked at both sides of this debate and made thoughtful comments on both. I’m glad you liked the blog post question!

  4. Smeagaleater10

    I think that there should be a limit to how many media sources a company or an individual can own. Because if Postmedia decides to feed BC biased news it would be very difficult for the average British Columbian to acquire proper news. Postmedia could also be subtly influencing major events like elections! I think the government should figure out a way to give one of Postmedia’s provincial posts to a different company in case Postmedia goes rotten.

  5. Arty-choke

    That’s pretty interesting! I didn’t know all that media belonged to one company. I think that this relates to Freedom of Expression in many ways, including that its important that we as a society hear from all angles and opinions. So that we don’t only understand part of a story or someones personal view on it. What I do wonder about though, is if all the newspapers PostMedia owns shares the same output of info as all their other newspapers, or if they are at least similar to each other.

    • dickensdiv16

      Arty-choke, your description of the ways that differing points of view can impact our experience is very effective. Your question is a good one! I often find the exact same article in several different publications!

  6. Amythest

    I don’t think that this is good, because many people read from those sources not knowing that they’re all connected and they are just three papers/ sources that people make decisions off of. I think that this was planned by the people writing these papers because they are convincing many people to think one thing from one of the papers, then maybe they’ll go to a different website ( Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province or National Post) which will convince them even more.

    • dickensdiv16

      I like how you identified that people use newspapers to help them make decisions. I think it can certainly be an outcome of the ownership of the newspapers that they are better able to convince others of their point of view. As you say, it really depends on the reader to check sources and look for other points of view!

  7. Jet

    I think this fits in with Freedom of expression. It takes a bit of thought to see how it does though, there must be so many people involved in their company. Just because they’re part of their own company doesn’t mean they have the same opinion. I think it fits in because more than one person works on each newspaper, (or even sections of a newspaper) this means more opinions and ideas go into it. This press has the right to express any opinions without being mocked.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice writing, Jet. I like your reflection on your own thinking. Your comment about the different perspectives that go into any group effort will certainly have an impact on the output from the group. I agree that the press has the right to express any opinions, but do you think mocking it is covered by Freedom of Expression as well?

  8. snapshot10101

    i think this fits in with freedom of expression and freedom of the press. but what i think is that the two news papers now have the exact same news.

  9. Santiago

    I think that it does tie into the freedom of expression because Postmedia gets t own not one but TWO newspapers and they are very successful newspapers so people can get updated on subjects

  10. Day Dreamer

    I think it fits in with our discussions about our right to Freedom of expression because some people express them self by writing and they might put that on a newspaper or in Vancouver’s situation they might put it in two newspapers. I think its 50 percent good that Vancouver owns two provincial newspapers because if someone writes something really good then its in two newspapers and 50 percent bad because if they lie it is harder to take it back because they can’t just write when we said some one did something to something and something happened well thats not true.

    • dickensdiv16

      The ownership of both newspapers by one company will certainly help those writers’ point of view to be expressed. Do you think that it makes it easier or harder for other, different points of view to be expressed? I really liked how you shaped your response, Day Dreamer!

  11. the engineer

    I think that is kind of bad if one company owns three newspapers of which two are the the key provincial papers. The company has to much control on what people read in B.C. For example: if someone wanted to complain through writing an article about this (that all the papers are owned by the same company) they couldn’t, because the company wouldn’t put anything negative about themselves in their papers. That way no one knows what the problem is because these are the only papers that most people read in B.C.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice clear writing, the engineer. You’ve raised an important point about whether or not media sources are willing to publish opposing points of view or criticisms. Do you think that it’s easier or more challenging to find different points of view with the current setup?

  12. Blue snowflake

    Freedom of expression means that you can express yourself in whatever way you want without being judged. But if Postmediaa owns 2 provincial newspapers and 1 of 2 Canada-wide newspapers then there is no way that nobody is not going to believe what’s written in those newspapers, and a lot of people’s opinions can be heard. At the same time this is both good and bad. Because if Postmedia spreads fake news then everyone will instantly believe it. But if Postmedia lets people discuss their opinions and beliefs, then it will be heard by others very quickly.

  13. mistacheeseman

    If one company owns three newspapers and people are looking for opinions about something they might look at the newspapers to see what opinions they have. However, the newspapers will all have the same opinion because they are run by the same company. Lets just say there is a vote coming up and you don’t know who to vote for, again you may look at the newspapers to see what the different opinions of the parties are.If all the newspapers are run by the same person you’re likely to keep getting the same perspective. This isn’t good because 1)There must be more than one perspective out there and 2)you might think its a bad perspective and you are worried that many people are being influenced into agreeing with the paper. The more papers owned by the same person the less of a chance to be able to say your opinion. the only way to get your opinion heard is to write a letter to the editor. Since people are always getting the same opinions they may write letters to the editor.

    • dickensdiv16

      mistacheeseman, this is a very sophisticated response. Thank you for taking the time to lay out all of your thinking. Your example of an upcoming vote is an effective way to make your point. Whose responsibility do you think it is to ensure that different points of view are available in order for voters to be prepared?

  14. chiefblobfish

    if one company owns 3 of 4 newspapers in Vancouver you’ll get 3 of the same references so you’ll start to think more on there side. the problem with that is your getting one opinion so you but if you don’t now if it’s right or wrong because there no other newspapers to back it up.If there was other newspapers those ones could help back it up but if another newspaper had news against it then there would be multiple opinions.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting, chiefblobfish! Having more than one point opinion available is really important. Do you think it’s better or worse to have a lot more opinions available? What if there were 100 newspapers with 100 different opinions?

  15. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that owning 3 newspapers are bad. I think that they have to much control over want we read and I like to have different perspectives on what I read. If all of the papers have the same perspective it may persuade my decision over to them. if the majority of people read these news papers then they could bend the truth and make it seem like they are right.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thank you for sharing your own opinion and experience in your response, Do it for da Hwin! The perceptions of readers is very important, and the ability of readers to determine what is true is a big part of why we have media in the first place!

  16. the phantome blade

    I don’t think that this is good idea because in my opinion everyone should be able to say what they want to because if one company owns everything then they will have the same rules for everyone and their freedom of speech would be minimized.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thank you for bringing this back to the issue of freedom of speech. Can you give an example of how you feel that freedom of speech would be minimized? I wonder as well if you could say more about which rules you mean.

  17. Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769

    I don’t think it really affects us to much because there are still CBC news and CTV news along with many others. But I still think it’s dangerous for a company to own 3 news companies since they can manipulate current events or politics. I think companies shouldn’t be able to own 3 of them because it gives them too much influence over Canada. Opinions will still be different if there not bias because people don’t want to read the same opinion.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice work, Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769, you are the first to bring in different forms of media and different news organizations. I’m really interested in your observation that news sources can manipulate events or politics, and how you see this as influencing Canada. Can you say more about this?

  18. blackcircle

    they should not own that many newspapers because then the people wont be able to hear different perspectives of the news unless they hire different people to write the articles but if they don’t I think they should definitely do that.

  19. hippodude2005

    I think that its bad that one company owns three newspapers because then every newspaper will be the same and if they were the same that means they would have the same news as the other two newspapers.
    Another reason why its bad is that say one newspaper is giving false news that means the other newspapers would be giving false news but maybe some people will not know that so they will still keep getting false news.

    • dickensdiv16

      Fantastic thinking, hippodude2005. I think you’ve made an excellent point about how sometimes things that aren’t true can keep getting passed around until they are believed!

  20. Awesomeness

    I think that fact fits in with Freedom of Expression because, the press might have something to express by writing in the media that they think their audience would want/need to hear. I think it’s bad that that one company has all of those newspapers that they get to own and write for, because lots of people read those newspapers and all of the newspapers that the company owns might have the same responses to important news and those responses might not be accurate and lots of people might disagree. I also think that the company owning that many newspapers is bad because, if most people look at there newspapers and they have the same responses that is not good because then people can’t really decide what side of the story they agree with, if they look on the newspapers that the company owns.

  21. hockey 101

    My family and I though that when one company owns all the major newspapers it can create bias and how it can create bias can be because they have no competition.

  22. Joaquin

    It fits into our conversation because if the big CEO of the company is biased on let’s say politicals, he and/or she can make their newspapers write bad things about the politition they don’t like. What can happen is that someone who really likes the national post and likes the politition they’re talking bad about might start second guessing their decision.

  23. Spirit Heart

    I think it fits in because people have the right to have freedom of speech. I think it fits in with the freedom of expression because in the newspaper people show their freedom of speech and expression.

  24. lordofthepies05

    Well if only one company owned all of the Vancouver papers then they would only publish things that they’re interested in. This means vancouverites wouldn’t be able to accumulate as much information and would only be informed by voices that speak on behalf of the one company.

  25. Narwhalz

    If one company owns two news papers, then probably the authors of the articles will not get as much freedom to write whatever they want because its a bigger company. So they might not be as much freedom of press and expression as there should be.

  26. Lightning Bolt

    If one company owns two newspapers that are popular among others than it basically doesn’t state other peoples point of view. It would hold the same opinions or facts that people would read that won’t affect peoples beliefs, I think personally.

  27. DairyKing07

    It fits in as a fact buy newspapers are a form of media. Thet probably own two newspapers because they want to max their profits.

  28. 008rayray800

    I think this is a great move for the company’s profits and reputation because it will probably maximize their money intake and if they do it right people will really like them. It could be good or bad because if they dont’ interrupt what the papers are doing then everything would carry on the same and it wouldn’t matter who owns it to the people (Unless the company is doing bad things outside of this, then the people who don’t support them would probably boycott them. But that’s beside the point.) but if they interfere then every paper they own would say the same thing and there would be no point in having separate newspapers. And then if people disagreed then they wouldn’t but any of them and the company’s rates would plummet and that would be a loose, loose situation.

  29. aqua ant

    If a company is that big it probably will mean they have high expectations for their writers, Which will not give local writers as much of an opportunity to share their opinion and start a writing career. Every famous writer started somewhere I think if maybe if they were to keep both of the newspapers separate it would help grow some of our next best writers, and let them share their opinions.

  30. ChickenGod

    I think it fits in because people have the right to have freedom of speech, it fits in with the freedom of expression because in the newspaper people show their freedom of speech and expression

  31. Game master 2018

    Personally, I think that as long as media outlets tell the truth it doesn’t matter where the information comes from as long as they don’t lie publicly (ex. fake news.) As for how this ties into freedom of expression, well freedom of expression is important that’s why it’s a right but its also important that we are able to hear the truth. But in this case, it’s also a factor that since this company owns most of the media in Vancouver that means that they could all be saying the same thing. Part of media is expressing different opinions and sometimes opinions are just as important as truth. Opinions give you a different perspective and perspectives help you better understand the issue.

  32. Flying pinguin

    I think that this fact fits because we have our freedom of rights. Our right is to tell or show how we feel and share feelings with others, so they can know what we think. I think it also fits with the newspaper too, because in the newspaper it shows the freedom of speech and expression by how people think.

  33. ThePlatypusLife

    I think that it is all right, although it is important to have more than one point of view, but as long as they show multiple points of view in the newspapers.

  34. The Baconator

    I think that that many different newspapers shouldn’t be owned by the same company because it gives them to much power. They would be tricking people into thinking that they know all even though they are looking at the same persons writing. But this could be an easy fix. If we informed people that these news sites were bias, people wouldn’t read them.

  35. Snort

    I think this fact fits in thefreedom of rights because we have the rights to either show how we feel and express our feeling to the other citizens in the world. In the newspapers people show their freedom of speech and expression.

  36. Lam

    I think it fits in with our right of freedom of expression because newspaper companies should be able to express what they think about something.

  37. bow tie 12

    I think it’s ok. They still have to say multiple points of view and different topics. They should be allowed to express them self. It connects to the Right to Freedoms of Expressions because they have the right to express them self.

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