January 24

Dear Divisions 17 and 18

Today’s blog assignment is guest written by the Baconator!

Last year, in Victoria, BC, Levi, a 7 year old genius came up with his own word.  He called it a Levidrome.  It’s simlar to a palindrome, but a palindrome is the same word backwards, whereas a Levidrome is a different word backwards.

Palindrome: racecar spelled backwards is racecar

Levidrome: stop spelled backwards is pots

For your blog assignment this week, you will create your own word.

Please answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Create a name for something that exists, but doesn’t have a name…yet
  2. Change the name of something to make it more practical
  3. Create a name for a new something you can imagine.  It could be a product, animal breed or a lifehack.  Don’t forget to trademark your idea!

Remember to challenge yourself.

I look forward to your responses,

the Baconator


  1. electroe05

    #3 Oh what a great idea baconator! After thinking for a while I came up with the word epicology. The word defines technology that is far ahead of it’s time for example phones projected to your arm or high resolution cameras the size of a bean. thanks again baconator loved this one!

  2. lordofthepies05

    I would invent a product called the unrban ink pen. The urban ink pen would be a modern, sleek, pen with a seemless aluminum barrel. This pen would come in sizes of 1.00 mm to 8.00 mm and each would come with three ink refill cartridges. This product would have all the latest pen technology. Earasable ink, ink refills, pressurized ink making it so that you can write in extreme heat, freezing cold, upside down and even under water, a magnetic cap, ink window and even a tracker chip that you could connect to your phone so that it wouldn’t get lost.

  3. Blue Snowflake

    3. A product that I would invent would be called E&C backpack (Easy and Convenient). It would be waterproof and have a lot of sections in the backpack as well as pockets. It would be foldable so it can be stored in small spaces if you don’t want to use it anymore. And it would be the right size, big enough for high school but not too big since in elementary school we don’t put much in our backpacks. I was thinking it could also have this pocket that would be for loose papers and it would be separated in whatever way you would like. And it could have this little reminder notebook attached so then you wouldn’t forget your schedule of homework. If the backpack was soundproof so that if your phone rang in your backpack during class time other people wouldn’t hear it. And, most importantly, the zippers on the backpack would never get stuck or break.

    • TamTam

      Oh I’m quite sure that your backpack design would be an instant success! The idea of zippers that never stick or break thrills me!

  4. Smeagaleater10

    3# The word that I would create would be called multiverbium because in Latin it means many words. Something that is multverbius is an acronym that has more than one meaning. For example LOL can mean laugh out loud or lots of love, also OMG can mean oh my god or (and I’m kind of stretching it but) omniscient mangy gerbils.


    AN ANIMAL BREED🤔🐶+🐱=🦁?
    I think dogs and cats can make a new animal not dog plus cat equals dogs or cats separate it can be half dog and half cat! It can be named…. Cog. very interesting very interesting. Because if different types of animals create and separate the animals baby’s, it won’t be interesting. For another example 🐹+🐰=🐭 Like this one still would be boring if different animals are separated the name for this “half hamster half rabbit” could be ramster I really like this blog thank u for creAting this blog assignment!

  6. Snapshot1178

    My word is for those times when you have a head cold, flue, stomach bug, broken arm, head wart, lopsided mustache, super sonic hearing and only eat cheeseburgers and don’t know what to call it. Yeathatboi pronounced Yee-a-that-boy.

  7. Flying pinguin

    I invented a word that should be use when there is something about to happen “cautionator”. For example this could be installed in a car and will give caution when driving to fast, or an accident can be avoided. Or when the teacher is coming it can give caution so you can behave.

  8. Catzrule

    I came up with catatomic. Because a cats pure greatness is equal to that of an atomic bomb.
    Cat + Atomic = Catatomic
    Yay. I did math.

  9. Awesomeness

    The word that l made up is, sinatic. That means whenever you know what you are going to say, but when you are about to say it, you can’t put it into words. You would use the word sinatic like this, I am having a real sinatic!

  10. sleepingsquirrel64

    2. Change the name of flamingo to ΡΟΖPOULIΚΥΡΙΑ this is greek for pink bird lady rather than some jibbirsh

  11. Arty-choke

    “Artichokelicious” which is when somebody finally realizes that artichokes are the BEST food in the world, and that they are DELICIOUS!

  12. Timbit

    I would want a product called make your book float which is a small device that makes your book float so you can do other stuff while reading.

  13. game-master 2017

    my new word is Intelechuis that’s pronounced in-tel-a-jest it means to be offensive to people with mental disability’s.

  14. the engineer

    I am going to name the No Name brand because it currently has “no name”. I will call it The Yellow Company.

  15. snort

    My word that I chose is “hapvous” it means happy and nervous all in one word, for example if you weren’t allowed to use your phone or any device on week days than next thing you know their is no one in the room and than there’s your chance to look at your phone and that’s when you get hapvous because your happy cause you get to use your phone but your also nervous because you might get caught.

  16. hockey 101

    number 3
    Chipcorn means potato chips and popcorn mixed together to make a tasty treat. At first you might not think they go together but do yourself a ‘flavour’ and give it a whirl.

  17. Lightning Bolt

    I would change the word “ambivalent” to Conflimotions. Its basically has 2 words (Conflict + Emotions) that mean you have Emotions that are conflicting with each other for one reason. An example is if you have been craving Ice cream for a while but you’re on a very steady diet, One emotion is saying your hungry so why not? The other is saying you have to ignore it.

  18. Jet

    3# I think having a lat would be cute. A combination of a owl and a cat. I guess it would sort of look like a griffon, but smaller and meant to be a pet. They would have the body of a owl and the head and fluffiness of a cat. They can be about 1 meter to 15 cm. They are super friendly but need a lot of space to fly around.

  19. mistacheeseman

    My word is “ralker” which is somebody that reads and walks at the same time like me. I do not recommend “ralking” because you might get hit by a car.

    My second word is “screenwalker” which is somebody that does stuff on their phone and walks at the same time. “Screenwalking” is even more dangerous than “ralking” because you have a higher chance of being hit by a car, even though people do it all the time.

  20. The phantome blade

    I think that some thing that needs a new name is dinosaur becaus it doesn’t sound to ferocious my new name for it is The Ginormous Lethal Lizard or GLL for short

  21. hippodude2005

    My word is Missiwhat and its for that feeling you get when you just did something good but it feels like somethings missing.

  22. Naruto Shippuden 1769

    I think there should be a word called gaminator meaning a person heavily addicted to games. An example is I’m a gaminator which is actually true because I spend at least 2 hours a day on games! Another word could be slepadiction. A person who is addicted to sleep and when they have the chance to do something else they only sleep. My dad is a slepadiction especially after eating dinner or reading novels.

  23. bow tie 12

    People have made a key chain for your keys if they fall if the ocean or any type of water that they would float. Another thing that people drop a lot is there phones. So what if there was a phone case made out of a material that floated. So your phone would not sink if you dropped it in water. It would be helpful for a person that often worked on boats or around water. I would call it ” The float phone”

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